Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says to Shekhar that RV created such circumstances that she had to marry him; she dramatized her love with him to destroy the life on the man who controlled her life. She weeps and says she thought she will live with the man she loved and be happy, but he betrayed her and she killed him. She says Ranveer is the culprit in this entire scenario. She says to RV she didn’t come to him after being freed from jail, he must ask Shekhar she didn’t want to meet anyone linked to her past. As for Ranveer, she didn’t want to see his face, because before she only didn’t love him but now she hates him as well. She shouts that I hate you Mr. Ranveer Vaghela, I hate you. RV loses his balance as he moves back. Ishaani turns and says she didn’t have to say this but he left her with no choice, he wants to hear the truth. She says she didn’t ever love him, (shutting her eyes she says) because he was her servant and the son of her driver and courtesy is shown to servants, they aren’t loved. She wipes her tears and turns around and says she considered him as his friend but whatever good your shoes are, you can’t wear them in neck. He was nine when he came to her home, she thought he will recognize the class difference with time; but he was stupid that he thought their friendship as love. She tells Shekhar they threw him out of their home as well, but he returned. She threw him out of her life, but he only wanted to marry her. When she was about to marry Chiraag, he returned and didn’t let her marry Chiraag. She joins hands and asks him to leave her, she wants to live with Chiraag’s memories. For her, RV was her driver and will always be, she couldn’t sit with him in the seat of her car, how could she live with him in one room.
RV says this was her truth, does she know why he never told her he loved her, because she didn’t want to get him but only wanted her to stay happy. RV says it is good she told her heart out today, had she come to him and asked him to stay away as she is happy that way, he would never have come around. Shekhar asks RV to let her go, it is her life and she has the right to make decision of her life.
Ishaani thinks about the hospital view, Amba had come to her and said that she is like those bad days who never leave. When RV will get conscious he will forget everything even Ritika, Ritika was there with him when even she wasn’t here. What would Ritika get for all she did, nothing, because RV loves Ishaani. RV is going to be a father, so leave all this love; if she considers him as friend only she must leave. She asks Ishaani for Ranveer’s happiness, if she returns in his life he will leave Ritika. When his child will grow up and come to know that his father left his mother for Ishaani, would he love Ranveer and respect him? She must atleast think about that child and leave Ranveer’s life. Ritika felt labour pain then, the nurses took her to ward. Amba turned to Ritika, Ishaani came to help Ritika but Amba pushed her behind. They took Ritika to ward, the doctor comes and ask what has happened to her. Outside the ward, Ishaani hears doctor telling Amba that she asked RV to love Ritika as much as possible, else she and her child would be endangered; she doesn’t understand why Ritika takes so much stress. Amba cries and tells the doctor that RV had an accident. The doctor says if there is a bad news, they must not tell Ritika as she would not be able to handle any stress. The doctor leaves.
Ishaani looks at Ranveer, turns and leaves the room. Shekhar comes out behind her. RV watches them going through the corridor. Ishaani cried constantly, painfully and turns to see RV. RV stood curt. He moves towards Ishaani, and then takes a seat defeated. Ishaani comes out of the hospital, Shekhar says he never thought she would be RV’s wife. Ishaani says she never thought he will know about it this way. RV watches them both walking this way. Shekhar says this is her life, she would decide whom to tell the truth, but RV is a good man then why she didn’t go to him. Ishaani asks if he ever loved? Shekhar says no. Ishaani says she did, tears come out of her eyes. Shekhar repeats her told story. Ishaani says it is difficult to understand love, because what you feel can’t be said and what you say can’t be understood by people. The one who understands love begin to live in another world. She moves on, Shekhar thinks he doesn’t know whom you loved but I am sure she didn’t kill anyone. She said this in front of her mother, for him this is enough.
Ishaani walks through the road thinking about herself and Ranveer. She thinks first they because friends, then enemies. All the good and bad times flashes in front of her eyes. She says love isn’t about getting it, it is about sacrificing. What if love is onesided, it is enough for two people. RV words, that from childhood till now she is the only one for her and except her his heart only has space for heart-beats so that he lives to love her. Another scene, he told her he loves her each time he looks at her, she must remember that Meri Aashqui sirf Tumse hi. Ishaani thinks in my hatred, there is love for him as well because Meri Aashqui tumse hi.
Next morning, Ishaani was packing up when Shekhar comes. He says miss suicide is now becoming miss Running away. He asks what she is taking from their home. She asks him to check, he says he doesn’t need it; isn’t she taking their trusts? He let her stay because his mom believed in her. He won’t lie, he disliked Dewarsh but knew she is his brother then she helped them. He thought they had a bond and she would trust her. He isn’t complaining, everything happens in life at its right time. Like the last night event. Ishaani says if he knows about it all, he must also know she can’t live here anymore. Shekhar holds her hand.

PRECAP: Ishaani thanks Shekhar for convincing her family to take her home, but she wants to live with her mother. Kanchal stands up, Ishaani looks at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. No way guyss they shud drag the story na.. so nly they making fans to go crazy…

  2. waiting for monday epi.

    1. i think 2nd may episode will show on tommorow morning…
      what u thnk guys…????

  3. I waiting for next episode

  4. Ishani such a stupid
    Kuch zyada hi overacting kar rai hai i just can’t understand wat is d director doing itna lambaa q khich rahaa hai yaar really fedd uppppp koi itna khudgarzz kaise ho sakta hai

    1. Yes shaan I agree with you

  5. Pls ishani itna overacting mat karo…
    Pls ranveer ki pyaar ko accept karo

  6. I think RV won’t be broken badly this time , by Ishani . She already told the same story earlier.
    He never expected any thing in return from her , he just wanted to see her happy … That was what all he wanted. Event though I like Ishani I think she needs to prove her love this time.
    I heard Ritika is going to turn ugly , that is what going to shake RV badly , he gave her a very special place in his heart as best friend , I worry Ranveer will loose all trust is friend ship and even in females with that. I feel sorry for him if that Ritika turns bad .
    Why must he only get pain , a Ishani better start showing your love if not your man going to be broken beyond repair I worry. Ask that Amba go to hell or you expose her in front of her son.

  7. Begining episodes he was talking a lot about sacrificing your love for the sake of your lovers happiness . Still I feel bad because during the married life period Ishweer looked very cute , I never seen another couple on TV with that innocence and depth of understanding each other.
    I want to see that back again .
    Why don’t some one kill that Amba maid , why can’t some one tell my beloved Ishani dump that RV is not married !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope Shiker will help her to get back to her senses I see he can easily break her stupidity .
    I hope Ishani will support Ranveer during Ritikas revelation phase,Ishani common how can RV marry so fast get up girl go claim your man back .

  8. Seeing tamil epi nw 🙂 😀 😉

  9. Ranveer ko chorke Ishani sabki bareme sochti hain …..:-(

  10. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi starer Smriti
    Khanna turns a vamp (By sanchi)
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    Aashiqui Tum Se Hi on Colors is very excited
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    It seems that the actress will witness a
    transformation from positive to playing a
    negative vamp on the show.
    Her character was supposed to turn dark
    long time back but since the actress was not
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    a vamp she was hanging on to her positive
    Apparently she is looking forward to play a
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    Smriti is a big fan of Sridevi and would
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    Disclaimer: The views expressed above are
    member’s views and HTA does not comply
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    factually correct. Incase of any issue please
    contact us/report it to us.

  11. Lol true guys,,, now RV will burn all Ishani’s belongings and say Ishani was his past,,, although he try the maximum to get rid of Ishani he will be unable to,,, meanwhile RV too will feel jealous of shiker and Ishani,,,although I hate Ishani’s stupid character,,,
    But bechari Ishani,, I sometimes feel sorry for her too coz she is destroying herself for the well being of RV,,she is killing her life and wish to live her own life in pain for RV,,,,”

    But why can’t she understand that RV himself is saying that his biggest happiness in life is his love-Ishani,, then why is she deciding which is good and bad for him,,
    An Katham Karo yaar,, it’s enough Ishani,, RV is only important to u but y are u making Ritika as ur centre peoce of importance ,,? And u hurting RV ,,,
    Juz give ur love to him and see how much love and happiness u will get back from ranveer,,,

    1. drama khatm kro writers…… maana karli bhot galtiya but ye to sach h ishvir made for each for each other……in the upcoming track ritika will turn evil and ishani will try to get back rv…..exciting to watch……want the romance scenes of ishaveer again….. thoda to taras khao viewers par, unite ishveer ast plz…

    2. not a one sided one but a track where they both share their love… sacrifices, no lies, no promises no faltu extra characters but the ever blossoming love of ishani…..waiting for the romantic track of ishveer…..i guess i m expecting way 2 much but its true that none can seperate ishveer……kick amba also…….

  12. would u guys let rv know the truth the most difficult thing in life is letting go a person whom u love unconditionally n writers please create the best scene that unites ishani and rv m fed uped

  13. I only need RV to know that Ishani loves him,, that his love is not one sided;;;;) with that satisfaction he can live life long even without Ishani,,,,
    But please don’t make RV to fail in his heart,,,, hats off to the makers of the exemplary character Ranveer,,,
    So much of love,,,

    1. yes, i agree….plz rv must know that it is not one sided but rather ishani also loves him…….i wish that moment comes soon……writers plz show some nice moments….ishveer come back together again…

  14. Such me Ishani bohot drama kar rhi hai.
    Woh shekar ko sab kuch bata kyu nhi deti.
    Aur Amba bhi Ritika ke liye kuch zyada hi kar rhi hai. Director plz serial itni mat khicho. Boring hote ja raha hai.

  15. hmm….,na parthn………., ishveer ku best stylish couple award kedachathu……..,

  16. hi arora neenga polimer la indha serial parpeengalaa

  17. hmm parpan aish……., ningalum tamil ah….., where r u from?

    1. I m frm tiruvarur arora neenga enna padikireenga

      1. hey aish nanum thiruvarur district than………. Wow……., bcom padikran…., ninga ena padikringa

  18. arora neenga enna district

  19. ok bye arora morning varen

  20. Plzzz don’t talk in Tamil languages……

    1. Y pa …….not to talk in tamil

  21. Sory guys wrng wbsyt wait i vl gve ryt

  22. Bakwassssssssssssssss episode
    Plx ishveer tum dono ek dushreke bareme socho

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