Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pareskh Mansion
Baa’s position is taken in by Amba, who turns as vicious and cruel that baa was. Amba thinks that the saree that chetali is wearing is actually hers, and decides to make her feel embarassed about it, thinks how god paid the parekh family back for their deeds. She sends her servant, just like Baa’s chanchal, to get that saree. She goes to chetali and catches her red handed and guilty, and gets her to exchange her saree with her own. Chetali is embarassed and ducks out into the parking garage, calling her husband who is amused at her plight.

In the drawing room, chirag is flirting around with foreigners, while ishaani tries to keep herself happy. ranvir watches the drama from the balcony, extremely upset the way Ishaani is being treated by chirag. Chirag coughs and then keeps himself aside. Ishaani instantly rushes to his aide, while he says that he was going to get a refill. she offers to get and chirag praises her care, and orders for the foreigner too, who he introduces to ishaani as his very important client. RV’s man notice ishaani struggling to get a refill, in the crowd, and Rv getting angry and disturbed. He immediately comes and makes way for ishaani to get the drinks. ishaani wonders why is she being specially treated and thinks that it must be out of sympathy by the buyer of the house. she decides to be nonchalant and unaffected, having gotten her drink, she thanks him. Chirag finds her back with the glasses, and taking it from her, he mingles back with the foreigner lady. ishaani is tensed but doesnt react.

RV’s right hand finally announces that RV would be here any second. Chirag waits for him. Ishaani gets tensed. Seeing disha in a flimsy dress, prateik and devarsh are tensed. She says that she is here for RV and asks them to manage her fiancee. devarsh and prateik are amused. An inebriated Chirag is handled around by ishaani who is tensed, and he continues to rant that he would get this house for her. She is tensed to see him in such an inebriated state. she takes him out, while he continues to rant in his drowsy state. Rv’s right hand asks Rv that people have been waiting too long for him. RV reaffirms that he doesnt, but they need him, and where the need is, it becomes impending to get people to wait. RV goes after chirag and ishaani. ishaani makes chirag sit, and then leaves to get his car. Chirag eyes RV in a haze, as he comes and angrily stands in front of him. Chirag finally sees RV clearly, and is confused. Chirag wonders how it can be Ranvir, as he was just a petty servant. Ranvir hears this and gets in a rage, and leaves. He eyes him again and Rv is gone by then, and chirag thinks that he must have been hallucinating. Inside Ranvir’s eyes fall on disha dancing seductively, who is wondering where is RV. She finally eyes RV’s wing man, and confusing him to be RV, goes ont flirt with him, saying that the house he bought is hers. He jerks his hand away from her. RV remembers the false accusations that Disha had placed on him two years back, and thinks that she still hasnt changed a bit.

Rv enters his room, to find his father, dressed nicely. He asks why hasnt he gone down. His father expresses that he doesnt trust his reactions, what would he do when he sees their prior employers. Ranvir thinks tha due to that fatal black night, this was possible today. RV talks about how his plans are to set the Parekh family straight. Ranvir tells his parents, that the Parekh Family couldnt pay him for his loyalty and truthfulness to them, but they would have to pay a price for their cruelty to him. Amba angrily asks about ishaani, and what would become of her. She asks him what does he want and why wont she be punished. Ranvir says that he would set his record straight with everyone. Amba asks if including ishaani, he says that. Ranvir is tensed. He is instigated by Amba, saying that she could have spoken if she wanted, but she didnt and even if she didnt love him, she could have been a good friend, and could have shown some humanity atleast. He assures her that he would punish everyone, but his first enemy is chirag and his parents, as they wronged harshad, who he considered next to God. The screen freezes on Ranver’s tensed face.

Precap: Chirag tries to get physically intimate with ishaani in his inebriated state, and she doesnt let him, even jerking him off, while she is frustrated. she reminds him that they had discussed that she would save herself till marriage. She is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. i toatally hatr this loser chirag …. plz kick him out of the shw !!!

  2. ♥ ed rv’s attitude 2day !!! sab ka hisaab barabar !!! 1st is chirag thank god !!!!

  3. i actually want rv to teach a good lesson to disha i mean what does she think of herself !!!!!!!!!

  4. Chirag is goin’ down, I’m not quite sure if I like Amba…

  5. Rv kick chirag with ur tactics so he and his parents should suffer for the wrong deeds they have down to you.

  6. Chirag may use ishaani to get to ranveer he may get ishaani to falsely lyk ranveer for da money n i don’t lyk da negativity of amba in dis role the richness has gotten to her da morale is what eva goes round cums bak around r dey gunna mke it so da amba gets it bak on her face imagine if she made baa wrk for her lol

  7. I am. Just waiting for what ranveer is going to do to ishaani as he said to his mother every pareek will pay for their wrong doing including ishaani

  8. ommggg ranveer is soooooo hot in his new luks.. nevr saw sum1 so hot in suit lyk i saw in ranveer.. if he continues this style this way dn i wud really fall in luv wid him.. <3

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