Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba tells Ishaani that she will get her divorced after illegitimate relation with Chiraag. Falguni comes worried and asks Ranveer to say something as this give courage to Chiraag. Amba says Ranveer won’t say a word, as he knows about Ishaani’s truth. They all tell Ranveer that Chiraag is a cheat. RV says he knows he has come here because Ishaani lied to him (RV), it is the trust that Ishaani did on him and not me. Ishaani says she accepts her mistake, but he must not allow this to come between their relation. RV shouts that he wants this man out of his house right now. Sharman and Derwash pushes him out. Amba says he must also push Ishaani out of the house. Ishaani says a third man can never break a relation of a husband and a wife. Amba says that is why he came here, she asks what

if Chiraag tells this all to the world. Ishaani resists but Amba says firmly that he must give a divorce to Ishaani.
Ishaani looks at Ranveer, he was quiet and disturbed. He leaves the hall. Amba is worried and asks the lawyer if he has heard what he said, he had the illegitimate relation. He must now appoint a date of hearing, they want to get rid of the girl. The lawyer says the man needs to repeat it all in the court. Amba says they won’t even need to call him, they must just need to get the divorce papers ready. Ishaani runs upstairs. RV was looking for something, ishaani asks how can he believe his mother as he knows she is right. She takes the keys in her hand, which he was looking at her. He watches the hand moving, and asks she lied again and she wants him to trust her. He jerks her hand, and gets pain in chest. She comes to caress for him, and asks him not to punish him for her, as he is strenuous and has also flown the kite. He opens the wardrobe, she holds his hand. He jerks it again. A ring fell from the wardrobe, and takes them both to the past. It was the same with the loving doves. They recall Ritika had told them they must never set two doves apart, one die otherwise. RV also hears the same. Ishaani says she thought she had missed it, but he had kept it. She says he lied to her, because he loves her a lot and he can never hide this. She says if they have found it, he must put in on her finger. RV says that the time has changed, once she was the one who didn’t want to wear it, and today he doesn’t want her to wear it. RV’s phone rings, he takes the call and asks you, looks at Ishaani and leaves the room. Tears come out of Ishaani’s eyes.
RV looks for everyone and asks where she is. That place isn’t for girls, and gives her another address. He assures the girl that he is coming in a while.
Ritika gets into the car ready. Pratik comes in a rickshaw, and watches Ritika’s car leaves. He is worried that she has left for market, as he got late. He thinks about going to market.
RV tells the girl that he cares for her, he feels her absence at this time. Pratik gives behind Ritika in rickshaw, thinking about going to an antique shop. He looks at RV talking to a girl. He was saying that nothing is left between him and Ishaani, neither love nor relationship. He places hand on the arm of the girl and assures her he will always be with her. Pratik is worried that Ritika is with Ranveer. RV hugs the girl, Pratik says he thought Ritika loves Sharman and is just a friend with Ranveer.

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In the house, Derwash appreciates Ishaani’s plan to bring Chiraag to the path. Derwash says the best thing about a plan is to execute it. Sharman says to Ishaani that her love will win. Derwash tells Sharman that he is highly in love with Ritika, but this isn’t love, it is war. Pratik is worried, that what if the other person doesn’t love you. Ishaani tells Pratik that Ranveer definitely loves her. Sharman agrees, Pratik was worried.
Sharman asks for everyone’s hand to be with Ishaani. Pratik joins everyone, Ishaani places her hand above everyone. Ishaani says her mission will be an answer to all the Chiraag’s plans. The name of the mission will be mission haseena.
Ishaani comes to the room thinking that her brothers are with her now, and heads to change. Amba comes with Lakshmi, Lakshmi choses the wardrobe for herself. Amba says since Ishaani is leaving from here, they must pack her bag. Lakshmi takes the suit case, Amba tells her to pack only the clothes she brought from her house. Amba tells Ishaani she looks good in black saree. Ishaani goes inside weepy.
Ishaani comes to the washroom, she looks at her dove finger but it goes into the basin’s pipe. She is worried that her doves can never set apart, and thinks about an idea to bring it up. She struggles with the nails of the basin. RV comes inside asking her to go out. She says something very important to her went inside the pipe, he asks what was it. She says her papa gifted her, and struggles with the pipe again. Her hand hurt her.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks RV to help, then peeks inside. He says either she must do it or let him do.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ishaani is BIG FOOL from beginning
    frm childhood RV is doing so much for entire isaani’s family ..& entire issani family use to treat RV as servent expect Isaani’s father
    every time RV was protecting Isaani, but then also Isaani was not liking RV & always ignoring RV & trusting stupid Chirag who has done nothing good ……
    remember 1st puja Isaani did for chirag & RV was warking there as servent…
    when Ishaani got Cheated by chirag & realize that she is not safe & stable with charge then she took U-Turn to RV who has now become business tycoon from servant ……

  2. From childhood Isaani liked Chirag & ignored RV…..
    so what do U think these effect will go so soon……
    Isaani has given so much matter to Evil Chirag , that any time chirag can put RV in problem…
    The amount of time Isaani has taken to like RV….. Same amount of time she will have to wait to get RV…
    no one get real love in this world so easily…..
    the amount of effort RV made to relies all his true love … same amount of effort Isaani will have to make now to win back RV’s trust

    1. I like ur comments gud keep it up by the way Ishani must get a punishment bcoz he has cheated rv gud rv

  3. Today’s episode was good.Atleast Chiraag was sent out.sometimes i feel chiraag is better than Amba even though they both are worst characters.The girl whom Ranveer was talking is it Shainala?.. Any way hope Ishaani’s Mission will get her love back.. Sometimes Ranveer activities seems to be a mystery. Is he get to know about Amba plan?.. waiting for a patchup episode.. please reveal the truth soon..

  4. Yes sonu i think you are right

  5. Plz sona update quickly.

  6. Chirag goes to rv and says that he was lying

    Read the spoilers

  7. just stupidy nthng else

  8. But how come Chiraag changed overnight? I don’t get it …

  9. hlo roma

  10. Ishani is a despo…sona is right, when she realised that Chirag is cheating her then only she came to RV, but not out of love for him.Now she is acting like mahan. I hate her to the core…forcing her self on RV….No wife who really loves her husband will force herself on him. I hope RV divorces Ishani and throws her out of his life. Enough of this bakwaas. Oppurtunist like Ishani deserve on people like Chirag. Good that Disha is not being shown. Both sisters – Ishani and Disha are despo and oppurtunist!! unki faide ke liye kuch bhi karthi hain!!

  11. Hello pushkar

  12. aneesa, r the spoilers true???????

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