Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani walks out of the shop, breaks her mangal sootar and cries. It was night, she knocks at a door, Mala is astonished to see her and says she was going to get hanged. She asks Ishaani to go away, Ranveer took control of his life with much difficulty. Ishaani says she did it all to make Ranveer happy, and she only wants to tell her mother that she is alive. Mala tells her that they had left the home as soon as she left for jail, but she had seen her mother with Mr. Nitin the other day. Ishaani asks if she has a contact number of any of them, but Mala says she doesn’t have it and shuts the door.
Shekhar brings the judge’s daughter, blind foldly to a place. She asks where is it, he untie the blind fold, it was beach side decorated for dating with a table to dine and lanterns all around. She says it is beautiful, he says it has become romantic as well. He offers her a chair that she pleasantly takes.
Ishaani comes to a market asking for Nitin Joshi’s house, no one knows about it. Ishaani thinks that her maa won’t believe she is alive, she remembers her anger the last time she had seen her in police station, she also recalls when her maa pleaded her to say she isn’t a murderer. She says her daughter isn’t a killer, she did all this for Ranveer and when she will know about it she will immediately hug her. Ishaani says she only needs her lap to sleep now, only her and no one else. She walks alone when she looks at Derwash buying something at a stall. He is shocked to see her as she walks towards her. She hugs him hard, smiling. Dewarsh seperates herself from him, she says she was looking for him for a long time, how is he. Dewarsh looks around, takes her to a side and asks has she come hiding. She says her case has been shut down, all accusations on her has been taken back. Derwash asks did she think they would also forgive her, she snatched all their happiness. He picks his things up from the stall and heads to leave. He asks what when they asked her not to accuse Ranveer, not to do this all. He says they have suffered in the last seven months. She says she did this all for Ranveer. Derwash says she did what she wanted, she would take the divorce from Ranveer, she won’t take it. She loves Ranveer, and she now loves Chiraag. He says Baa was right when she said she didn’t belong to their family, she could neither be a good daughter nor a good wife, he is ashamed to call her his sister. She says his anger is right, but please take me to home once. He joins his hand, asking her not to do this, else this neighbor will send her out of this house as well; she got them so much shame already. She says she knows she did alright, Derwash says they now have no place for her. He asks where are they getting money to live, because Ranveer is still helping them, but on Amba’s condition that he will leave her. They won’t even get any money if she returns, their lives will be ruined. He says if she loves them a bit, she must leave and never return. He leaves with his bag.
Shekhar pours drink for both, they both have it staring into each other’s eyes. Shekar says in this moon light, she looks like a sunflower, did she like his surprises. She says she loved them, her dad’s opinion was wrong and he is a wonderful person. He asks her to click some pictures together.
Ishaani walks towards the beach, thinking about everything she had seen in last few hours. No one needed her, she says I am sorry papa as I couldn’t come upto your brought up. He had taught her to love everyone, and today she is the reason to their hatred. She says she is coming to him, he must not hate her; she wants to die.
Shekhar notices Ishaani while taking a selfie. He stands up and runs towards Ishaani who walked deeper into the sea towards life taking tides. He recognizes Ishaani, his talks with her and there is a flashback of some jump in his mind. He runs towards Ishaani, a tide touches Ishaani. He takes her from her back, she resists but he brings her out to the beach.
He shouts at her if she is mad. Did he save her so that she suicides here. What is wrong with her, is she crazy. She stands up and recognizes him, she asks if he saved her. He says he asked that politician to save her. She shouts why, and how he agreed to her. He says he got him agree to it, and explains he had shown the minister his partying photographs with girls. He asked how he manage so many girls together, does his wife know about it. The minister had shouted this isn’t him, Shekar says he has a video of him as well, he wonders whom to show that first; a competitive party or media. The minister asked what he wants. Shekhar asked him to free Ishaani Parekh, neither jail or hanging.
Shekhar says if he has a reason to save her, doesn’t she has a reason to live. Did she ever think about those who will cry missing her. He knows the pain as he has lost his dad. He recalls his dad jumping into water to suicide. Ishaani says no one will mourn her, her love remarried, her family hates her for all that she did to them. She says he must have reasons to save her, but she has no reason to live.

PRECAP: Ranveer places Ishaani’s photo on a table, keeps a flower around it and lights a candle near it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I’m not blaming shakthi but ranveer

  2. More torture on the way friends “God Bharat” segment is coming up. RV dikera will be playing happy hubby & proud daddy role. Dead body acting and crying is over I think.
    I just want Shikher to flirt around Isahani infront of RV. Let RV burn of jealousy then his brain may work, after all he is addicted to Ishaani yaar, I want that , Ishani is obligated to Shikher he saved her life twice. If Shikher proposes she can’t say know.RV the great is happily married and living right infront of her. She has no one and no other way out. I am just waiting for It. I want RV to burn with jealousy.!!!!!

  3. I agree you………. But I didn’t accept it.,

  4. Samarth Singh

    I think shikhar is chirags brother and he wants to ruin ishaani’s life…. By marrying her then leaving her in hell… Remember he tooo acts like chirag… All he wants is revenge ( its only a prediction).. I wonder where shanaila and his brother are gone?????

  5. Naku emi e serial nachatle

  6. Rv’s love is so pure for Ishani since small till present,, but Ishani doesn’t know to accept it properly, even during young days/ after marriage suspects RV over her father’s death/ now again chirag’s murder!! She is really taking her own decisions and hurting Ranveer since small,, i feel really sorry for him,, she broke into peices in last weeks episodes especially that divirce signing scene,, Ranveer should have loved an intelligent girl,, instead of Ishani,,

  7. nxt epsds ishani crctr change she wl cm on strng atdud jst lyk aysh wrtn

  8. thnx for written update !!! nice epi!!

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