Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba and Baba plead the doctor to save their child, the doctor says they tried their best but RV doesn’t want to live anymore. He has lost his hopes to live, in such cases the family can help him relive. Amba cries.
Ishaani prays for Ranveer, she turns around to find Amba coming to her. She gets to her feet, Ishaani holds her up. She asks her to save her son. She says her son loves her so much, I have given her life, but he lives only for her. The heart in which he has placed her, she has injured that, it is the reason he doesn’t want to live today. She joins her hands and requests her. Ishaani takes Amba’s hands, nods at her, leaves her slippers there and runs bare foot to temples of the city.
Amba cries, watching RV being treated. Her feet ache, but she prays at the temple. The ECG for RV starts to beep. Ishaani prays in the temple. The doctors pump Ranveer for heart beat. Ishaani takes turns and prays. The doctor is successful in getting the bullet.
Ishaani takes the water in a pot out, running back to the hospital, barefooted. The operation ends. The doctors notice RV’s ECG running straight, his hand comes off the stretcher. Amba and Baba shout his name. Ishaani arrive at the hospital. She asks to go in the OT, the doctor allows her. Ishaani looks at Ranveer’s face, takes his oxygen mask off and puts water in his mouth. She prays in her heart for him. She asks the doctor to try once more. The doctor hears to her plea.
Ranveer’s breath goes on. Ishaani prays, the family celebrate. RV gulps.

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Derwash gets a call, he tells DIsha that it is nothing to worry about. She tells Baa, he is still in danger. Disha says to Baa she doesn’t think he will be saved. Baa asks has she think where they will live, if RV dies. Amba won’t let them stay here.
The doctor comes out, she tells Amba that the next 24 are critical. She says only two people will stay here, Amba says she and his Baba will remain here.
Baa says to DIsha, we must see if Ranveer has transferred some property to Ishaani.
Ishaani holds Ranveer’s face, takes the tikka and put it on his forehead. She lie down with him, staring at him and keeps her hand on his chest. She says to Ranveer, that he was her only friend who made her every day as special. He taught her to live, smile. He respected her so much, she didn’t even love him. She didn’t even respect his feelings, she mocked his love and blame him. She was ignoring him, it brought her close to him. His love won’t let her go away, now she also loves him. She notices Ranveer isn’t moving, she asks him to listen to her. He would see the same love in her eyes, the same smile on her face. She cries at him, to open his eyes. She says she will accept him from whole heart. She will tell him all the truth, she says she wants to apologize from him. He can’t leave her, can’t stop loving her. She cries for him, to talk to him. She says if there is some love in her heart, he has to wake up. She says she accepts him as her husband, she takes oath that she accepts his family as hers, she won’t look at another man till seven lives. From today, it is a story of Ishaani’s love. She will love him as much as a life gets short for it. She places her hand on his injuries.

PRECAP: RV looks back at Ishaani, she smiles at him. He throws the water in the jar on her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was very sad. It is very hard to see when RV starts hating ishaani. Ofcourse she deserves this punishment. But pls writers dont drag this story like this. How long Ishaani will wear same red dress even after Rv’s discharge. Precap also very sad.

  2. OMG innaiku episode also very sad.. i expected this already that If he get well then he will separate from ishaani.. but it is very tough for the fans of MATSH to watch this hate.. but it will also get back to normal when the truth is revealed. hope it happens soon. waiting for a good patch up episode which we all want..also want Chiraag to suffer a lot…. lot… lot…

    1. Rishi was with chirag

  3. xactlly ….. hw long she gonna continue wid tat red saree. . !! n i wish shanaila to recvr soon n tell ranveer d truth. . now its goin to b a tough tym fr ishaani…

  4. In precap, I didn’ notice any reaction on ranveer’s face. Only frustration. Good start….


  6. What does innaiku mean

  7. OMG. Ranvir will start hating ishani…
    Oh god I can’t bear it.

  8. Ishaani totally deserves this. We all love RV a lot.

  9. Now ishaani will do the following:
    1) She will do anything and everything to win his love back

    2) She will conspire to destroy chirag’s life

  10. Thanks Sona for written update.
    From monday we will see different RV

  11. ya you are right titli…… And today episode ok but the precap is amazing I expect this from rv…… Inimel romba intresting’a pogum I have exiting what will next sooooo cute ranveer…… In precap rv’s face expression was amazing…… Sooooo intresting….!

  12. Ofcourse ishani has to suffer for beleiving tat ditchy chiraag
    Rv is not a god to trust and love ishani all the time
    She is not fit for rv’s selfless love

  13. Yeah shahina she should suffer more.
    Waiting for monday episode. This pain can be felt deeper only by those who got betrayed. Don’t know why always problems in this love. One shouldnt trust completely or one shouldnt love true at all !?

  14. Today’s episode was good ! It shows that prayer can do anything.
    Ranveer forget Ishaani and be with her always.

  15. I am not able to wait until monday after seeing the precap….

  16. areebah hafsa

    What is this precap …can’t understand ….can anyone explain me

    1. Rv gets cured and wen ishani comes to meet him,she smiles seeing him but rv sees her with frustrating face n throws water on her face.

  17. Actually ishani dint break her fast still. Instead of breaking ishaani’s fast rv throws water on her face .

  18. Who was with chirag?

  19. Rishi was with chirag

  20. Ranveer has always respected and trusted Ishani to his fullest.But what did Ishani do? When RV was blamed for Disha’s rape attempt and was beaten and his parents was insulted, she was quiet. She has always trusted Chirag over him. I know RV not trusting Ishani is not good. But if Ishani didn’t go to Chirag, he wouldn’t mistrust her. RV never imagined that Ishani can even go near Chirag. Nature’7 justice is happening

  21. Hai re RV ! Teri futi kismat . Earlier Ishani had thrown you , now you are throwing her .

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