Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani arrives in the office and sees all singing praises for RV as he rehired all employees whom previous boss had fired. One girl informs Ishaani that RV is going to be running all his offices from this main office. Ishaani thinks what RV is trying to prove by doing all this. They will find his truth one day. She wants to meet him as soon as possible to return money and then leave this office for good. She’s told RV is in a meeting. She goes near his cabin and sees RV talking to her opposition lawyer. She thinks he’s making sure they lose the case, but inside, RV tells the lawyer to make sure Parekhs win. Ishaani decides not to quit the job and instead try to find out RV’s plans by staying in the office. She recalls sweet Ranveer who promised her to help her out in all her issues. She says he’s completely changed now.

After the lawyer leaves, Ishaani is called inside. RV asks whether she came to return money or ask for more time. She says she is not quitting the job. RV is surprised. He tells her he didn’t expect that after the way she left yesterday with attitude. She says it was self respect, not attitude. He jokes with her, with that attitude, she will say this office is hers too and boss’ chair as well. From chair, he remembers that he has already moved out Ishaani’s chair and is soon going to get desk moved out too. Ishaani says he’s doing all this purposely, but no matter what, she won’t quit the job. She will work for 30 days and pay him his money. RV tells her if she wants to work, then she has to work properly. Lateness, holidays won’t be allowed. He doesn’t do a favor by hiring anyone, and he doesn’t hesitate to fire anyone either. He tells her she can leave now.

Ishaani works by standing whole day. RV watches her. Ishaani touches her nose and RV also picks his hand, but then stops as he remembers they used to do this in their good old days.

Chirag’s dad comes to him and asks him to do some work instead making body only, go and get contract with RV. Chirag tells him to relax, contract will come to him, he won’t go. He meets his girlfrield and tells her to flirt with RV to impress him and get contract signed. His girlfriend is scared, but he tells her she doesn’t have to speak anything. He has already made presentation, she just has to present. She leaves. His dad tells him he’s wasting time behind girls, he should rather work. He says he doesn’t work, he gets his work done from his girlfriends.

Ishaani is very tired. Her colleague offers her chair to Ishaani, but she refuses. RV was also standing in his meeting. After meeting ends, his assistant indirectly asks him about Ishaani. RV says there’s no logic when matter has to do with heart.

Chirag’s girlfriend arrives in hope to impress RV. All gather for a meeting. Ishaani doesn’t sit there either. RV comes and Chirag’s girlfriend spills juice on her top and cleans it in front of RV and all. Seeing Ishaani standing up, RV gestures her to sit down, but she doesn’t. RV then pushes the chair hard to make Ishaani sit. He then tells everyone to pay attention on Chirag’s girlfriend presentation. Ishaani tries to get up, but RV holds the chair tight, so she can’t get up.

Precap: RV tells his dad that everything changed, but he still loves Ishaani. He won’t express that to her. Whenever she comes in front of him, he will show fake hatred instead his true feelings.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. awesome episode

  2. Super episode hope to continue same feel for upcoming episodes

  3. Ishaani’s facial expressions are all the same wooden and poor girl is not blessed with looks either or dialogue delivery – her English is very poor

  4. Ash.haz (islam is my religion!!ANY PROBLEM?)

    Her english is fine

    1. Her English is not fine at all, she’s not no where near fluent. She can’t speak bruv

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