Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba says to Javeri that everything is in front of him. It was her mistake that she let RV marry Ishaani. She wouldn’t have let that girl into the house, had her son not be so stubborn at that time. RV’s luck had it, but he now knows about the true face of Ishaani. He knows that Ishaani isn’t worth him. Ritika is his friend, and only Ritika can hold RV from this stuation, she wants Ritika’s and RV’s friedship into a relation, thought RV left Ritika but she will not let it happen again. Mr. Javeri says he is already married. Amba says it is just of a name, Ishaani still meets Chiraag, and she will prove her illegimate relation with Chiraag, RV will get divorced. Amba asks Mr. Javeri to think about it. Mr. Javeri says he has to think about it. The servant announces the guests have arrived. Mr. Javeri tells them that these guests have also come for Ritika’s proposal, Amba requests him to say no.
Outside, Amba and Lakshmi confront Baa, Chatali and Ritesh. Mr. javeri says to them that Harshid was a great friend of him, it is his respect that Baa has selected Sharman for Ritika. Sharman has all the qualities of becoming a successful man and he and Ritika have become friends too. He tells them that Amba has also brought the proposal of RV as well. Baa and Chaitali are shocked hearing this. Mr. Javeri says he doesn’t know what to say. Baa says RV is married to Ishaani, how he can marry Ritika. Mr. Javeri says Ishaani is also like his daughter, he can’t give her hapiness to her second daughter. He accepts their proposal of Sharman for Ritika. Mr. Javeri says to Amba, that Ritika denied about marrying Ritika so that he can be happy with Ishaani. He knows his daughter, when she takes a decision she doesn’t back up. She will never marry Ritika but will always be a friend of his.
He asks the servant for serving them, and gives Baa shagun of marriage. Baa invites him to Disha’s wedding as well. Amba thinks she won’t let this wedding take place, and leaves the house.
Amba was angry and tells Lakshmi that she will blow a bomb tomorrow. She reminds Lakshmi to invite Disha’s doctor to the wedding as well. Ishaani has destroyed the life of her son, she will destroy the whole family beginning with Disha.
RV asks the driver to stop the car at a club. The driver tells him not to go there, but RV asks if he thinks he doesn’t know where he is going. Ishaani waits for RV.
She thinks about calling him, he would scold her to the most. RV comes to a girl’s room, who closes the door behind. She recalls him with the girls at a bar. Ishaani thinks he will come back, she will wait for him.
Sharman comes through Ritika’s window. Ritika asks is she mad, why he came like this. Sharman says he wants to talk to her, and couldn’t come from main door. Ritika was excited that their proposal has been fixed, and he has come to propose her. He says she is wrong, he came to deny marrying him. He doesn’t want to marry her because his mom just want to marry him to her because she is rich. He doesn’t want to betray her. He suggests about running away from marriage. Mr. Javeri comes calling Ritika. Sharman hides behind the door, Ritika tells Mr. Javeri that Sharman came here. He was behaving awkwardly and even shut her mouth with hand. Mr. Javeri asks what happened next. Sharman himseld jumps in and says he just came to… and looks at Ritika. Ritika tells her dad that he came to say he doesn’t want to marry her. They were both worried. Ritika laughs that she was just kidding, there is nothing like that. He came to tell her that he can’t spend a single moment without her now. Mr. Javeri says the approval of the proposal doesn’t allow him to come through windows. Ritika interferes that firstly he was shy, and now he will be afraid of her.
Sharman says he was just saying so, Mr. Javeri slaps Ritika in love. He tells Sharman that he wants to meet him. Sharman says to Ritika that he was saving her from his family, and she got him caught. Ritika puts finger on his lips, and says now she will speak and he will listen. She goes to close the door.
Sharman asks what she is doing. She says she is taking advantage of the time. His family is going to take advantage of her, after marriage. She puts her arms around his neck, and says he will now leave when she allows. He says he won’t stop her. She lets go of him, and says she will take this advantage after Disha’s wedding. He turns to ask if she is sure, he must go. She takes his hand to the door.
Disha is worried about her morning sickness. Falguni calls her, Disha comes out. Falguni tells her that she must always apply what she learned here, she must always respect Manas and his family and make them feel proud. Ishaani stood out with the dress. She was excited. Falguni asks Ishaani where RV is, the time of marriage is two hours from now. She tells Ishaani that he will do the Kaniadaan of Disha, and recalls that she had asked RV to do it. RV said this is a big responsibility, but he promised her. Falguni is worried, so is Ishaani.

PRECAP: RV says to Ishaani that he isnt a good man, he made the marriage of her sister break. He must now leave his home. Ishaaani stops him. This is 17th Jan special episode promo.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. today episode not bad sharman and rithika scene is good both are best couple but rv you behave too bad this is not your character just stop your irritating activities…… palaya rv’a paaka ellarum romba aavala wait panitu irkom. plz director we are kindly request you plz change rv’s behavior plzzzzzzzz…… its rv fans request

  2. Don’t know what is going on RV’s mind? Is he really changed or acting? Rv pls don’t behave like Chiraag….

  3. Today’s episode was better.. please don’t degrade Ranveer’s character. Its enough.we are tired of this. please make some positive changes in character. only Sharman and Rithika scenes were good in today’s episode.hope CV’s will hear us.. waiting for a good episode.

  4. RV where were you whole night? It was embrassing to see you like this with other girls

  5. Hope RV gets a better girl this time than Ishaani. I am just waiting when RV will throw Ishani and her family out. Finally Disha’s truth should be revelealed. It will be a blast. Hate that Ishani, Baa and Disha. Go away from RV life plss

    1. Please am lovin dah ishani to learn 2 trust her hussy.she is the person who started it

  6. ya mi too think d same nishi but ishani has changed now she should llive rv as he is not worthy of her becoz he has force ishani to marry him since chirag had to betrya her but it wasnt her fault sometime a girl can also make mistake of lovin bad guy but when my dear ishani knew d truth she no longer loved dat chirag nd she also knewd somwhere she love rv ….ishani at any cost dnt leave rv …nd rv behave properly with her she is only worthy of uu …dhe loves u more than nything else yaaar plsssssssssss trust her ashaqui its a humble request pls ekta ji make everythibg reverse after 17th jan promo god bless!!

  7. Pls some save mi pure soul ishu from dat ….idiotic rv

  8. Useless character of rv by useless director

  9. M im deeply nd truely hurt plss chang al d negativity

  10. Rv i use to think of u as a ideal man…you claimed you love ishani more then anything and now cz that stupid chirag send you a pic u started hateing her so much that you have other women…disgusting

  11. Love is not based on false facts.rv u didnt like love ishani cz if you did you will no what she is like as you grew up wv her…ur no better the chirag…

  12. Rv dis is nt done when u wanted that ishani should be wid chiraag u still luvd her …at dat tym nfrnt of u only ishani was happie wd chiraag but nw coz of dat cheap pics u hate her….disgusting

  13. Don’t spoil Rv’s character

  14. O the wretches, when will all this nautanky come to an end??????????????
    And my dear RV , why r u so eager to follow that duffer Chirag.
    And the producers , can’t u all stop dragging the story????????

  15. Hey what do u want from me.See u are having all the things…….i.e. family ka drama,friendship,twist,evil,badness,desire,romantic scenes…………and a lots of Good scenes.And u guys our life is also……What to say?Just listen that stop posting weary comments.

  16. Hey Ishaani u was looking good in that dress.But see I like Indian culture.But don’t worry 🙂 Wear that dress which give comfort to u not to others eyes.

  17. I dint like this episode

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