Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with disha telling ishaani that she forgot to get papa’s foto
And ranveer had started the renovations
She was worried that they might damage the foto
Ishaani suggests she would retrieve the foto from the building

Ishaani changes into saree and disha is relieved that she succeeded in sending ishaani to old building

Watchman opens ishaani’s car door for her and asks if ranveer was with her
She denies

Ranveer reaches the old building and is surprised to see their car parked there
He asks watchman how their car reached here
He replies ishaani madam was here
He is surprised
He rushes in to look for ishaani

as ishaani is looking around the house for her papa’s foto
The lights go off
She goes to a switch box to fix the wires
As ishaani is about to touch the live wires she is pulld back
She is surprised to see RV there
He scolds her for trying to touch live wires as harshed tooher got electricuted due to co tact with live wires
Ishaani asks how did he know that
RV fakes an excuse
As he had over heard it
He was not present there

ishaani then asks him what was he doing here ‘
RV makes an excuse that he had come to collect mota bahi’s (ishaani’s father’s )foto as disha had forgotten it yesterday
repairs were about to start and he was scared workers would damage the pic

ishaani then waits as RV gets harshad’s foto they return to their house >> bedroom with harshad’d garlanded foto

And he also gets a bottle full of fire flies
Ishaani is very happy with his gift
Promising her to lighten up her darkest nights

He asks her to smile in return for his gift
Ishaan Is thinking that he could do anything for her happiness

She thanks him
Ishaani then realises it is four in the morning
RV then tells ishaani that it was difficult to fast whole day so she need not bother he would explain to his mother
But ishaai wants to keep fast in return for his awesome KC gift to her

At four in the morning Amba is all dressed up ..does puja at already decorated mandir
Parul too is awake as she is keeping fast for getting a good husband in future
Her mother scolds her

.. ishaani is in her room getting ready and thinking that One moment she doubts ranveer next moment he does something that convinces her that he could never be a murderer
She wonders that he was her pati and might be murderer of her father so should she put Ranveer’s sindoor in her maang

Ishaani remembers her papa’s moments with ranveer
She remembers her mother’s advise to do everything that would make her papa happy
She then puts sindoor
And decides to ask ranveer directly all about harshad’s murder

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Ishaani is dressed in a new red saree
Parul is admiring her bhaabhi
Amba is not happy to see ishaani
She makes a face as ishaani pays her respects to amba and her maasi laxmi
Amba then explains to Ishaani the importance of sargi and KC fast
Tells her to pray for the long life of her husband everyday

She hands the thaali of sargi to ishaani
It is nirjala vrat she explains again
She should be present for KC katha in the evening with other ladies

Amba then feeds ishaani sargi with a spoon
She happily eats it

Parul too is interested in keeping vrat and Devarsh’s mother chetali quickly puts a spoon of sargi onto parul’s mouth amba is not pleased with this but chetali is very happy

Disha’s sargi is brought by manas’s mother and she happily accepts it

Ishaani then pulls her away as she concerned about disha being pregnant and still keeping fast

Disha explains to Ishaani that manas’s parents do not know anything about the pregnancy
Disha assures Ishaani that she would take care of herself
Ishaani then leaves as she notices RV returning

She over hears RV talking to some one that ishaani was there at old building she would have come to know everything about her father’s death but he managed to convince her
Ishaani had even discovered the board with exposed wires

He had gone there to remove all clues about her father’s death but ishaani’s presence took him by surprise

Ishaani is shocked to hear that
She is heart broken that ranveer was her father’s murderer
She wails loudly
Sad BG song plays

ishaani then weeps before the foto of her father that he might have known everything and his atmaa would never have got peace
She promises her father that she would make sure RV gets the punishment for his crimes
She would find all clues to incriminate him

She then remembers RV had gone to the old building
She wonders what saboot was lying there in that old offfice building that he wanted to hide ??

Disha then manages to convince amba to attend puja with her at mandir saying that there was a massive arrangement for KC puja at that temple and even celebrities were going to come there for puja
laxmi is excited at the thoughts of meeting celebrities

disha tells Amba that she had given her family shelter in her house and even arranged her wedding in her family so she wanted to do something for them in return
amba is not convinced
Amba wonders disha was not a simple girl so she might be having some plan in her mind
She decides to find out
Amba and laxmi accompany disha

Chirag is confronted by his girl
She shouts at chirag for running after a married girl > Ishaani
Chirag wonders how to get rid of this girl in his life
He decides to deal with the girl later but concentrate on ishaani llfor now
Chirag convinces his girl that he wanted one last chance with ishaani so that he can tell her not to bother him
And tell her to leave him alone
He rushes out after assuring his girl

Disha manages to convince Amba and laxmi to accompany her to temple
She drives the car at full speed in heavy rain giving the ladies the jitters

She gets then at chirag’s house
But they are surprised to see ishaani at chirag’s house

Ishaani on the other hand has come to chirag’s house as she is interested ti find out more clues about RV’s involvement in her father’s murder

she is upset that she hated Chirag but was forced to meet him just because RV had lied to her
but she loved her papa too much and was doing this for him

chirag in the mean while waits for ishaani and hides his girl somewhere in his house

precap shows chirag is recording Ishaani coming towards his house
and happily praising the latest techonology in his phone that will convince ishaani about ranveer’s involvement in harshad’s murder

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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    1. me toooooooooo

  3. All r not the same writers . So pls

  4. Ishanni you don’t know what is the meaning of trust and love. Blind.
    Rv care for you like anything how can he do this. Please use your brain.
    You should directly discuss with the person in a relationship rather than running behind someone else.
    You consider him as a friend but you don’t even react so.

  5. I too agree vith hAnny

  6. your written updates is too iritating…… what kind of update is this

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