Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar comes to Ishaani and asks why she came from there, he says she doesn’t need to fear RV until he is there. He says he trusts her and knows she hasn’t done this robbery. They will find out who did it, let’s go to police. The jeweller says why he is bringing police, their business would be flopped this way. He says he is ready to give them jewellery they want, but asks them not to call police. Shekhar says alright, he won’t bring police and will take the jewellery but before that he must tell who kept them there. The jeweller says the culprit is there in front of him. Shekhar looks at Ishaani, who had tears in her eyes. Shekhar asks Ishaani? The jeweller says she came to him with the jewellery, he thought she is Harshid’s daughter and didn’t ask where the jewellery came from and gave her forty lacs. Ishaani looks at Shekhar who couldn’t believe in what he was hearing. He holds Ishaani’s hand and takes her along with him. Baa prays that if not anyone else, but Shekhar’s trust must not break.
Shekhar brings Ishaani home and leaves her hand in the centre of hall. Mr. Mehra asks what he wants to do. Shekhar says he doesn’t believe what truth he came to know, he hasn’t been able to ask any questions to her any further. She will tell them all about what is true. He asks Ishaani to tell them what she told him. Ishaani stammers. Shekhar says he trusted her the most, when she didn’t stop telling him the truth, then why now. He shouts at her to tell the truth. Ishaani says she did the robbery. Shekhar holds her tight through arms, RV is moved. Shekhar says when he came behind her, he told RV he will bring her with proof of innocence but what he could see was her real face. Shekhar comes to RV and says he was right, no one knows her better than him. It was good he came at the last moment and saved them, this girl doesn’t even know the meaning of trust and loyalty and hadn’t he saved them, she had robbed them even higher. He says to Ishaani that when her family asked her to come with them she did a bigger drama not only to rob them of their trust but also their money. Shekhar says he was mistaken, he catches criminals in court room but couldn’t catch her. He says she is better liar than him being a lawyer. He holds her again and sqeezes her, RV is moved again. SHekhar leaves saying she isn’t worth his anger, brings her bag out and tells her to get lost from here. RV feels bad for Ishaani. Shekhar asks her to get out of his sight now. Ishaani stares at him with tears in eyes, Shekhar tells her to leave and goes from the hall, himself. Everyone from the family goes away, RV feels for the crying Ishaani. Ishaani turns away from him and wipes her tears, takes her bag to walk out of the house. RV thinks why today when she is crying, he is feeling pain? He goes behind her.
It was raining outside, Ishaani walks on the street. RV comes behind her. He thinks about Ishaani’s promise with Shekhar to marry him. His vow to Ritika about marrying.
Ishaani thinks about all the fights of Ranveer for her and his moments with RItika. Ranveer thinks about Ishaani and Shekhar. Ishaani turns to see Ranveer standing behind her. Ranveer thinks he has seen so much in so many years, but he only feels pain seeing her in pain. Ishaani thinks she only wanted him happy, if he is happy this way by insulting her she is happy this way. Ranveer thinks he only has one relation, he has only one life and one relation which he can neither live with nor break, he gets happiness and sadness only for it. Ishaani thinks she married him but couldn’t live together. She wanted to come to him when she came out of jail, he was with Ritika so she decided to live with Shekhar. Now he separated her from him, but she is happy he is still with Ritika. Ranveer thinks he wanted to break her marriage with Shekhar because he knows she doesn’t love Shekhar, she knows his love for her is equal to Shekhar’s whole family’s love for her though she hates him so much. Ishaani turns again to leave, Ranveer cries in rain.
At home, Chaitali was walking in the hall. Baa sat worried when Ritesh comes home. Chaitali asks him he is coming so late when all the drama is over, she says Shekhar’s parent sent Ishaani out of home because she robbed their jewellery. She is a criminal.
Baa thinks about the receipt from jeweller, it showed Manas name. The jeweller says Manas told him not to tell anyone about it, he is her son in law so he gave him the money. Baa wonders why he mortgaged the jewellery. Ishaani says Manas must have been in a problem. Ishaani told the jewellery to take her name if someone asks him, she will find Manas’s truth.
Chaitali was accusing Ishaani as a criminal. She says she fears about breaking of her Dewarsh’s marriage. Chaitali says she is such a bad omen for their family. Ritesh shouts at Chaitali to shut up. Ishaani asks Ritesh why he is shouting at Chaitali, he won’t be able to hide that he has lost all the money in gambling and that robbery was done because of him. She comes inside and says to save him, Manas took such a step. He didn’t think about him and his baby, but stole only for him. Chaitali asks if their Manas is a theif. Ritesh joins hands to Ishaani and apologize, he comes to Baa and says he did it all for Ishaani but didn’t know it would be a big mistake. He says I am sorry Ishaani, I did bad for everyone and cries. Ishaani comes to hold his hands and asks what he needed to do, Shekhar’s family didn’t need anything for them. She says they understand their conditions, why he played gambling then. Ritesh says what will happen now, she took the blame on herself. He asks Ishaani to save Manas, his child is really small. Shekhar calls that it isn’t needed, he stood on the door with Manas.

PRECAP: Shekhar says to Ishaani that he promises her that he will never lose trust on her, she can trust him to trust her and hugs her. Ranveer hears this and is restless.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Frds in upcmg episode rv d ishani ki romance hogi barish me

  2. luvd d precap shikhar u rock

  3. hey i am hving a doubt , if anybody know pls answer , in the upcoming episodes ishani will come to know abt ritikas true intentions and come back to ranveer claiming as his first wife . . will RV accept ishani

  4. D programme is beginning 2 annoy me, dey should get d marriage over with and stop dragging d show, rv is d one I hate most in d show. So I prefer shekar 2 marry ishani than 4 rv 2 marry ishani. Becos shekar is a man who not easily sway by others opinion of ishani, BT rv on d other hand di not have a mind of his own, always insulting ishani without investigating d truth. Mtchewww

  5. Ha accept karna padegi kyo ki rv d ishani ki talaak abi tak nahi hua na, ab ayegi seroal me maza

  6. Sry serial

  7. Kitna drama dikha rha h..aur ab fir in dono shekhar aur ishani ki milan ho jayega..bnd kro ab yeh serial..bht jyada kharab dikha rha h..hum ishveer ko saath dekhna chahte….plz writters hum viewers ko kuch accha dikhna h..plz..plz..

  8. Rv always knows abt ish.just he thinks to get back her.when she leaving shk home rv gets pain bcz he already knows ish didn’t do….

  9. I would be very happy if it is like tat

  10. While Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi continues to be the most popular show on Colors, the current track has come under criticism from fans, as it shows the leads marrying other people. Shakti Arora, who plays Ranveer says, “I understand how fans feel. Even Radhika (Madan, who plays Ishani) and I were discussing how these days we are just fighting with each other in the show. After a week, although Ranveer-Ishani may not be together yet, there will be a twist and fans will have some kind of relief. MATSH is the number one show on Colors and we have worked hard to get it there, as it wasn’t doing as well in the beginning, so we assure fans we will always give the show our best.”While they are at loggerheads onscreen, the co-stars make sure they have fun when the camerasstop rolling. Shakti reveals, “Recently we were shooting a scene where I try to get intimate with Ishani so that her fiancé catches her red handed butin a twist, my wife (Smriti Khanna) catches me kissing her. Every time we would attempt to shoot that scene, all of us — including our director — would burst out laughing. Then we would have to start again. We controlled our laughter with great difficulty.”Shakti may not get along with the new entrant in the show, Arjun Bijlani, on screen. In real life, however, the duo is very friendly. “I knew Arjun even before he entered the show. We live in the samebuilding, just different wings, and I kept running into him at the gym.” And in a coincidence of sorts, both Shakti and Arjun’s real life partners are called Neha!Psst! Shagun (played by Anita Hassanandani) is one of the most popular characters on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, but the buzz is that her character may exit the show soon, to make way for a new character. We messaged the actress and contacted the channel spokesperson to confirm the news, but did not receive a comment.Post new comment

  11. Mokka ya iruku pa its very boring;->

  12. Is rithika really pregnant???????…. I notice in the serial tat day by day rithika’s stomach is becoming small…. Lollllllll……can anyone tell me why is tat ?? ;p

  13. I am really scared about love. According to this show true love gives only pain. This serial has became low class level. The writer’s are making cheep story and they think viewers are fools.

  14. OMG!what a painful episode.And ranveer,awesome man.what an acting!u r transferring ur pain to the viewers.And ishaani,if ur doing all this for ranveer stay away from him and dont go near shikar.I am always ranveer’s side.Such a true loving person!And ishaani,dont be silly,always disturbing rv.Hey sharman!where r u stupid?If u com to the scene,our ishveer will be fine.I Love ishaani so much,doing all tis fr rv but he is suffering a lot only bcoz of u. actually speaking,this serial disturbs me a lot fr past two days only due to ranveer’s pain and not willing to see monday’s episode. Hey directors,make ishveer together.Make it fast.

  15. yh looks like that…

  16. I heard Ishani will cancel her Sangeeth and decide to claim back her love.
    She will accidenlly stumble on evidence showing Ritika is the murderer of Falguni
    She will remind of everyone about her right as his first wife

    The wedding day Ishani will get in side the goongat (veil) of the dulhan and get married with RV again . RV will marry Ishani thinking he is marrying Ritika.
    But Ishani dosent have tummy & what about the hight difference between ish & Ritz

    I think Ritika is impregnated by an alien it is not RV not. Sharmen !
    I can’t stop laughing thinking how foolish is this serial of mysteries
    Pregnat Ritika’s pregnancy is already crossed one year guys very much longer than human beings. I think Ekta Maa thinks even pregnancy is different in her serial

  17. Rosh i agree to ur opinion.. hahhaha…
    waiting to c weather it is ishikar or ishveer..

  18. u r absolutely r8 rosh..
    ekta kapoor is fully differnrt… her serial hav pregnant bearing the child till it knows to talk… sme thng in kkb too,,,

  19. wat s futr of d shw??? gd knws………….

  20. no spoilers too… :'( :'(

  21. All stories end well … But the sacrifices of ishaani is kicking d hell out of me . She is nuts

  22. I really dont like rv.. i so wish ishaani would just fall in love with shekar.. he is just an amazing guy. . I dont even knw wat she sees in rv.. everything she does us for him but all he does is destroys her. . Shekar is da total opp.

  23. just watch ishani ishani jeolous moment in colors

  24. Can’t wait to watch today’s episode

  25. Todays episode was good

  26. Too much suspension may lead to low trp of this serial..cant wait too see ishveer together <3

  27. It was toooooo muchhchh dragging abba

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