Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the court during the hearing of Ranveer’s case, RV asks the assistant where Shekhar is, the assistant says he would be coming. RV says before the judge he must be here, everyone tries his number. The prosecution lawyers talk about Shekhar Mehra’s late arrival, some people also talked about Shekhar Mehra being a tiger and that he has come to meet him. The announcement of judge’s arrival is made, everyone stands up while the judge takes his seat. The case of Ranveer vs State of Maharashter is presented to the judge by the reader. The judge says to Ranveer that he has got a lot of success in a short time. The prosecutor says that his is accused of doing fraud in share prices. Ranveer stands and says he has earned everything with his hardwork, he was an ordinary man and knows the hardships of ordinary people. The judge says he must also know about the innocence of an ordinary man. A bearded man coughs from behind, he was in a suspected get up and leaves a bag on seat. The judge asks the security to catch him, asking what is in the bag and that he can be a terrorist. Ranveer watches the man struggling from the security, he gets himself rid of them and says those having a sharp eye on the criminals were themselves mistaken. He removes his clothings and aritificial beard and moustache, and introduces himself to judge as RV’s defence lawyer and says to him that looks can be deceptive. My name is Shekhar Mehra and I am not a terrorist. RV and Shekhar’s assistant is moved looking at him. The assistant claps, then apologizes to the judge. Shekhar says he wants to tell him that he is biased to his client saying he isn’t an ordinary man. The judge says how dare he, he is accusing him. Shekhar says he saw that he gave the verdict before the beginning of the case, he may file a case against judge that he was calling RV a fraud; this will turn the tides to him. He asks RV that he may file a case against the judge, he will fight it free of cost and will win it also. His phone bell rings, his assistant notifies it to him. Shekhar asks his assistant who takes the permission to go and attend the call. The judge asks the case to begin. The judge gives his verdict saying RV has chosen a very smart lawyer, who knows the nicks of laws and to present the truth in a well manner. He tells RV he is winning the case because of him, the proofs say RV is innocent. The case is closed. Shekhar’s phone rings again, he leaves the court to take it. He was talking to someone, saying he wants to spend all his money with him; he was in case. RV comes out to him, Shekhar hangs out and says to RV she has gone after him. He tells RV that he only needs two things in life, money and girl. When one has money, the mind works.
RV says that he can’t get any better. Shekhar says what will I do after getting better. He has won his case without getting better, else he should have gone to jail. RV says he wasn’t afraid of going to jail, there is a time when a man wants everything in life and then there is a time when nothing matters. A prisoner’s van arrive in which Ishaani is brought. The lady inspector tells Ishaani that today is her last chance, he is the judge who gave her first verdict; if today she tells him the truth he will chance his decision. She asks Ishaani if she understands, Ishaani nods in a lost way. They take Ishaani towards the court.
Shekhar asks RV to see life with his eye for once. He spots at a girl coming out of a car saying he saved her number as Peechay Paro. Shekhar tells him she is the daughter of the judge who was judging his case. RV says if he knows about it, his 100 percent winning record will go down. Shekhar says Ritika told him that he is very unromantic. RV says I don’t believe in love. Ishaani passes by them from behind. Shekhar says his face is lying, RV says he will leave.
The judge asks Ishaani that she hadn’t said anything in her defence the last time, and this is her last chance if she wants to defend herself. Ishaani was silent, the lady inspector was worried. The lawyer asks Ishaani to say something, Ishaani says she doesn’t have to say anything. She says to judge that she wants to ask the court where her death penalty will be given. The judge asks Ishaani isn’t she regretting killing her lover. Ishaani firmly says no. The judge announces that the court orders to hang Ishaani Parekh on 25th March 2015. RV turns back thinking he must have left his phone in the court room.
The pen is broken at the order paper by the judge.
RV enters the court room, and goes to the bench but stops looking into the box. The lady there was not Ishaani. The inspector appreciates his senior one that it is good they brought her from the back door, as there is media in the front door due to some VIP case. RV talks to Amba who congratulate him and asks him to go to Ritika in the hospital as she has gone for sonography. RV senses Ishaani, hangs up and goes looking for her. Ishaani turns at the gate of van to look around, RV passes her but the prison van’s door is closed before they could see each other. Infact, he moves to give the van way and stands astonished.
Shekhar flirted with the judge’s daughter, he says he wants her to meet his mom. He asks if she likes this all, he won’t say this all because this is all filmy. He will only ask her for coffee, she says they must have coffee together. She forbids him for calling her babe and darling, her dad has forbidden her to meet him as he thinks he is the biggest liar. He says there is just one alphabet’s difference in liar and lawyer. She says she can’t go against her dad. He shift his seat and sits on her bench and says she must do what her dad dislikes, he thinks he is the only hero in her life and if he is denying one person’s meeting, he thinks him to be a hero too. He asks what if he takes permission from her dad, and takes a selfie with her.
The doctor shows Ranveer and Ritika their baby’s heart beat. Ranveer says for a man, two people are the most important. One who takes his first breath nearest to you, and the second can be anyone. His phone rings, it was a man from jail authority telling him that the date of hanging of his ex-wife has come. She will be hanged on 25th march. He drops his phone.

PRECAP: RV sits there on the floor and cries badly. Ritika comes to him, picks up the phone and hears the man repeat that the date of his ex-wife’s hanging is 25th March 21, 2015.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Hi guys
    pata nahi yeh ekta aunti ke dimag mein kya hai sare serials bilkul same story line par chalte hai. aur hamesha female lead ko hi jail q hoti hai. Aur uske husband usse nafrat q karne lagta hai. Husband ki shaadi opposite female se q hoti hai
    such a boring serial .
    are husband jo use 9years ki age janta ho woh kaise nafrat kar sakta hai .
    Ekts aunti please kuch aaj ke jamane ke serial cast kariye bar ho gaye hai hum sab

  3. Where s today episode sona….

  4. Drama is so bore!! ishani ko esa nahi krna chahiya lady inspecter nay btaya tou tha k vo tm say ab bhi boht pyar krta hay….ishani vo zindagi may agay barhy ya chahti ho mgr vo pechy ho raha hay 🙁

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