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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
baa is praying when she finds that the bhog is missing. chanchal rushes to get it. Baa is surprised to see chirag. harshad is tensed too. chirag says that he wants to talk to ishaani and disha in front of everyone. Dishad sits angrily, and ishaani thinks that he must have come here to reject her, like she did yesterday. He tells ishaani that he didnt take here descision personally, and then goes to disha saying that she is much beautiful than ishaani, but he chose her since he likes someone who can stand upto him, and thats ishaani. he says that he would leave his marriage now with ishaani on fate and if she doesnt agree he would blame it on his destiny. He leaves. He manages to convince disha to not have a problem with ishaani’s marriage to him.

but ishaani says that he would never agree. the entire atmosphere gets tensed. as disha and ishaani leave, harshad convinces falguni that ishaani would come around. Baa is surprised with disha’s stance but doesnt say anything and glaots about her mannerisms. Falguni taunts baa that now harshad would definitely get ishaani to marry chirag. Falguni says that even disha doesnt have a problem anymore, and hence decides to part ways with bvaa from this very moment. she leaves. baa thinks that she maybe happy, but one day she would cry badly.

While ranvir and his family sit down for food, ranvir proposes the idea of his mother working as a chef in the kitchen. He leaves excitedly, while his mother tells his father point blank, that she wont work in Baa’s kitchen, and compromise with her self respect. His father is tensed.

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In the hall, harshad tells ranvir that he has to get ishaani to agree. He surprisingly asks for what. harshad tells him that he has to get ishaani to agree to marrying chirag. ranvir is

heartbroken. He advises him to get her to love chirag and agree to marriage. ranvir says that he would do everything for him, but this work is very difficult for him. he is torn between his feelings and his honesty to his master. harshad blesses him while he is apalled. harshad says that his effort is his own success. Ranvir finds ishaani passing by, and is overwhelmed to see her. He promieses that he would do this for him. Ranvir leaves.

In his room, ranvir is tensed, and his mother notices it. He rushes to the bathroom to hide his emotions from his mother, while inside he is distraught and broken into tears, unable to bear with this pain.

In her room, harshad comes and finds ishaani tensed, and says that she is torn between her heart and her mind and tells her that he has invited chirag and his family in the evening. ishaani asks how can he ask her to enter into a loveless marriage. Harshad says that since she doesnt love anyone, hence its good that instead of waiting for marriage, she should try to fall in love with him. he clarifies that she shouldnt be angry for disha anymore, as she is okay. she doesnt comply, but he asks hjer to calm down and do what he says. He leaves, while she is still tensed. She rushes to ranvir’s room and is surprised to find his mother and tries to talk, but she stoically asks if she had any work. she says that she came to call him, for her father. she sends one of the boys to call for ranvir. He wipes his face and composing himself, comes in front of ishaani, as she is about to excuse herself. she tries to talk to ranvir, but hesitates in front of his mother. They both leave. His mother remembers that he had made an excuse that he had a stain and hence went onto change a shirt, but when she sees the shirt thta he left behind, she doesnt find any and is tensed as to why he lied.

ishaani tells ranvir that she anted to talk. ranvir asks what. she points out that her father wants to say yes to chirag for marriage. she rexplains what harshad just told her, and says that she doesnt understand anything. he asks what does she want. she says that she cant marry him, and asks for his help. she breaks inconsolably into tears. ranvir is frustrated as he is torn between his love and his faithfulness to his master. Chanchal oversees ishaani asking for ranvir’s help to help her get out of this marriage, when he emphasises that he cant see her cry. He immediately tells her that he cant see her cry and would do what she tells him to do. His mother sees ranvir caring for ishaani and is tensed. Chanchal misunderstands it and leaves. The screen freezes on ranvir’s tensed face.

Precap: ranvir makes a very bad impression of Ishaani’s character in front of chirag. Chirag asks him to think. Ranvir talks and continues to insult ishaani about her infidel nature, saying that she inherits it from her blood. chirag, unable to bear it any longer, slaps him tight across the face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Chirag and Ishaani make the best couple! I feel bad for Ranvir, he always gets slapped.

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