Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nitin offers Falguni to shift at his place, his house is a bit small but she and her family can stay there. He says this will save her from paying at hotel. Falguni asks your house, with what right or relation. He says when there is no relation, even then there is humanity. She says when last time he left her, she survived; she will do it this time too. He says last time Harshid Parekh supported her, she asks does he want to do that this time. She denies saying whatever he do, he can never compare himself to him. Nitin says he doesn’t want to compare himself to him but he just want to improve his mistakes. He won’t owe anything upon her but wants to help her; he is somewhere responsible for what Ishaani has done, it is his sins she has to pay for. He can try atleast to let the time repeat itself. He tries to convince her, he says he used to rent a room that he will use now, it has a separate entrance; she can tell her family that it had low rents and even when she has money she may pay him some rent as well.
RV was working on tredmil, thinking about Ishaani’s hanging. Shekhar calls he could go to Timbuktu at this rate, he says he came to discuss with Ritika his case’s problem but she has gone shopping with his mom. He watches Ranveer’s speed and asks if he is angry. Shekhar says his angry young man’s look doesn’t suit him, he speaks more from his eyes than mouth. He knows him for last one month, still can’t know him. He gets frustrated with this. RV asks if he is frustrated with him, Shekhar says no but with that girl. RV asks is it Peechay Paro (the one to go after) or Peecha Churao (the one to get rid of). Shekhar says none of them, there is a stubborn client, there is a free case that he has to win, else that judge won’t let him date his daughter. RV tells him to swear her her love. He leaves saying he must save her because he knows what is the importance of losing some beloved.
The family move to Nitin’s house, Falguni says it is worth living. She tells them that it is Ranveer’s PA, Mr. Nitin Joshi’s house. Chaitali was frustrated by this all, and says to Sharman that he and Ishaani make mistakes and they have to pay for them.
Shekhar was sitting behind a pile of files and books, frustrated that no one can win a case when the accused says he is the murderer. His assistant brings a file with full history of Ishaani, the paper cutting with her and Ranveer’s photo fell down under his chair. He reads some paper cuttings and say he wasn’t able to change her determination, but in these forty hours he will for sure change her luck.
Ishaani pours water from bucker over herself, thinking about herself and Ranveer. The lady inspector comes to her, she was crying. Ishaani says she is forgetting something. The lady says how can she forget an innocent is being hanged. The lady inspector asks her about her last wish. Ishaani stares at her for a while. The lady inspector asks if she wants to say something to someone, or meet someone, she wants to say something to someone; she has a full right to this. Ishaani asks to see today’s newspaper. The lady inspector nods and leaves.
RV was driving in a hurry, he says hanging was at five o clock and it is two now, he will reach.
The lady inspector brings Ishaani the newspaper, Ishaani opens it hurriedly, watches RV getting the award with his picture. She smiles, and says she knew that today’s newspaper had to be his photo. He is a big man, has earned everything with his hard work. She says she hasn’t seen someone hardworking than him, she wanted to see his picture in her last time and wanted to take his picture together. She asks the lady inspector to go, she is ready. She watches Ranveer’s photo again, keeps the newspaper in a side and walks slowly. The newspaper behind her fell in water on floor, she wipes it with her pallu saying she won’t let him happen anything. She is doing it all for him, nothing can happen to him because of Chiraag. Chiraag was her mistake, she would pay for him. She is going to die in a while, but he must take care of himself. She cries hard.
In the car, RV gets Ritika’s call, Ritika was crying and asks where he is. She asks him to come home soon, she doesn’t feel alright. He asks what happened. She says her baby isn’t moving. He tells her to relax, and call maa or Parul. She says everyone is in Pooja. He says he will call them, she must call Mala or doctor. She cries and asks him to come, he says he is coming.
Ishaani keeps the newspaper stacked onto a stool.
RV holds Ritika’s hand, the doctor announces that the baby is alright. It is normal as the baby sometimes move and sometimes not. Amba thanks God, and makes RV sit on bed. RV watches time, Ritika asks him to go as he is getting late. She says she is sorry that she called, but he must be in Poneer; he will reach there in 2 or 2.5 hours.
RV tries Puneer’s number while Ishaani is taken to hanging cell. Her handcuffs were removed and she was moved to the rope. Her hand tied behind her, head covered with black sac.

PRECAP: RV was devastated. He cries badly sitting on the floor behind the police station.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pls update fast

  2. Plz fast

  3. omg i didnt believe this…… Precap is sooooooooooo pity……. Oh god……. It will suffer me lot…… I am so sad…… Ranveer face ah paka mudila…. it will give more and more pain to me…. Today episode is very very bad…. I hate this episode….. Ishveer looks so pity.. Shekhar come on ya plz save ishaani….

  4. plz update fst

  5. hey mehraj…… Plz give a comment i am waiting for ur comment….

  6. The track going on is very emotional.. i like this track.. n ofcourse the new buddy shekhar is so funny.. serial is getting interesting..

  7. plz update quickly.ishani ranvir jaldi se miljao yaar .ye duriya ab dekhi nahi jati plz

  8. in my life i will never cry for any big things…but after watching to this serial…every day im crying…….omg wt a serial….

  9. i feel so badly, today precap is toooo emotional….. I suffered a lot, it will give tears to me… It will also give pain to me….. Omg.. And rv dont cry its not ishaani your ishaani will alright….. Dont cry ranveer…..

    1. yar batao ishani buch to ho jaege na?

    2. Some times it happened
      We can’t understand whats goin on.Love don’t mean togetheress it means alots.

  10. hey ya veda i am also crying……. Hey arora you are tamil….. I am also tamil ya….. Enakum romba kastama irku ranveer aluguratha paakave mudila dailyum aluguran……

    1. Seriya sonne kavi RV n ishani dailyum azhudukite irukanga
      Thanks mudiyilla
      Shikker ethavathu pannu paa

      1. *thanga

  11. guys just relax……rv ll reach 3 min late at police station bcoz of that blo*dy Ritika and ll see that smone has been hanged ,he ll think that it was ishani and cry hardly , after that outside d jail he ll see a dead body, sm ppl ll be firing it , he thinks i’m sorry ishani , i couldn’t sv u……… shikhar has saved ishani, that part they ll show us later, and that dead body ll be smone other’s ……after that rv ll be taking care of Ritika and thinks about ishani that everyone consider as u r nt there, bt my heart says u r there around me , and ishani ll cm to looking fr him and hr family, bt i think after seeing Ritika and rv together, again she ll speak lie and ll say she came only fr hr family nt fr him………very sad ……
    bt they ll be together in sm time…..

    1. rahul kumawat

      thanks dude …its getting too painful nd emotional to bear seeing rv in this condition…

  12. Ufffffff..Ritika drama queen 🙂 ths track goin sad dy by dy 🙁 🙁 shekar interestin character….waitin 4 a gud epi….

  13. i think at this moment she should tell the truth to ranveer

  14. I am sorry to say I like Shikhar more than Ranveer . Ranveer is not a real man he should have risked everything to save Ishaani. He has money, power & so called aashiqui. He did nothing other than crying. I dislike him. Shiker is cute and smart. Ishaani is fearless in any thing so she deserves a man better than RV. That always ran to Ri for every thing . Which man does then female ki pally mein chup jathi hum.Ishani run away from him

    1. Rosh agree wid u (y)

  15. Please koi mujae batayega k ishae buch ho jaege g phanse????????????

  16. God…this precap is soooo painful to watch!!!!! 🙁

  17. Remember the song
    Zindagi ki kahani yehi h haar m toh jeet chupi h
    Puri ho har tamanna humari aisa bhi toh jaruri nhi h
    fir b sapno ki aadat shi h

    So keep ur dreams alive.

  18. OMG !!!!!! wats gonna b happen is dis new guy Sheker Will be able to win her case? i think he was introdused to be paired up with ishani as rv was paired up with Rithika :O is dis going to b happend?

  19. First i agree with ur comments but jus thing after that
    Rv again ishani ki peeche n her family uske n don’t forget rits ko bacha hone wala h in sab ka us par kya asher parega rv kabhi use vo pyar nhi de payega fir rits life ruin kyu, aisa ho haan bus rv ko sach bata de ki shw loves him aur leaves him.

  20. Oh my god it’s so painful precap I just can’t believe this why this Is heppen why ishaani want to give up her life because of ranveer ranveer I’d too much idiot and ishaani is too much fool rubbish serial bad serial I love this serial so much but now I don’t. It’s really a joke full serial everything can be heppen here

  21. its too painful todays episode…how she hugs newspaper in which rv was thr…..let c…aisa to hota hi h life me….har gam k bad khushi n har khushi k bad n downs…im eager too c them together….love u ishiveer

  22. I thnk d culprit is disha…dat day of dis tragedy she givs an excuse to baa sayng she going for yoga classes…bt dey dint show us her in any such scene..may b she killed chirag as he had proofs of her stealing diamonds from locker…chirag was black mailing her too…

  23. 0mg!!! This serial is so painful…
    Ishani’s dilogz r heart touchng..
    Hope so This cool guy shekhar will save ishani…

  24. And where did ishani’s sister go ? Who was in hospital? Whom rv ishani n rithika rescued from chirag? Eager to watch the episodes .really interesting n pain full…..

  25. its really painfull to watch innocent ishani be punished for a crime she did not committ, thats why the statue of the lady of justice has her eyes blindfolded , blind justice, i just hope that this shekhar guy will get there in time to save ishani as ranveer has given up trying to save her, it would be soo sad if she is hanged, i will actually stop watch if ishani does get hanged, for me this is not the way i would like the story of ranveer and ishani to end

  26. hey gd mrng gys…
    chiraag killed by Rithika…

  27. Omg ishaani is attracting me day by day than rv with her heart touching dialogues

    1. U r ryt….wt an ashiqui yar ishani♥♥♥ bt RV goin worse dy by dy….n itz sad tat he knws her frm childhood bt still he believed in her words tat she luvs Chirag….n he dint evn tried to find out d truth behind Ishani’s behaviour 🙁 🙁 🙁

  28. chiraag killed by shanila brother

  29. hmmmm… may be.. im sooo confuse about this…. miss u ishveer…. 🙁 🙁
    pls shekar.. find out the truth and save ishani.. you are the one who can do that…
    want to see ishveer in together…. <3 <3

  30. made me cry……… so emotional especially Ishani’s part and the precap

  31. Painful epi n precap too it makes me cry pls ishveer dnt cry my dr swt heart hope u vl togethr soon 🙂

  32. shekar saves Ishani . then ishani asks the police to inform RV that she is dead . thus the track goes . i even don’t cry for my marks but i cried for ishani . feeling bad for ISHVEER

  33. Don’t waste ur tears . Now u will get to watch 2 love stories instead of one.RaRi& ishkar. Ha..ha…ha..if not enough add Amba& kailash old love story . U get small cute loving fly.
    In Zoo called RV mantion stays all those creatures.One crying baby RV friend and his pillow to cry Ri. The MAID & DRIVER (Amba & Kailash)
    Lucky Ishani escaped from the zoo

    1. Agree with u…

  34. Ishani bravo

  35. if in further 2 weeks serial will not go on track …then definitely TRP will start decreasing day by day …….even I will also forget …….wanna shoot Ekta Kapoor once …..

  36. Acho aludhu aludhu saagadikraanga .rendu paeraium saera vidama bore adika vaikraanga.hey y everyone is blaming rithika .

  37. .nice episode

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