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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishi says to Ishaani that RV is behind this. RV didn’t even leave her, he got her and Chiraag’s wedding broken but getting Chiraag kidnapped by him. Ishaani says this is all a lie. Rishi says this is true. Ishaani asks because he is saying so. Chiraag says he is saying so, if two people say one thing it means. He says he told her, RV isn’t trust worthee. He sent Rishi to jail, who was his most trusted person. Ishaani takes Disha along.
Rishi asks Chiraag why he came in between, will she listen to her. Chiraag says his charm will work slowly, he knows this idiot and emotional fool. She will be here in front of him in next ten seconds, and ask his apology. Ishaani comes back with Disha, the men become quiet. Ishaani says she was wrong, and they opened her eyes. She trusted the same man, again and again but now she won’t trust him (Chiraag). She says RV did for her, what he couldn’t do to her in 2 and a half years. He never asked her for trust, but won it. They both can fool her, and tells Rishi she won’t plead in front of him. She and her husband are with Disha.
Chiraag again says to Rishi that she is an idiot. Rishi asks him to get her out. Chiraag takes a cheque. Rishi says Chiraag’s magic is going down, Chirag asks curtly should he let him stay here. Rishi tells Chirag that RV used to meet Harshid as well. He even went to meet him, on his date of death. Chiraag says he now got the news.
Disha blames RV, but Ishaani says she looked into their eyes they were lying. Ishaani tries to convince that RV helped them. Disha says her life is ruined, she will marry Manas and assure him this is his child. Ishaani says she can’t marry someone like this. DIsha asks what to do, and blames her husband for all this. Ishaani tells Disha, to come home as Manas’s family is coming. She must tell Manas the truth else she will tell her. Disha says she will do it, but asks Ishaani to stay away from the matter.
RV says he is happy that date is being fixed. Manas’s parents were happy at home. They ask for Baa, Chaitali says she is praying. Ishaani and Disha come home, RV comes to take Ishaani. She asks what he is doing as he takes her from shoulders. He say she wants her to meet someone, Ishaani makes Disha sit with Manas and goes away from RV. RV follows her. He introduces herself as Sunny. Chaitali whispers the secret to everyone. RV jokes that wives forget husbands when they get credit cards.
Ishaani says Disha wants to talk to Manas alone. They agree. RV tells them to go to study. Ishaani takes Disha and Manas along. RV says he has to go along, as well.
Manas asks Disha why is she so tensed. Disha holds his hand, and says it is difficult to accept what she is going to say.
Ishaani asks RV why he called her Sunny, and took her by shoulder. He says he was playing husband-wife and offers to play it alone as well. She says it is better in front of anyone. He gives her Sunny-funny. She says it isn’t needed, nor being goody. He says he is doing it for Falguni, she took all the tensions. They have to keep her happy as well, they must not show her the truth. He asks her to stay with him, if not consider him husband. Ishaani says what Falguni had said to her.
Disha and Manas come out, they come downstairs. Manas comes and says Disha had a small problem, which he solved. Disha thinks this is good, she didn’t tell the truth and Ishaani thinks she has told him the truth. RV asks for fixing the date. They all cheer.
Chaitali asks her to do the shagun. Falguni says elders do it, Baa isn’t here. Ishaani gives it to baba, he stands in wonder. Ishaani says he is the elder after Baa. He blesses Ishaani and do the shagun. Ishaani comes to RV again. DIsha and Manas take blessings from him and everyone. Falguni asks if she is happy now.
Derwash and Pratik tell about a party. Falguni says RV has solved all her problems, Disha thanks him and thinks she knows why he is doing it all, but she wont leave him tomorrow.
Lakshmi tells Amba she is tensed. Amba says she knows about it, RV has kept a party, she wants to keep a goad bharai. Lakshmi asks Ishaani will always wear shalwar kameez. RV hears this, Amba says it is good that she will fall in Disha’s marriage.
Ishaani was in the room happy about DIsha. RV comes to the room, and says thanks for what she did for baba. Ishaani says she respect him by heart, he must not take any other meaning from it. RV goes inside, The maid brings gift for Ishaani. There were weight lifting equipment in it. Ishaani holds it in both arms. RV comes to watch this. He asks why he would get them for her. She says he thinks her as Sunny Deole and wants her to pick dumbles and make a heavy arm. He laughs and says they are for him. He asks maid for the other gift, and holds her hand saying they are truly for him. He wants to be strong so when he walks with his wife, she feels secure. She goes away, and says she knows about getting rid of such people.
The maid brings the bag, RV says she almost got him caught and tells her to go. He hands the gift to Ishaani and asks her to open it, it was saree. She looks at him, he take it away and thinks he is mistake as she can’t wear the saree and manage it. He will get a western dress for her, so that she can wear it. Ishaani says what he thinks of herself.
In the party, RV comes to meet Manas’s family. Falguni asks RV to bring Ishaani down. He meets Disha on staircase. He says she has to try and get rid of their differences. She smiles and thanks him. She thinks he is doing so much drama.
RV shakes hand with Nitin saying he is hired, and can start work today. Nitin promises to work regularly. RV says he wants him to organize his work in the next few days. He asks him not to call him sir. Ishaani comes to the door, dressed in saree. RV comes happily, as she boasts. She asks who is inside, he says it is his associate and takes her to meet him. He introduces her as Ishaani, Nitin keeps on looking at her.
RV tells Mr Javeri he has appointed Mr. Nitin. Disha’s friends complain about valets and create a drama. RV asks where all the valets are. The friend points at RV as Disha’s driver, she asks what kind of dress is he wearing. They talk about him, as servant. RV feels hurt.
Ishaani looks for RV, thinking he knows she can’t walk well in saree and sent her to look for waiter. Nitin thinks about watching Ishaani well, when she comes across him. His file drops, Ishaani bends to hold it. Nitin places hand on her head, Falguni watches this. Nitin takes a leave, Falguni stops her. She asks her to let him leave, and promises to bring him snacks.
RV asks the valet to eat the food, as he will park the car. He sits in, when Ritika comes there and knocks at the mirror. Disha makes fun of RV with friends.
Ritika asks what he is doing, he say he is parking a car. She asks he wouldn’t do this for anyone. RV says some people thought he is driver, and this is Disha’s party he couldn’t deny. Ritika asks to join him, the friends wait for RV. DIsha goes to get the drink.
RV looks at Ritika, she asks what. He asks why is she like this, she fought with him the first day they met, then became his friend, then said yes to marry her and afterwards she denied marrying her. Ritika says at that time, his happiness was greater than hers. He asks what she is doing here. She says Ishaani invited her saying she is the only friend of his in the party.
Falguni asks Nitin why he came. He says he just want to give Ishaani and RV happiness. Falguni says she would forbid RV to keep him, he asks what would she reason him. He requests her that he won’t let Ishaani know about the truth. She say he went far away. He says he will do his work, and be RV’s employ. He will stay here now.
The friends make fun of RV, Ishaani hears this. She comes to them, and asks where is Ranvir. They say he is in parking lot. Ishaani comes running out, Ritika and RV were coming out of the car smiling. Ishaani takes him by hand and drags him inside. RItika follows. Ishaani takes RV to the centre and takes attention, she wants to introduce them to someone. Meet my husband RV, he an elite business man and youngest millionaire. He is not the servant but the owner of the house. She asks Disha’s friend why they are quiet. She asks why he did their work, he consider nothing as small; and he is the man to succeed. His class can be recognized by his mentality, it is better than him. She is Disha’s sister and he is her husband. She is being insulted as well,
Disha comes there. Ishaani says when they called him driver, he must not have said anything; this is her greatness. When he must have asked him to park the car, he must have done it; this is hardwork and must not have told Disha as he is honest. He has the three qualities, she is proud of. She can’t see him getting insulted, and asks them to apologize to him.

PRECAP: Ishaani fells on RV, Chiraag comes to tell her RV is her father’s murderer. He killed her father.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  3. Ishani looks nice in saree nd lovely episode

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    Wats dis?

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