Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV seperates the locket, Ishaani holds his hand. He turns his face, Ishaani looks at it and gets rid of the chains. She looks up at RV, moves him away from her and says he doesn’t want to talk to her and doesn’t care for her, why he saved her. He should have let her die, why care when he doesn’t love her. And if he loves, why doesn’t he tell it. Chiraag told it all by himself, the way he came from there he doesn’t want to let anything get well between their relation. She asks she wants to know what he wants. RV asks what she wants to hear, that he believes her or trust on what Chiraag says as he is such a liar. Shall he take a character certificate of her from such a liar. Ishaani asks if he knows him well, how he believed in him. She went to his home, and she ruined their relationship. He is affected with what she do, who told him there is nothing between them as husband and wife. She says she has lost much in life, but if she asks him he has lost everything. He has not only lost his love, but his friend for a life time as well.
He stayed him in shadows always, he forced him to be like this. Today he wants to say to her that he wish she was the real child of mota bapu, at least she would have learned loyalty from him. He leaves, Ishaani watches him go.
Derwash and Pratik cheer, Derwash says he would tell Sharman about Chiraag calling Ishaani sister. Pratik says if he has told Sharman about RV and Ritika, he doesn’t know what is going on between them. Derwash says they are business associates, may be they have booked the room for some meeting. He doesn’t want to make a mistake by telling him. He tells Sharman that they didn’t need to go to court, had there been a Raakhi, he would have got it tied. He says they must now leave, as he will come here. Sameera says she would go and change, he tells them he would go to tell Ritika about the divorce as she was quite worried about it. Parul asks him not to tell her, as she might mistakenly tell RV.
Ritika’s phone rings, she was worried and tells RV she would have to lie. They were in the hotel room. She tells Sharman that she is going to Poona with papa and can’t meet. She doesn’t give any expressions as Sharman tells her that Ranveer and Ishaani’s divorce has been cancelled.

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Chiraag gets ready, Sameera is worried that Chiraag is calling Haseena. Sharman asks her not to receive and enjoys him being worried.
Disha reads in Manas’s message that all diamonds are in the safe. He was packing for a trip, she tells him she would get bored without him. He says he will call her, she watches him keep all the files in the wardrobe. He tells her that she must lock the cupboard well, and takes a leave. She asks who will look after office work without him. He says he can only look for his work, no one else can look after it. He takes a leave, Disha asks if she can also come with him. He says she has to take rest, kisses her on forehead and leaves. She locks the door, opens the cupboard and the drawer. She find the key for safe.
Chiraag enters the room announcing here comes Haseena’s charmer. He is shocked to see Sameera, Parul and Sharman. Sharman says this is his Haseena aka Sameera. Chiraag asks was it all a lie, Sharman says this was all made up and there was no way to get truth about Ishaani out of him. Chiraag asks him to tell Ishaani he won’t leave his sister, she won’t realize if her bad times have started or ended. Parul leaves for office. Sharman thinks everything will be fine once RV understands RV. He comes out of the room and watches Ranveer and Ritika together. He wonders she was going to Poona with her papa, what is she doing here. He follows them, they go out. RV opens the door for her, he says he will see her. Sharman comes to RV, he gets worried watching her. He asks what was Ritika doing with him, if she went to Poona with her papa. RV doesn’t answer, Sharman says he is asking him. RV says he must ask Ritika. Sharman says doesn’t he want to tell him, or doesn’t he want to lie. RV says he has no right to ask him about his personal life. Sharman says people related to his personal life are also associated with other’s lives. RV asks is it Ritika’s fiancé asking or Ishaani’s brother. If it is Ritika’s fiancé, he would asks him to believe in Ritika as there is nothing between them but if it is Ishaani’s brother he must not give it importance. Sharman says to RV that a man when sees his love with another man will be hurt, and no one understands it better that Ranveer.
It was night; Ishaani was walking alone thinking why she has come on a path that there is no way back. Is he so hurt, that she can’t ever get her place back in his heart? RV also goes walking alone, thinking about their childhood. Both were hurt, remembering their good times together. Ishaani thinks how she must get the faith she has lost.

PRECAP: RV comes looking for Ishaani, he comes to hold her face and asks where did she go, he was so worried about her. Ishaani removes his hand and says she wants a divorce from him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I think Ranveer comes to know about Ishani’s truth & Ishani had known about RV with Rithika in hotel from her brothers Sharman/Prateik/Derwesh . That must be the reason for change in polarity of the story line.Anyway lets wait and watch

  2. today episode so sad wht is going on I have lot of confussion. Atleast sunday’avadu ella truthum theriyanum

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