Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
The youngsters want to go for a movie or disco night, and are scared of bnaa. they find chetali and make her feel good, and then coax her into talking to baa. when she does, she is severely reprimanded by Baa, who tells her to go with disha for clothes shopping, and send prateik and devarsh to get sweets and fruits, as she informs chetali about krishan puja at chirag’s place. Disha is tensed to see baa so excited at ishaani’s wedding. baa instead asks disha why does she seem so friendly all of a sudden with ishaani. Disha covers up the real reason and says that she got it all from baa only, as she had told her to be sweet to ishaani, just for pretension. disha commends her for being such a smart game planner, when baa tells her the real reason of her excitement for ishaani’s marriage. Baa says that she couldnt have forgiven chirag for rejecting her dearly disha and is happy now that things are turning bad for ishaani.

Outside, prateik and devarsh are frustrated that Chetali couldnt get baa to agree. Chetali starts getting flustered when baa catches her red handed expressing her frustration at baa’s descision. she tried hard to cover her guilt. Baa asks Chetali to stay quiet till engagement or else she would have to stay quiet till marriage. chetali is disgusted while the boyus are amused, that they wont have to hear her irritating voice now atleast.

Ranvir tries to cover his emotions, and ishaani reprimands him for not responding to her messages and calls, and starts getting tensed for Chirag and his absence. she continues to rant about her concern for Chirag and is shocked when she finds him crying. She asks him if chirag is okay and he resignedly says yes. She asks him to tell her whats the problem. ranvir says that he has fallen in love. ishaani is shocke, but adds that this is good. He says that the person he loves, has been wronged terribly by him, and that he is deeply regretful. She says that he can do no such thing, and adds that he wont ever let that girl be in trouble, the same way she feels for chirag. she again starts ranting about her love for chirag. Ranvir remembers chirag’s true self. She tells him that she is as fortunate as him, for loving the girl that he does. chirag comes in apologising and then assures her that he is fine. Chirag continues to tease ranvir indirectly, and then after informing that she wnts to do the Jhula rasam for janamashtami, ishaani leaves. chirag says that he would win this game, and pities him for his failed attempt twice. ranvir says that this might be a game for him, but for her, its ishaani’s life, and warns him that he wont let him play with this. chirag threatens him instead that he wont be able to save ishaani. he leaves smiling evilly while ranvir is tensed.

In his room, ranvir is highly tensed when his mother starts reprimanding him for spoiling his life, for someone who would send him in tears and sadness. ranvir says that he is here for harshad too. He tells her about the wrong choice that chirag turned out to be, and frustratedly tells her everything. amba says that she knows the pain of loving the wrong person, as she sees her own son doing so. She tells him that if ishaani hasw to choice between love and friendship she would choose love and not friendship. ranvir is apalled. amba asks him to stop here now, and dont go further on thre track of getting hurt all the more. ranvir says that nothing would happen to him, and that he would find out a way, thinking that one kast time he has to free ishaani from chirag’s clutches, and assures amba that they shall definitely leave after that, wherever she asks him to go. he hugs her emotionally. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ranvir tells garima that she has to stand up for the truth, and assures her that chirag would dump her too, as he doesnt love anyone but himself. He tells her that she saved chirag as she loved him, similarly he is trying to save ishaani’s life from ruining. ranvir says that he wants to save ishaani from chirag’s betrayal. He says that he cant see that ishaani marries chirag, despite his knowing what kind of a man he is. he asks garima to stop this marriage anyhow. ranvir is distraught while garima is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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