Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani is enjoying rain from her window. Falguni comes there and smiles seeing her happy. Ishaani sees Ranveer sneezing in rain downstairs. Falguni talks to Ishaani about Chirag that she’s so lucky to get him and all. Ishaani’s attention is on Ranveer and says he’s so careless. Falguni tells her soon she will be taking care of him as she is going to get married to him. Ishaani continues looking at Ranveer and says he should get married, at least he will have someone to take care of him. Falguni comes to her and says, it’s just matter of few days. Falguni leaves. Ishaani is confused. She sees Devarsh going from there and asks him to go with her in morning to buy jacket for him. Devarsh thinks she’s talking about Chirag and teases her saying gifts started already. He leaves. She says everyone has gone mental.

It’s 3 in night. Vishakha is doing some chants, and all alarms start ringing that were set by her husband. Her husband turns them off, but she gets mad.

In morning, Ranveer meets Disha and he’s still mad at her. She tries to talk to him, but he goes and sits in car. She thinks so much attitude. He asks her to sit else they will get late. They are ready to leave when Disha gets message from Garima saying she won’t be able to meet. Ranveer is not happy. Devarsh comes and asks them if they are going to Chirag’s house. Disha asks why there? Devarsh says about the jacket that he went to buy with Ishaani and thought maybe they are going to give it to Chirag. He asks them to bring his DVD. Other side, Ishaani tells Amba about Ranveer being careless and sneezing in rain. She says he is doing all preparations for her engagement and she doesn’t want him to get sick because of her. Amba taunts first they hurt, then show concern. Ishaani thinks Amba is still upset because of what Baa said the other day. She leaves and puts jacket outside. Amba sees it and hides it thinking she’s showing fake concern, but Ranveer will take some other meaning out of that.

Chaitali is on Devarsh’s laptop and selecting girls for Sharman. Devarsh comes and takes his laptop away and asks her to stop spying on him. She says she’s a cool mum, she wasn’t spying. Devarsh gives laptop back when she says about Sharman. Chaitali includes Garima in her list too. Devarsh gets an idea and goes outside to tease Sharman. He tells him about Chaitali almost finalizing Garima for him. Ranveer hears it and gets shocked. Devarsh says he saw her buying pregnancy stuff this morning. This will be deadly combination, marrying a pregnant girl. Ranveer smartly takes Garima’s address from him when he finds out she’s from Devarsh college.

Ishaani is still searching for Ranveer. She sends him a message asking where he’s. She then looks at her and Chirag’s photos and smiles. Ranveer sees her all happy, but doesn’t reply to her message and leaves.

He arrives at Garima’s address and sees Garima taking a taxi. He follows her and reaches to a hospital. Chirag also comes there. Ranveer hides his face. After they leave, he goes to the receptionist and sees the abortion form of Garima which says Chirag is father. He says to himself he didn’t expect Chirag to be this bad.

Precap: Chirag is sitting close to Garima and says he’ll take care of child. Ranveer brings Harshad and Falguni there. They are shocked to see that.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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