Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaitali sees Sharman with the girl and she feels she has seen her before, but Sharman saves her saying she just returned from London.

Disha finds Ranveer and frees him. He hurriedly asks whether Ishaani got engaged. She says no and he rushes to go there.

Ishaani comes down. Chirag looks at her. Harshad tells Chirag’s parents he loves Ishaani a lot and asks them to take care of her. Falguni gets emotional and starts crying. Ishaani reminds her she told her that she will cry. Falguni says it’s her daughter’s engagement, she will do whatever comes in her heart. Chirag comes and holds Ishaani’s hand. They proceed for ring ceremony. Baa is getting curious and wants the engagement to do as soon as possible.

Chirag almost puts the ring in Ishaani’s finger when Garima’s dad comes there and says to stop the engagement. Ranveer also arrives, but he stops at the door. Garima’s dad tells Harshad if he loves Ishaani, then stop the engagement. Chirag is a big fraud. Baa interrupts and says anyone will come and ask to stop engagement, will they stop then? Ranveer now comes forward and tells Harshad that Garima’s dad is right. He tells Garima’s dad to say everything, he’s with him. Chirag and his parents are all worried, while Ishaani and other family members are in a shocked state. Garima’s dad tells everyone how he heard Chirag and Garima’s conversation when Chirag told her he will return to her. He’s marrying for money only and after he gets money, he will leave Ishaani. If this engagement happens, then along with Ishaani, Garima’s life will be spoilt too.

Harshad goes to Chirag and asks if that’s true. Before he says anything, Harshad warns him not to lie as he will investigate this matter by himself. Chirag accepts that this is the truth. Falguni is shocked and almost faints. The ring, that was gone half way in Ishaani’s finger, falls down. Chaitali goes to her. Harshad slaps Chirag and asks how dare he to destroy Ishaani’s life. Chirag’s dad can’t see it and asks Harshad to stop. Chirag’s parents fume and tell Harshad he should be thankful to them else who would marry an illegitimate child like Ishaani. They were going to give their name to her. Harshad gets angry and says she may not be his real daughter, but she means his life to him. Devarsh loses his cool and starts beating up Chirag. All other boys join in, and even Ranveer slaps Chirag in end. Chirag’s dad asks Harshad to stop them and he will see who marries Ishaani. Harshad says he will find such a boy that whole world will keep seeing. Chirag and family are finally thrown out. Ishaani runs to her room. Disha is happy as she succeeded breaking Ishaani’s engagement, and hence herself from getting insulted.

All ask her to open the door. She doesn’t say anything. Ranveer tells her Harshad is so worried, will she make him worried? Still no reply from her. Ranveer says he will break the door. Just then Ishaani opens the door and says sorry to Harshad saying she was changing her clothes. She wasn’t comfortable in those heavy clothes. She asks Harshad to distribute all food in poors else it will be wasted. Harshad tells that to Ranveer and asks her to say it all out. She thanks him and walks away. All family members watch her. Falguni cries. Harshad gives her a support. Ranveer looks at Ishaani and tum hi ho tune plays..

Precap: Baa tells Harshad he did all he could. He brought a good rishta with his money power, reputation, but one cannot buy destiny with money.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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