Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika meets everyone, the women appreciated her dress and jewellery. Ritika tells the ladies that her husband has bought this jewellery. A lady asks Ritika which month is she expecting now, Ritika says it is her eighth. They all bless her, and asks for Ritika. She says he is busy in some work, may be coming soon. An old lady says she is really lucky to have him as wife. Ritika says she had to face a lot of problems before wedding. Sharman comes downstairs and looks for someone, then indulges in talking with some men. The ladies take Ritika to a table. The award ceremony formally begin. Sharman keeps searching through the tables.
The announcer say that firstly this award used to go to late Harshid Parekh, then it went to late Mr. Sanjeev Javeri and now it is going to a man who made his place in the business community in a very less time. Ritika looks behind but a waiter blocks her way from Sharman. He invites the entrepreneur of the year, Mr. RV Vaghela. RV comes downstairs. Ritika cheers looking at him. RV comes to stage to receive the award. Ritika happily cheers and claps. He is invited for a speech. RV says what he may say about him, he thanks his Gunjrati community to be able to connect his name with Mr. Parekh and Mr. Javeri. He asks has anyone seen working alone, living alone, has anyone seen a person smiling as if he has got the company of his beloved, everyone says his hardwork brought him to a place, but there is a source that gives him wish to work hard. It comes from a woman, either a daughter, mother or wife. He says he is successful because of his wife, he can see love in her fight and quarrels. We fight daily because we know the one fighting will also come to make your mind up, to hold me up; so the one truly deserving this award is my wife. He comes down the stage and gives hand to Ritika. He says thanks for supporting me, and being with me always. He helps Ritika walk up to stage. Sharman watches this all curtly. RV brings Ritika to stage and says the whole night would spend if he begins saying anything about her. He prays they keep on fighting like this, because it will increase their love only.

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RV dedicates his award to his wife and gives it to Ritika. Sharman leaves upstairs and comes across a person. He asks where he is. Sharman says he isn’t in Bombay right now, he has come for a job as a legal advisor. His friend says after than incident with the girl, he might not get a job here now. He invites him to his office and takes a leave.
RV and Ritika talked to the guests, one of them ask RV why they fight with each other when they have so much love. RV says she is the home minister and I am the finance minister and both can’t go along without fights. He says if one has to stay quiet if to be in a good relation. Ritika says one must also talk sometimes. Both talked cheesily about each other. Ritika calls him as her diamond. RV says it is time for her rest, and helps her to the car.
In the car, Ritika smiles at him while there is a prevalent silence. Ritika says congrats, he deserved this award and I am happy for you. RV plays the song… Hum tere bin… He shuts the music off, and drives the car home.
At home, Amba asks them to stop at the door and says she knew her son would win the award. Lakshmi tells them Amba had already get the thaal ready. Amba boasts that one day all the awards would be her son’s. RV toucher her feet, she blesses RV and says since RItika has come in his life he has started to touch new heights of success.
Kailash also cheers and says he knew his son would win this award. He jokes that they must get a separate award for RV’s awards. RV goes to take rest, while Amba makes Ritika sit and asks how was the function. Ritika says everyone appreciated Ranveer. Amba says she is behind this all. Ritika says their blessings also matter a lot. Amba asks Ritika to rest.
In the bedroom, Ritika comes changed and sits in front of mirror. RV was working on his laptop. RItika thinks RV is right, we never have an argument because we never talk, he is always busy in work. She goes to keep her jewellery, and remembers about all what she had said in the function. She thinks everyone thinks she is so lucky, but she is the only one who knows RV brings gifts but doesn’t put them on her. She gets to bed and ask if he will off his side’s light later. He says he is busy, and will sleep after finishing it up. She lay down saying good night. RV finishes up, picks the award up. He comes to his study, opens up a showcase with awards in it and keeps it there. He was about to leave, then goes back and opens a drawer. There was Ishaani’s photo, he clutches his jaws and comes back to his room. Ritika was asleep, RV get to bed and think that you will be hanged in a few days, but you will still be there. He looks at Ritika and thinks we share this room but there is someone who doesn’t want us to be one; that is you Ishaani. He hopes she would go away from his thoughts and mind when she has gone from the world.

PRECAP: RV was changing, Ritika says this is a big case, though her friend Shekhar Mehta is fighting it for him. RV says he isn’t bothered by losing or going to jail, though he has hired the best lawyer. RItika asks isn’t he afraid of going to jail, it feels he himself wants to go to jail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. inever gonna watch wats gng on here wat u gnna make diffrence here story riters

  3. I’m feeling happy… so aftr marriage rv n ritika r nt happy… as rv still has photo of ishani… This shows that he still loves her nt ritika…. happa… omg… nw ish ll again b in life of ritika…

  4. Hey guys what ever be the twist just vote for MATSH plz

  5. Eagrly waitng 4 gud epi

  6. I think there ll be same story as utaran..there meethi was about to hang on charges of ambika’s murder..n nw same in matsh..either the same will hapn..n they ll spot chirag alive or 2ndly new entry will bail out ishani n ll find the entire truth n chirag alive too n ritika’s truth too ll come agr villain itni asaani se mrne lge thn wht’ll left in story..

  7. I think chirag zinda he to ishani ko faasi nahi hogi qki uski dead body dikhai hi nahi he… 🙂

  8. I thnk chirag still alive n njoyin somewhere….n it ws a plan by Chirag n Ritika…n lso smethng secrt s thr btw Ishani n Ritika…bcz evn though ishani knws tat RV dint killed chirag still she dint evn changd her statement….May be Ritika blackmailed her 🙂

  9. Waiting fr tat nw entry….hopin tat he ll find out al d truth behind murder n Ishani ll b out f jail…n reunite Ishveer ♥♥♥

  10. And also if chirag is dead there is a possibility that the girl who came out of coma..her brother after knowing that chirag is the culprit must have killed him..
    But honestly guys watching the show with the sad sepration of RV and ishaani is like eating lunch without salt in eat..plz get these love birds together ASAP

  11. I even stop imagining any thing for time being. Any thing is possible in our serials. May be Chirag kidnapped his look alike and killed planted evidence against RV. Ishani spoiled his plan unknowingly. Or Chirag went hell so even devil couldn’t stand him and sent h back to earth telling go disturb RV,
    RV is behaving like a zombie when he is alone !!!!

  12. I dont think Ritika is a negative character. She might have by mistake pushed Chiraag and Ishaani has seen this all, and then they go to Javeri in the hospital, and Ishaani promises Javeri to take care of Ritika. As Ritika is pregnant becos of Sherman, and in this state she cannot go to jail and earlier Ritika sacrificed her love so that Ranveer marries Ishaani, Ishaani convinces Ritika to be quiet for her bro’s child sake and takes the blame on herself and goes to jail, sacrificing her love for her family.

    1. Ritika is not pregnant with Sharman’s child….it is Chirag’s.

  13. arohi khurana

    hope soo jaldi sab kuch thik hojae ishaani or ranveer fir se ek hojae…..m waiting fo that gud episode

  14. Wow!! Serial writers kanna choosey audience story ni baaga alluthunnaru..yevariki nacchinnatu vaallu oohincheskuntunnaru..em cheyagalaru papam suspense ni thattukoleka!! Nenu Eroju episode gurinchi oohinchestha Ranveer ishani hanging ni postpone cheyadaniki shekhar help tho chirag chacchipoledhu ani opposite ga case pedathadu anukuntunna then ishani ki bail vasthadhi !!

    1. harshitha reddy

      gud one…….

  15. I don’t think so, in that case she doesn’t have to ask for death sentence . Ritika may not be -ve also. There is some thing else behind this , I feel that crook is not dead.guys Arjun Bijlani will make his entrance today , he look dashing & hot . Earlier he tweeted hoping us to like his look & support. Now I am happy some thing to look forward and spare me from the horror of this RaRi.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Murder ke liye death sentence nhi diya jata
    And rv ishani se nafrt aakhir chirag ko marne ke liye kyu kre ga ?

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