Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi asks Amba why is she awake so late. Amba says Ranveer has gone to dinner with Ritika, she wants to see if he has changed a bit after this. Lakshmi is shocked and show Amba as Ishaani and Ranveer come home. She says Ranveer went with Ritika or not. Amba says he told her by himself. Lakshmi says this girl Ishaani is as cunning as they couldn’t even think about. Amba says if she moves two steps ahead, I am thinking about going a hundred steps, and I will show her the true cunningness in morning.
Amba comes to Chiraag’s home, and puts sweet in his mouth. He asks why sweeten his mouth, Amba says after eating her sweet he will speak whatever she would want. He asks about its meaning. She says she wants him to set Ishaani away from Ranveer’s life.
RV looks for his white kurta in the wardrobe, Ishaani hands it over to him. He notices she was veiled, he asks what this is. She says he didn’t want to see her face, so now he can’t.
Amba says to Chiraag that she doesn’t want to see Ishaani’s face in her home. He must come tonight at pooja, and tell everyone that Ishaani loves him.
She says she want a new beginning of her son’s life. She says she knows he won’t do it for her or Ishaani, but for money. She promises that he will get his money.
RV is frustrated that the whole evening she was in a strange bold dress, and now she is covered face to feet. She says she thought he didn’t want to see in when they are alone, and she is so beautiful he would keep on staring at her. She matches the kurta on with him to see how he would look in it, during the ritual. He asks what ritual. She says in their family on the day of Shankranti, every new couple is put on oil to increase their love for each other. She must suggest he would look more handsome without the kurta. He says he won’t come for the ritual, as he doesn’t want to keep any relation with her. She says this means he will wear the kurta. She stops his way, he comes closer to her and holds her from the back, removing her from the way. He turns behind and says he know how to bring the people away from his way.
Chiraag enjoys that he has an extra marital affair with Ranveer’s wife. He says he needs 15 lacs, if she gives 20 lac… Amba hands him the pack and says he will get the rest after the work is done.
Lakshmi makes arrangements for the pooja. Baa was getting the preparations for ritual done. Parul comes there, and greets them all. She asks Falguni what is she doing. Falguni says they have a ritual in the family in which a husband puts on oil at wife’s body.
Parul asks Falguni for any help. She asks her to bring sweet. Derwash says he will help her.
The dhobi comes to ask Lakshmi for clothes. Baa brings her clothes and says she knew he would definitely come. Lakshmi says he must first take the clothes of servants, then the owners. Baa takes an ear-ring from RV’s jacket. Lakshmi taunts baa, Amba comes there and says Ranveer and Ritika were together last night. The ear rings show how close they were. Amba tells Baa Ritika still loves Ranveer. Baa leaves, quiet. Amba says to Lakshmi that today the relation will end, forever between Ranveer and Ishaani.
Baa wakes Sharman, she asks if he enjoyed with Ritika. He says she is just crazy, he had to take her to eat ice cream. She asks how was the dinner, did any one interfere. She would have talked to him whole night, has the restaurant not closed. Baa ask which hotel was it.
Falguni asks Ishaani where is Ranveer. Ishaani asks her to begin the ritual, he will come. Ishaani sits there. Amba says she knows her son, he won’t come.Baa asks Sharman that he found this ear pin in Ranveer’s jacket. Sharman says she is just spying. Sharman says Ritika is solving all the problems between Ranveer and Ishaani, they must help her. Baa says he is so simple, there are earings not bangles. How had they got to RV’s clothes. Sharman says Ritika is a good girl, and wants to help his sister, he isn’t thinking anything other than this. Baa reminds him that Ritika was going to marry Ranveer. Sharman says she was the girl who sent RV to his sister, on her wedding day. Baa says he looks at everyone the way he himself is. She tells him she has invited Ritika for the ritual, he must keep her with him.
Chaitali puts on oil on Ishaani’s feet. Baa comes there. Chaitali asks Baa to put on shagun’s oil to Ishaani, baa was lost. Falguni asks about Ranveer, what if he doesn’t come. Ishaani says if he won’t come, she will go to him as it is about fulfilling the rituals. Falguni says she is just talking like her papa, he never backed up from responsibilities and is happy that she has even got the courage to fulfil her responsibilities. She hands the till k laddo to her, to make him eat. Ishaani’s feet were slippery.
RV watches her struggling to walk, and tries to pass by her. She stops him for the ritual, and asks him to take Prasad. She says he must atleast take a till ka laddo. He takes one, then says she must have made them specially. She denies making them, he says she has made them. She asks what if she hadn’t made them, he says he will do anything then. Lakshmi told Baba she made these laddo with her own hands, they hear this. Ishaani asks he will do what she will say. RV says she didn’t tell him knowing well. She asks to fulfil just one ritual, the tray fells off.

PRECAP: Ishaani and RV struggles to stand on the oily floor. Ishaani comes over RV.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I just hope dat amba should not spoil d bond becoz of that chirag ……..i hate his wicked smile ……….i hate chirag in every possible way i could …………….i lov u ishveer ur mi ……life ¤♥¤may ur love blossom like flowers

  2. I’m totally with Ishaani. She is doing everything possible to win RV’s love and trust back. Her acting has been improved a lot. To the answer for few comments from yesterday update, RV was patience and not forcing his love to Ishaani coz he knew that she doesn’t love him but Ishaani knows RV loves her madly and hiding it and pretending to be angry, so she has right to win his heart as they both are in love now. It’s my thoughts. Love u IshVeer. 🙂

      When RV use to treat Isaani as her wife she use to dislike her & not allow to touch her…
      now Isaani forcefully want RV to accept her as wife ….
      Isaani is unnecessarily following RV, every where office, hotel , road, car’s diky ET shouting every where “I am ur wife” “I am ur wife” “I am ur wife” ….
      It seems THAT , when RV is deeply hurt he has no right to stay alone & being himself
      If Isaani really love RV then she should give RV some space & wait patiently, the way RV use to do with Issani in past … RV never force Issani for anything & patiently bearded every ignorance of Issani…….
      If Isaani love is true she will definitely get RV..but NOT by disturbing every where

  3. Ranveer I see my shelf in you .. Don’t no why ?i would like to add that I had same issue into life but life isn’t to easy about serial .. I have gone mad about it .!!

  4. today ur comments r very quick sona , nice , do it in every day , well, todays episode is nice hoping that ishaani got back rv soon .

  5. ArielRamberan

    RV such a handsome dude!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanx for d quick update sona n d episode is awesome lov u ishveer:-*

  7. sona ….jaldi jaldi update karona. ..

  8. Today’s episode was good.OMG Ishaani performance was fantastic.She is trying her best to win Ranveer’s Love and Trust back..Amba Chiraag was irritating.. Ambai sucks. waiting for a better episode..especially precap seems to be interesting.. Hope Ishaani will get her love back soon.

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