Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer calls Harshad and Falguni to hospital. He takes them to the room where Chirag is with Garima. He tells her he’s there for the child. Harshad and Falguni get shocked. Chirag also accepts that the child is his. Falguni and Harshad yell at him and lecture him for playing with Ishaani’s emotions. He just listens all quietly. They finally leave.

Falguni is very sad. Ranveer tries to calm her. Garima comes out to say something. Chirag follows and acts of stopping her. She doesn’t listen to him and tells Ishaani’s parents a fake story that child is Chirag’s friend and just so child is not called illegitimate, he’s giving his name to the child. Chirag actually came to the hospital for Ishaani to remove illegitimate tag, but when he found out her (Garima’s) life can be on risk with abortion, he took child responsibility. Ranveer says they are lying, but now Falguni goes on Chirag’s side and lectures Ranveer. She says he calls her friend and is trying to break her marriage. She wouldn’t want him to do any preparations for Ishaani’s engagement, but as she takes him as a best friend, she can’t stop him. Until now he was working as a friend and as a son, but from now he will work as a servant and do only what he’s asked to do. Harshad also says he’s disappointed and asks Ranveer to say sorry to Chirag, but Chirag becomes sweet and says sorry is not required. Ranveer did what a friend would. Harshad and Falguni leave. Chirag smiles at Ranveer.

Ishaani is lost in thoughts. Disha thinks this is the time to find out what she feels about Ranveer. She asks Ishaani whether she was thinking about Chirag. Ishaani feels shy and goes away. Disha keeps asking and Ishaani says she was thinking about Ranveer. Disha tells her Ranveer is not too bad, he’s cute and good guy. Ishaani agrees. Disha asks what will happen to him after she gets married.. he will be lonely. Ishaani says him poor loves a cute, rich girl, but can’t get her. Disha thinks Ishaani is talking about herself and asks her why he can’t get her. She says it’s one sided love. Disha asks the girl’s name. Ishaani says sunny leone and laughs. Disha thinks so he likes sunny leone type girls.

Ranveer is very frustrated and Chirag teases him more by telling Garima it’s just a matter of few days. Once he gets married to Ishaani and gets lots of money, he will throw Ishaani out of his life and them two and their child will live a rich life. He hugs and kisses Garima and Ranveer cannot see it. Garima thanks Chirag for stopping her from doing a mistake. Chirag says he found out about Disha and Ranveer’s intentions, that is why he stopped her from attending the function. Ranveer gets shocked. Chirag thinks now Ranveer will never think about using Garima against him.

Precap: Ishaani tells Chirag that his family called her family for Janmasthmi event and they will do a puja together which will make their love stronger. He says it’s become stronger already, but he will do whatever she wants. Ranveer hears it and gets angry.

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