Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer thinks, as he swims in water, he recalls when he first saw Ishaani but today he has seen something that his heart has stopped beating. His life had begun when he first saw Ishaani, she was his life. He knew the day she will go away from her, his life will end. Today, he is watching them both go. Today, from his life, his heart Ishaani’s memories have been freed. The guards get Giresh, he shouts that because of him, his sister is in coma, so he killed him. Ishaani dives into the pool, to get Ranveer. Amba cries, as Ishaani and Derwash help Ranveer out of the pool.
Amba blames Ishaani, that it is because of Ishaani that Ranveer has been shot. Baba says his nerve is working; they must call doctor and tries to control Amba. Disha is worried, what is happening. They all help Ranveer into the car, Ishaani keeps his head on her lap. Amba is left home, with others crying.
The doctor recognizes Ishaani, she asks her to save him. They take Ranveer to OT. Amba and Baba also come to hospital. The receptionist tell them he is in OT. Falguni also reach the hospital.
Amba comes inside and slaps Ishaani, saying how she dared come here. She thought she will betray her son, and she won’t know. Baba stops her, but Amba says Ranveer won’t get fine if they scold her. Amba says they must make her away from him, only bad will happen to him when she is near him. She blames Ishaani, Ishaani says she is his wife. Amba says she went to meet Chiraag, didn’t she; to take Ranveer’s life. She asks what game she is playing. Baba stops Amba, Amba says he must hear what she has been doing. She asks Ishaani where she was, won’t she ask why Ranveer didn’t come home. He took her accident’s blame on her, and she was with Chiraag. Ishaani is shocked. Amba says she was with Chiraag, when there was hearing the story. Ishaani denies, but Amba asks what Ranveer didn’t give her. She warns Ishaani, that she will kill her with her own hands, if something happens to Ranveer. Falguni shouts at Amba to stop, she says she will now question Ishaani. There can be no blame, bigger on a wife. She asks Ishaani, if she was with Chiraag or not. Ishaani nods. Falguni says Amba is right, and shouts at Ishaani to leave. Ishaani promises to tell her, and let her stay with Ranveer. Falguni says she has lost all the rights to stay here, she can’t believe she went to meet the man who always betrayed her. She has always betrayed Ranveer, and pushes her out of the hospital. Falguni sits crying, Amba cries for Ranveer. Baba asks her to pray for Ranveer.
Ishaani comes crying, outside to the reception hall. She prays to God to save Ranveer. Nitin comes and places hand on her shoulder and tells her nothing will happen to Ranveer as her love is also with him. Today, he watches the same love in her eyes which was only in Ranveer’s eyes. Ishaani says her love has only given him pain. Everything was going good, Nitin says she must never consider herself as a reason for her pain. He always takes the blames of hers. He tells her an accident took place with her car, and Ranveer took the blame of it on himself. Ishaani doesn’t understand this, then recalls it was Chiraag who had hit the girl. She gets unstable.
Ishaani denies that she knows what had happened. She thinks what Giresh had said, she says she had mistaken by going to Chiraag and Ranveer got the punishment. She sits on the floor. Nitin tells her that he knows she loves Ranveer, and can’t see him in pain. Relations can’s be improved by regrets but by correcting the mistakes.
If she is the reason of his pain, she can get him rid of it. God only helps those, who have courage. She must have faith on her Karwa chot, and he has faith on her love. Ishaani is determined, gets up and goes.
Ranveer’s operation goes on. Ishaani comes to temple and prays for Ranveer’s health and life. She says she wants his life, not because she is married to him but because may be she loves him from the time she loves Chiraag. Chiraag copied all the qualities of Ranveer, so she loved RV. RV loves her the way, she always wanted to be. She knows she isn’t worth his love, not even his forgiveness, still she will ask him for forgiveness and tell him all the truth.
The doctor comes out to tell Amba and family that he is really serious. They haven’t been able to take the bullet; it is near the heart and may damage the heart.
Ishaani prays to God to save Ranveer’s life.

PRECAP: Ishaani goes running on the street, to a temple and prays for Ranveer’s life.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. innaki episode asusual painfull bt someone said rv will dies…… Bt its not possible rv must come back plzzzz ant said like this all are tamil fans always love shakti arora, me also…… Ippothaiku rv endirchu varanum athu matum ipoo pothhum

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