Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV drops his phone as he hears the jail incharge telling him that the hanging date of his ex-wife has been preponed and she will be hanged on 25th of March. Ritika gets up and comes to him, as RV drops on the floor in grief. He cries hard, Ritika approach Ranveer, watches him there and asks what happened. She picks the phone up, she hears the jail incharge repeating that the hanging date of his ex-wife is 25th March. She consoles RV who was crying badly. He wipes his tears, the doctor comes to Ritika and asks why is RV so sad. Ritika says he is sad because someone is about to leave the world. Ranveer runs out, stops a taxi and comes to jail asking for Ishaani Vaghela. The lady inspector says there is no criminal of that name, the lady asks he is talking about Ishaani Parekh. He gets it right and says he wants to meet her. The lady inspector tells him Ishaani only meets the one she wants to meet. RV makes a call and asks for a favour that he has come to Punia jail and wants to meet someone. The lady inspector stands up on the call, and takes RV along. He was restless as he moves through the jail and watched the miserable conditions of women there. The lady inspector opens the door, RV clses his eyes as he moves towards the jail. He asks where is Ishaani, as it is her cell. The lady inspector says some formalities were left of her, some medical checkups and so, she won’t be back until three days. He asks if he can meet her there, the lady inspector says he can’t and can’t get an approach of that jail even. RV asks to go inside for sometime, he touches the walls, watches the rug and the pillow. There was a calendar on which dates had been cancelled by Ishaani, he reads it for some time. The lady inspector asks him to go, he places the calendar there and leaves the cell, going lost in his thoughts. The lady inspector asks if he knows the man Ishaani loves, she says no one puts her life in fire for someone. RV comes back to her running, and asks whom is she talking about, for whom Ishaani did this. The lady inspector says for the one she loves Chiraag Mehta, she couldn’t forget him even after marriage. She killed him for love, and says she would go back to him after death. RV says love kills anyone. The lady inspector says in love one wants to live, not die. She asks RV if he loved someone, RV say yes, for one and the last time. RV goes back lost in his thought, he thinks that he came to say good bye to her for the last time. He wanted to tell Ishaani that when love is two sided, a lifetime is enough to fulfil it but when it is one sided, a single life time is smaller to get it or forget it. His love remained one sided, his Ishaani might not live but his aashqui will remain so.
Ishaani stood on one side, the lady inspector comes to her and asks why she let him hate her so much. Ishaani asks how he looked. The lady inspector says he was in more pain than her, from her death’s news. Ishaani asks did she tell him she loves Chiraag. The lady inspector asks she told him her opinion, did she ask him. He loves her so much, it is visible in his eyes. Why she didn’t allow him to see her for one last time. Ishaani says with her memories he couldn’t have live, her hatred will let him live with someone else. The lady inspector says she hopes they both could live together. Ishaani says he will live happy with anyone, he is lucky to know his aashqui is only because of her and she is unlucky in that she can’t tell him that her aasqui is also with him only.
Ritika comes into her room, changed. She watches RV come inside and sits on the bed restlessly. She comes to him, he says everything has finished Ritika. She is going, Ishaani is going, she was away but now she will leave the world.
The judge questions the lady inspector, Shekhar stands on the door frustrated that he will keep him waiting. The lady inspector tells him the whole story, the judge says he also wanted this but she herself wanted the punishment. The lady inspector says she is saving someone else, how can they see that innocent get punished. She leaves the office on judge’s nod. Shekhar says he wants to talk to him, the judge wasn’t ready to hear to him. Shekhar asks clearly that he wants to go to date with his daughter, Shekhar says they have fought so many cases today. If he denies, he will convince his daughter to go against him and get a date with him. He takes a seat for himself, the judge says he will send her with his permission. Shekhar heads to leave, the judge says there is a condition. He tells Shekhar that he wants a girl out of jail, Ishaani Parekh. He tells Shekhar that he gave a wrong verdict in her case, she will be hanged in two days. He must do anything but get that verdict changed in her favour.

PRECAP: RV gets Ritika’s call, she was crying and tells him to come home as the baby isn’t moving for quite much time. He promises to come and turns the car, though he was going to meet Ishaani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. today episode is good….. Shekhar take ishaani case…… By the recomendation of judge wow i cannot imagine, its really true……. after a few days the story will going intresting…. Waiting for good episode

  2. Not bad pls dnt dragging the jail seq..waiting for ishaani come out jail..

  3. i want to know y ishaani took the blame on her wat is the secret ? Do anyone knw abt tis

  4. Sona………

  5. Rv touches the wall and c ishaani pillow and calender …its the scene really superb…

  6. Hope every truth will be revealed by shikar. And ranveer don’t lose your hope man.

  7. now ishani is irritating..which ashiqui she is talkin about..when she didn’t feel need for clearing the matter that if rv killed chirag or not

  8. Good episode update fast

  9. oh ishaani you are idiot…. Why u didnt allow my ranveer.. What the hell are you doing…. Kadaisi thadavaya thana ranveer unna paaka vandan but ni paaka allow pannala ranveerku evlo pain ah irkum…. You always give pain to rv……. I hate u…… I know about your thought i understand, but ennala accept panika mudila ishaani ranveer kasta padratha……

    1. Ava evalo kashta padara…edho kaaranam illaama idhellam nadakala….andha kaaranam dhaan ippo shekhar kandupudippan…RV Ritika va kalyanam pannindutaan…ini avanuku enna rights Ishaani mela…families seraadhu, avan adhanaala kashta paduvaano nu dhaane avana vittu velagi pora…onnume kandupudika try pannalaye RV…adhu yen..avan panninadhu thappu dhaane

  10. really mai awesom…..

  11. oh iritating rithika…….. Why u call rv he is go and meet his ishaani……. But you…………

  12. that b*t*h bastard the same time her baby is nt great..wish her baby n she too alongwith chirag trio go to hell..there is enough space for ritika’s baby to move

  13. hey unknwn rv didnt kill chiraag…… Rithika is killed chiraag……

  14. oh sorry

  15. rithika..i wil kill u

    1. hey sweety plz DoNt kill anyone .

  16. Yeah pinky xactly m saying same that she should hav to cnfrm..why she took blame on herself directly

  17. she is defintly aftr hearin the phn cl she was angry fr a mmnt..n aftr cming hm she didnt even ask rv anythng abt ishani n nw whn he is going to meet ishani she cald him back with a gud xcuse of baby..huh

  18. How can anyone think bad about an unborn child..ppl are so mad that they don’t realise that its just a serial and not reality

  19. Hey! Unknown it was good

    1. I believe we are known with each other .!!

  20. I heard that ishani is goin to get maried to shikhar n aftr that ishani n rv’s misundrstandin ll clear n also ritika ll slip frm staircase n hav miscarg n thn her truth ll cm out n chirag ll also be seen alive

    1. Omg how did u know?

    2. How How How ??? ….then definitely serial will bullshit .. .. ..

  21. @deepa i m nt thinking bad fr unborn child bt its about ritika’s wrng attentns..she is using her illegitimate child as a trump card..she didn’t evn told rv ny truth about her pregnancy..

  22. Hmm. .. According to me ….Two true Lovers can’t stay separated more time …….well shortly they will Together….
    nyc breathtaking story so far …….after 3 or 4 episodes we will clearly see Ritika in negative Roll ….bcozz there is no lady villain in serial still now :p

  23. It was heart breaking to see the jail scene . What a tragedy everyone including the judge can feel Ishaani is innocent . How come her so called aashiqui Ranveer can’t get it. I think he doesn’t deserve her, let him live with Ritika. I really can’t stand that character less cheat.
    I don’t blame Ishaani if che chooses to live with Shekar , she has no place to go . So it is not RV who ask Shekhar to save it is sad.
    I must say she died for Ranveer’s aashiqui but shekar’s friendship saved her life. Because future episodes Shekhar will helplessly fall in love with Ishaani.
    Whatever reason given also can’t justify RVs marriage to Ri. Who asked sleep with a man before marriage . In this serial getting pregnant before marriage is like a walk some men will just marry them with baby buy one free one type . Parents shouldn’t allow children to watch bad message it is.

  24. Usually villain will appear back right

  25. @Rosh No one can separate ishani and Rv … even Shekher too …Made 4 each other. ……and by mistake it happens. ..then serial will definitely finish …..

  26. rv dont think that.. ishani will help rv till now…unfortunately murder of rv…

  27. vat ever….may b today litl solace episode….bt still yr….seeing ritika bside rv s irritating…..dnt knw still hw mny episodes i have to leave without watching it….dnt do dat da most worst thing dat ishaani ll get marry vit shekar…..dan dis serial ll b still more bullshit….

  28. I can’t stand this constant crying , I want Shekhar to do some thing. Why this RV not doing anything other than crying . I saw a thread line telling that RV will really think Ishaani is dead he will miss the execution because of Ri drama so he won’t be aware that Shekar saved Ishani .
    All RV will cry on the street thinking about her. He wil see another cremation thinks that is her.what crap yaar . Shekar will support and help Ishani. After seeing RV married Ishani will stay away.
    If it is like that RV is a coward better to love with that Ri. It seems that she loose the baby any way.
    If the track is like that it is hilarious , I can’t stop laughing now

  29. See the look of post leap ishani after cuming out of jail in matsh fb page. Ishani is so cute

  30. Ritika such a selfish grl…bt sad tat itz nt d RV savd Ishani itz d police officer n tat judge……RV knows her frm childhood bt still he believed in her words tat she luvs Chirag….n dint evn tried to find out d truth behind Ishani’s behaviour…..i strtd watching ths shw fr RV as m big fan f shakthi….bt nw i feel lyk in ths shw RV doesn’t deserves Ishani’s ashiqui 🙁 🙁 🙁 n lso ishani doin a gr8 job 🙂 wt an ashiqui yar….♥♥♥

    Wtever i luv Ishveer jodi♥♥♥ I wanna c thm together….nw character shekar interesting….hopin tat he ll find out al d truth behind these n onc again Ishveer ll get bck together ♥♥♥

  31. I think shekhar doing this to gain daughter of judge . ……so after winning case. .he will be with her …..and if the case will solve then the real murderer Ritika will come front … the relationship btwn Rv and Ri …will finish …..and will be clear that RV is innocence. … Rv and Ishani will together ………all is depend on solving the case …..if its done then all secrets will be front of us ……

  32. wow..its suprb.

  33. Asalu chiragni evaru murder chesaro reveal cheyandi Sekhar ishani ni pelican chesukunte story worst ga untadi story marchandi

  34. ohh god ………. bechari ishaani mar jaygi

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