Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gmat centre and ishaani’s residence
Ishaani is tensed for her result, after having given the exam, and is extremely tensed, and decides to talk to ranvir, who tries to cheer her up. she hears the results going up on the notice board. ranvir says that he thinks that they are going to party. He continues to rant, and she asks him to be quiet so that she can see the result. meanwhile, disha overhears him talking to ishaani. Ranvir cancels the call, and rushes to disha’s aid. As he attends to her, ishaani finds that she has passed with distinction. Ishaani excitedly tells that she passed and then finds that ranvir has already cancelled the call. she tries him again. ranvir gets ishaani’s phone, but is unable to pick due to disha’s pretense. Ishaani is tensed and surprised as to what happened. she decides to then call chirag. Disha then tells him that she was dramatising, just to get some attention. Ranvir gets upset that he didnt take ishaani’s call due to this drama queen. meanwhile, ishaani calls chirag and tells her about her result, and chirag congratulates her for this. She is super excited. Finally chirag calls up ranvir, and tells him about ishaani’s result. He is hurt that she called chirag first, for the result. chirag says that everything is going as he wanted it. ranvir says that not just him, even the lord wanted this. chirag says that this means she would go to US, and asks him to do something fast. ranvir comes out and finds that gauri and romil have returned and the entire family tries to quiz them into whats happening. Baa comes and shuts them all, and while all sit, baa asks what happened there. sherman says that romil’s brother refuses to have settlement with him, not just in property and in the house too. they all extend their support to romil and gauri, saying that they would go the legal way, and sherman himself would fight his case. harshad asks romil to be brave and send the legal notice to their family tomorrow. harshad tells them to rest, while he discusses the case with sherman. they comply. ishaani coems home, excitedly saying that the result has come and finding them all gathered together, she asks whats the matter and if all is okay. baa says that they were waiting for her only, with bated breaths, sarcasm dripping from her tone. she asks ishaani about her gmat results. ishaani happily says that she passed with distinction. Baa expresses her happiness and asks her to find out falguni’s reaction too if she is happy. ishaani turns to falguni, and is surprised to find that she is visibly tensed. it boggles her. falguni says that both are bad news, first from gauri now from her. ishaani is confused as to why isnt she happy. falguni reiterates what baa had told her, and baa taunts her and leaves. ishaani is angry that falguni spoke like this in front of everyone, and leaves to meet gauri. falguni is tensed too.

In their room, gauri finds romil terribly tensed and is worried. she comes to him and asks him not to be bothered. ishaani comes in and hesitates. gauri makes her sit down, and then tells romil that whatever be the case, and its result, sbhe assures that she would always be by his side. ishaani too extends her support. gauri is overwhelmed while romil is still tensed.

In his room, harshad is tensed, while ranvir does his chores. finally, sherman comes, and harshad says that he has to leave urgently, and reminds him to send a legal notice to romil’s parents and gives the responsibility of this case to him, being gauri’s brother. ranvir is tensed to hear this.

On the roof, ishaani is in tears in front of ranvir, at what falguni did. ranvir tells her that chirag is a nice guy, but she says that its her personal life, and she cant decide whats right and wrong, and whether she is ready for marriage or not. she asks him for his advise what to do, and if she should listen to falguni, or herself, and should she pursue her dreams, or just marry chirag since he is a nice guy. She asks him constantly whether she should agree to marry him.

ranvir tells ishaani that if she marries chirag, he would definitely die. She asks whats he saying. He tells her that he cant live without her. He says that he doesnt know what life is, but for him, his lfie is only with her. Both of them eye each other with teary eyes. He says that he has lied a lot, and maybe he got chirag close to him, but the truth is that he cant see her with anyone else, as he loves her and even after all these years, she didnt understand this. she is boggled. finally ranvir gets out of the mini dream that he just had, he composes himself, and says that she should marry chirag and then go to US, and asks her to do whats right. He tells her that she would get a chance to pursue her dreams even after marriage, but not the other way around. he puts in light, chirag’s contribution to her life, and how he cared for her, despite her rebukes, and the possibility that she would deny to marry him, and points that sacrificial love is the best, and if a person can leave her for her happiness, she shouldnt let go of that person. he leaves, while she is tensed.

In his room, ranvir is drinking, while apologising that in his life, only sadness is engraved. He gets inebriated tryingt o get rid of the guilt. meanwhile, in her room, ishaani is tensed, thinking about what all chirag did for her and her family’s benefit. She lies down finally, in her confusion. While ranvir is still awake and drunk, he comes face to face with his drunk, hopeless romantic self, who tells him that ishaani is waiting for him to take the right descision, and that he has to take the final step, in getting her to agree. But drunk ranvir says that he has loved her since he first laid eyes on ishaani, and fell in one sided love, and that he cant just let her go to chirag, and do nothing about it helplessly. he says that he cant do this. The sane self reminds him about harshad’s promise and his contribution to his life, and asks if he would break harshad’s heart to save his. The drunk ranvir finally comes to senses, and finishes the drink in one go. Ranvir is determined. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: In the police station, the inspector asks the hawaldars to beat ranvir upto pulp. They comply and start beating him ruthlessly. His parents are distraught as they see him being beaten up, and keep screaming innocence, but in vain.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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