Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chiraag argues with the security personal that keeping this is his belief, he can’t stop him. The security guard apologizes and lets him go.
Ranveer and Ishaani enjoy with each other over popcorn, a popcorn comes in front of Amba’s face passing Ishaani’s face. Amba says this couple is such shameless, as they bend to pick up the popcorns. Baba asks Amba not to concentrate on what they are doing. Ishaani keeps head on Ranveer’s shoulder. Amba says disgustingly, that after this movie she must go to temple.
Chiraag enters the hall, and looks for Ranveer and Ishaani. He goes just behind them. Ranveer keep hand on Ishaani’s shoulder, it touches Amba. Baba stands up and calls for someone to switch the lights on. Chiraag run from his seat. Baba complains that this man is touching his wife. Baba and Ranveer are shocked to see each other, Amba calls in shock. The security man stops Chiraag. Ishaani see knife plucked on the seat behind. Ranveer heads to explain to Amba, Ishaani is worried if someone has come to kill Ranveer and spots Chiraag. Ranveer says he told Amba about the lawyer thing. Baba says look at Ishaani how she is running away watching them. Ishaani comes out behind Chiraag.
The men there asks them to go out, RV takes his parents out to talk.
Ishaani comes to the parking, wondering where he has gone so soon. Chiraag comes to her saying Ranveer was saved. Ishaani asks if this knife is him, he says may be he forgot it inside He mocks if she would go to police, complaining someone is trying to kill my husband. He says this time she won’t be able to save RV, his death is essential. RV comes there, looks angrily at him. Chiraag asks him to leave his wife for a while, they were talking about love. Chiraag says he knows he is angry, he came to watch movie with her and she is talking to him. Ishaani asks RV not to believe in him, RV takes her hand. Chiraag asks if he should call fire brigade. RV says he must call ambulance for himself, Chiraag makes fun of his anger saying he is really afraid. He asks them to go and enjoy the movie, he is done. RV takes Ishaani aside; he scolds her for talking to him. There is no need to talk to such people, he looks at her she was crying. She says she is really afraid, what if he really do something to him. She shows him the knife he hands behind his seat. Ranveer smiles watching it, Ishaani asks if he thinks this is joke. She asks if he saw that his seat was fully torn.
Ranveer says this is butter knife, it can’t even cut vegetable how would it kill him. Ishaani says she saw by himself what a big hole was there. RV says she is really a coward, why she came behind him. She should have shown him her muscles, he would have gone by the way. He asks Ishaani to show her muscles, she smiles. He says their movie plan has flopped, but they will go somewhere else.
Baa tells the boys to do good dance at the Sangeet. They hear music playing, Chaitali comes in a western outfit, dancing. Baa asks what is this all. Chaitali says she is going to do a special dance on Sangeet. Baa asks will she dance in this clothes. Chaitali says one looks hot in short dress. Derwash says she is not looking good in this. Chaitali says this is a copy of the dress Sunny Leone wore in the press conference.
At the tea stall, Ranveer says to Ishaani she hasn’t said yet what he has already said to her. She asks what has she said. He smiles saying he will slap her to remind. She laughs. He says the three words which change their lives. She asks isn’t he being demanding, first date, then hug and now these three words. He says he is challenging her now. She says she will think about it. He says he can’t do this even. She says she can, but will do it later as they are getting late right now.
Baa asks Chaitali to call the henna girl. Chaitali says she called the one who put on henna to Shilpa Shetty. Ishaani comes home happy. Pratik asks what song will she dance, Ishaani says music should go on all the night, she will dance on any song. Baa thinks she is happy, it means her meeting with the lawyer went great. Falguni brings coffee for everyone, she asks Ishaani to come to kitchen. Falguni asks Ishaani what is the reason to her happiness, Ishaani was about to tell her but then says she will tell her tomorrow. Falguni asks if someone is this happy ever taking divorce. She says sorry she can’t tell her anything. Ishaani says to Falguni does she remember papa said relations are made with love and family is made up of relations. She has recognized what joins the relations and family. Baa hears this and wonders if Ishaani has again patched up with Ranveer.

PRECAP: Ranveer and Ishaani doing romance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good.Ishveer scenes nice… Want Girish to know the truth of Chiraag and punish him.. Waiting for a good episode.

  2. Is ranveer and ishani separate and are with different partners? iam unable to digest this news. it can be as they are away from eachother and reunite.
    whats da need partners?

  3. today episode was good. Amba and baba scene very funny. And asusual ishveer romance is amazing……….Chaithali scene really verrrrry funny I have no words to her dressing, waiting for tomorrow episode

  4. Good episode but Ishani Is still foolish shouldn’t talk to Chirag . Baa too is irritating . Hope for a better episode. RV rocks as always

  5. nice episode, baa always to iritating why she separate their couples I didn’t accept it, promo is really romantic no words to tell their romance, chiraag scene is iritating as soon as girish will know the truth,

  6. Baa is still hell bend on separating the couple. But cinema scene was lols! xx

  7. ishika rahman

    Hii guys

  8. Good episode they should continue their romance

  9. Waiting for tomrw episode… episode was gud…..Rv always rocks….

  10. I can’t see them separating , hope for good . I watch to see Shakti Arora’s performance , every day he is improving. Amazing work Shakti .well done . I hope you will read & know it.

  11. hii guyss

  12. thnx for written update!! nice epi!!

  13. patel ravi d

    i like to patcheped of ranvir & ishani

  14. Vry exited 2 watch 2days episode…

  15. Hey Wat guys disgusting ever romance just bring a different track it needs to be interesting

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