Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Chirag’s residence
While ranvir is unable to answer, ishaani is tensed. chirag adds fuel to the fire, by blaming him to be lying to his best friend. Chirag continues to exaggerate, and adds that he made a joke out of love. Ranvir cuts him short, professing that he knows about love, and loves someone deeply, and that he wont tell this to anyone. He tries to say that chirag is the wrong person. ishaani adds that Chirag isnt wrong but he is, and that she wont tolerate a word against him, and she doesnt care if ranvir reveals his love or not. she starts pointing out that he broke his promise of never lying, and keeping secrets and also her heart. ranvir is apalled. She demands him to apologise to chirag, while chirag tries to become the bigger person. ranvir tries to clarify, but ishaani continues to rant about how she has been betrayed. All the cousins turn against him, and side with chirag, and asks ranvir to stop this nonsense, as a threat. ishaani says that today he broke his promise and his heart too. chetali again brings up the status of ranvir being a servant after all, and he finally leaves. Chetali reminds ishaani and chirag to do the swing ritual. As they begin to do it, the priest says that the muhurat for it is over. Both are tensed, while chetali tries to cheer them up. Chirag takes ishaani’s hand, and leads her along, to his room, while she is inquisitive. He hanss her boxing gloves, to get rid of the anger by punching against the punching bag. He gives her a demo, and gets a counter attack, by the bag too, while she is baffled, and finally gives into laughter. He starts romancing that he just wants to see her happy, and asks her to go home and rest, as he is always there for her. She hugs him, while wondering why ranvir did this and what was he thinking.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and ishaani’s residence
On the road, ranvir is frustrated, and starts driving recklessly, and arrives straight to the house, wondering why cant anyone see chirag’s actual self, even baa, who he remembers to be extra sweet for ishaani and chirag’s marriage. He concludes that baa definitely knows about chirag, and hence is happy that ishaani, who she doesnt like is also getting married to chirag, who baa hates, thereby killing two birds in one stone. He comes inside to find baa praying to lord. krishna. He comes upto baa, saying that he wants to talk to her very urgent. baa is baffled and asks whats the matter. ranvir says that he knows that she hates ishaani, but was happy for her marriage, because she knew that ishaani wont be happy in this marriage, and that chirag is marrying her for her money, and that they are actually bankrupt, and hence is pretending to be happy, as it would truly symbolise her win over falguni. He adds that she would prove that ishaani wont ever be happy. Ranvir begs baa and asks her to reconsider, clarifying what ishaani would go through. Baa says that falguni’s ego would be bruised, and thats what she wants. Baa says that now the mother daughter duo shall understand their stature. Ranvir

begs and says that she can give any punishment to him, but not to Ishaani. baa explains her elaborate plan, of having double happiness, at falguni and ishaani’s plight, and asks him to cry all he wants and beg all he wants, but this relation wont break. baa is amused that ishaani’s life would be ruined just like falguni. ranvir is frustrated, as baa points out ishaani’s illegitimate status, and falguni’s false pride. baa asks if his own destiny changed, after being here for so many years. She mocks him too, for still being a servant. She starts daydreaming that it was good for disha, that chirag refused her, as now a prince shall come for disha. Ranvir asks why she differentiates between the two, when harshad doesnt. baa says that the differnece and shall always be there, as falguni and ishaani are destined to be ruined. Ranvir says that he is apalled not just for ishaani, but for baa’s stance too. baa says that her descision is final. ranvir says that if baa doesnt want to help ishaani, its okay as he would tell harshad everything. He says that at whatever cost, he wont let the engagement happen tomorrow. baa is tensed. She asks him to do whatever he wants to, he wont be able to stop this marriage. ranvir is tensed. baa’s men come who are instructed by baa to lock ranvir down. they comply, while he is shocked. baa says that he would keep him locked till after the engagement. ranvir tells baa that she isnt doing right. baa asks them to tie his hands and mouth. they comply. As baa’s men hold ranvir, Baa tells ranvir that she would tell harshad that ranvir wanted to stop ishaani’s marriage, but she came just in time, or else he would have succeeded. ranvir is shocked. baa reprimands the men, not to try to be ovcersmart and not feel pity on ranvir. they take him away. Baa sends chanchal after them. The men put ranvir in an old store room, while he tries to get sympathy out of them, but in vain, they tie him to a chair, while he tries to call, but his phone is thrown aside, where calls keep coming. Ranvir’s hands and legs are handcuffed, while his mouth is gagged. He is tensed, while they lock him up. he finds an incoming call and is tensed. The screen freezes on his gagged face.

Precap: Ishaani comes in asking about ranvir to his room. amba is distraught and says that she may not have worked here, but she knows what goes on here. she tells ishaani that ranvir has had to hide a thousand tears, just to get a smile on ishaani’s face. ishaani is disturbed and tensed. Amba says that she doesnt where he is, but would pray that he never returns, as its in his well being, that he stays away from this house. ishaani is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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