Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road and ishaani’s office
Prateik is assued by devarsh that they arent doing anything wrong, and if they can help ishaani, who’s slogging day and night to get back their house, it would be good. Pratiek is assured. Meanwhile, the boss thinks that he would take that money from ishaani, who meanwhile is tensed where to arrange the 25000 and decides to finally talk to chirag about it, after a long discussion and debate with herself, about the pros and consa and finally arriving at the opinion, that she doesnt have any other option left. she dials chirag’s number, and finds that his driver picks up, who tells her that chirag has gone for a meeting with brokering Solutions CEO, Rishi Vyas. She expresses that she needs to talk to chirag urgently, and he gives her the number of the company so that she can contact him there.

Inside, RV’s office, chirag is unabel to get an appointment and leaves. just then, ishaani calls up the recptionist and asks for chirag, and is told that noone by that name has a meeting here today. As the recptionist talks her name aloud, rv’s assistants are alarmed. As RV’s man confirms that its ishaani parekh, and the receptionist places ishaani on hold, he tells rv about the call. ranvir asks him to transfer the call, and he instructs the receptionist, who complies. As ishaani gets througfh, ranvir hears ishaani ranting to chirag, about how she needs money and why. She breaks down into inconsolable tears and sobs asking him to help her please or else her job shall go. rv gets tensed. just then, the boss comes and asks for the money, reprimanding her to be talking on the phone on duty time. ishaani says that the payments have to be done after ten days then why does he need the money now. he reprimands her trying to outsmart and talk to him, and asks her to give the moeny and only do as she is told. ranvir hears all this tensedly on the phone, and waits for what happens next. ishaani gives 25000 to him and he presumes that she stole the rest, as she needed money. ishaani says that she didnt steal. but the boss reprimands her for this kind of behaviour, and says that nothing like this has ever happened. ishaani tries to plead innocence, but he continues to insult her in front of the entire staff. He reprimands for having stolen earlier also. He asks her to tell where the remaining 25000 is. she tells how she gave it to the lawyer. He reprimands her for trying to taint harshad’s name, and says that a girl like her should be sent to the police. She asks him not to to do so, and he adds that he wont as that would taint the company’s name. he fires her instead and says that her stolen money shall be adjusted in the salary. Ishaani is distraught and mortified as all staff members eye her. Ishaani continues crying that someone should be sent to help her. Rv hears all this from the phone, thats still on hold. He cancels the call with steely eyes yet tensed. ishaani’s friend comes to her asking her to calm down as she cant do anything wrong, and everything would turn out to be okay. ranvir calls his right hand in his cabin. as he complies, he is told by ranvir to buy the company where Ishaani works. He leaves, and immediately places a call to ishaani’s boss, hearing which his boss gets tensed. The boss comes out and says that there’s good nees and bad news. he says that the good news is that he would be rich overnight, as some rich man has bought his company at his wanted cost. He says that the bad news is that now their jobs’ destiny lies in the hands of the new boss. the boss tells ishaani that now he cant fire her, but would definitely tell the new boss about his stealing. ishaani is tensed.

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Scene 2:
Location: Chirag’s residence
When ishaani expresses chirag that she needs money, Chirag tries to give one or the other excuse, but tries to be concerned and says that he would get much more money after ten fifteen days. She says that she needs it right now. he asks if she thinks that he is lying. She immediately gets to defending him that she never doubted him, and knows that he would have helped if he could. He says that he understands her problems, but next time when she takes a descision, she would tell him, so that he may stop her from tainting harshad’s name. She says that she didnt have any other option. He says that had she called him, they could have averted this day today. she gets emotional and thanks him for being in her life. she hugs him, while he says that he is always with her. She tells him about the new boss, and how she would apologise and hopes that he listens.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
As the entire family sits down for dinner, and a hearty banter follows, ishaani turns to harshad’s pic and hopes that her new boss is a good one, and her job remains.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaani’s office
the next day, as ranvir steps out of the car, ishaani is unable to see him, in the heavy rains, as Ranvir reminisces his moments in the rain with ishaani. ishaani hopes that her new boss is a good one and understands her plight. In extreme rainfall outside, ranvir is tensed to find ishaani struggling with her cheap unbrella which is difficult to be managed, while he stands under the shade of his umbrella that his servant holds out for him. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As ishaani breaks down in front of her news boss, into tears telling her sob story, without raising her face to see him, Rv gets tensed. as her packet drops and they both get down to pick up, finally ishaani has a confrontation wityh ranvir. An awkward eyegaze follows.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow man the episode was damn bad but precap hmm thats good i mean excellent i was waiting for it .

  2. Ishaani is hot but notice that her body like a body builder

    1. yeah u r right !!

  3. i want to see the epi when they both meet !!!

  4. i think she look awse in indian traditional cloth.

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