Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Chirag residence
A hungover chirag is rudely awakened by his father, whop reminds him how important it is to get business with RV and is frustrated when he finds out that chirag doesnt even remember RV’s face. he asks him to sober up and get an appointment with Rv to discuss business, so that they may be out of their financial lurch. chirag agrees and then doses off sleepily.

Scene 2:
Location: Court room and RV’s residence
Ishaani meets the lawyer, and hesitatingly gives him the money, asking that they would win the case. The lawyer assures that it looks like that the way things are going. She gives him the money and he says that he would get a hearing at the earliest. He leaves, while ishaani prays to the lord that they win this case. RV’s assistant eyes her, and ghrn gives this news to RV, who asks him to keep an eye on this case, and asks him to do the job very carefully that he had assigned her. He tells him that he wants the work done at any cost. amba calls him and RV leaves the call to attend to her. A prospective bride eyes the big mansion and then tries to talk with RV, who is mostly concerned with his business dealings. She starts complimenting him about his exciting life, and asks about what he does in his free time and his hobbies. RV is amused, but gets irritated when she starts ranting about herself. Rv tells that he plans to donate everything to the poor, and the girl is shocked that she wont be able to live a luxurious life. He tells her that he was a servant and making money was his necessity and not his hobby. He leaves after his stipulated allotted time for her, i.e. 15 minutes is over.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ishaani prays to the lord to send some angel who can help them in getting their house back, oblivious that RV’s car just passed by, with him in it, who also remains nonchalant. Ishaani reaches the court, and the lawyer assures her that god willing, they definitely shall win this caser today. Ranvir too arrives and is told by the assistant that the case hasnt started yet. later, Ishaani is shocked as the court gives a stay order and vents out her frustration at the lawyer. the lawyer says that someone gave evidence against them in the corut demanding stay, and this had given a new angle to the case. ranvir tells his right hand that the case has been postponed for 15 days and he knows what needs to be done. He complies and then hints something to the assistant who was eyeing ishaani. Meanwhile, Ranvir overhears ishaani’s plight as she talks how would she pay back the 25000. the lawyer asks her to focus on the case, as this judge was against her father as it is, and in this time, he shall have retired, and a new judge shall take over who shall give the case the descision in their favour. Ishaani wonders how she would handle the boss, or anyone else if they get to know about it. she is scared for her job. Ranvir gets emotional seeing her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Falguni tries to cheer everyone up, that its just held for another 15 days, and then the court shall give descision in their favour. Sherman comes and asks ishaani how did she arrange 25000 in a day. ishaani is flustered as the entire family is shocked. Sherman thinks that she must have gotten her boss to agree. he apologises for not helping her. Baa says that the boss shall cut from her salary, then why apologise. ishaani says that the boss didnt give her this money. The entire family is shocked and gets concerned. they corner her as to how she arranged the money. baa says that her silence isnt good, and asks did she do in one night that she arranged 25000. she says that if something wrong gets in the society she would bear everyone’s taunts. she starts hinting at ishaani’s indirectly. falguni asks her to stop. Baa says that she has a right as she is her son’s daughter and she shall taint his name if she does anything wrong. Falguni says that there’s a way of asking. Baa asks her to try her way. falguni goes to ishaani hastily. In front of the entire house, falguni confronts ishaani and asks her to confess truly where she got the moeny from, making her swear. ishaani is speechless, but then tells that its from the office, and relates everything, and the reason why she did it. All stand shocked. baa continues to point out that this is stealing, and says that she knew that ishaani did something wrong. falguni says that she would have to be punished too also for this, and asks her to be sent out. falguni says that sher hopes somebody would see her helplessness as ishaani did this for them, and not for herself. She tries to point out their cruelty at blaming ishaani for this. sherman says that stealins still wasnt an option. In front of falguni, ishaani tells sherman what would she have done, lost the case due to absence of money and had they not deposited they wouldnt have been able to even fight the case, leave alone winning it. ishaani says that she doesnt know right or wrong, but wants to see them together in their old house. Falguni asks her not to cry, as they cant see her helplessness. baa says that they are traditional people, as they shall die but not steal, as it isnt in their blood. falguni composes her daughter and asks her not to think anything. she asks ishaani to go to the office and she shall think to solve this problem together. Ishaani leaves. Falguni is tensed. Devarsh and prateik are tensed too, at their helplessness and decide to help her.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and ishaani’s office
Devarsh and prateik decide to blackmail ishaani’s boss from the PCO, for his son’s admission form, through the trustee quota, and demands 50000 for the same. the boss finally agrees wehn he fears that his son’s admission would be rejected. The boss wonders how to arrange for 50000 so fast, and then remembers that he had given ishaani the same amount for some payments. he finds ishaani passing by, tensedly. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Are yar kab rv ishani ko milega? Mujhse to wait hi nahiho raha hai.aur ab to devarsh nd prateek help karneki chakra me ishani ko problem me daldia. Ab pata nahi ishani kya karegi.mujhe lagta hai ki ab sayad rv ishani ko milkar uski help karega ya uski problem badha sakta hai.pata nahi kya hone bala itna pata hai interesting hoga

  2. I think ishani works in rvs office

  3. I think that pratiek and devarsh will ask for the money and the boss will ask ishaani to give the money and ishaani will be tensed……
    I hope this happens

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