Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Vishakha comments about ishaani’s mehendi, and asks the mehendi wali to get chirag’s name there too. ishaani is teased, while gauri too joins in. ranviur comes and eyes her longingly. Gauri asks if they have had a fight. They again enter into a verbal spat. gauri makes them reconcile, while they both are not ready to make the first move. gauri convinces them again, and asks them to do their special handshake, and ranvir says that it isnt possible, as she has mehendi. This gets them both to finally laugh. She tells ishaani that she would miss ranvir when she leaves the house. gauri tells ranvir that when ishaani leaves, he would the person who misses her the mosy. ranvir gets tensed, and then notices disha calling him. he is about to go, when gauri excuses herself, and ishaani’s phone suddenly starts buzzing. she asks him to pick it for him, and he complies. chirag again flirts around with ishaani, and then asks if he took the painkiller. chirag again tries to tease her, and she changes the topic. Chirag tries to make her guilty, and tells her that he is coming only for her. She is tensed. A friend comes in and ranvir excuses himself. he goes to disha, and asks what happened. she notices him eyeing ishaani longingly, and evilly smiles. she takes him along insistently.

Meanwhile, harshad is getting dressed when falguni comes in with jewellery boxes, and he asks her whats special today. He tells her that its special for something else too. Falguni doesnt get it, while talking about jewellery. harshad thinks that falguni remembers everything but not whats special. he remembers how falguni had brought in her daughter, severely sick, and then she had been thwarted saying that no doctors are available, and then harshad had stepped in as a member of the charitable trust of the hospital. He also remembers how ishaani had held his hand for the first time then. falguni goes to give jewellery to ishaani, while he remembers tensedly, that he may forget but not him, as this is the first time that he met both of them. He notices the gift that he had got for her. He places it back on the stand.

Meanwhile, chetali is singing and practising on karaoke, when she hides herself, seeing disha and ranvir come in. she moves out without being seen. Disha shows him that garima accepted the friend request, that she would be here in the evening. He wonders how she became her friend so fast. She gives some excuse that she belongs to prateik’s college and is hence coming. ranvir compliments her for this, while she says that she would do anything for her. As she eyes him seductively, ranvir is busy thinking that this could save ishaani’s life. He thanks her, and thinks that today chirag would be exposed in front of ishaani and ishaani’s life would be saved.

Downstairs, Disha is throwing tantrums as hunger pangs get in. All tease prateik for keeping a fast, while he eyes his crush who’s mingling with the other girls. gauri tries to calm down disha saying that its a matter of another couple of hours. On the stairs, Chetali and her husband have a fun moment when they both are unable to bear the burden of the fast. gauri finds ishaani waiting for chirag, and goes onto tease her. Ranvir notices and hears this. ranvir hopes that before chirag’s arrival, garima should be here. he leaves, with disha following him. She asks why’s she so tensed. Ranvir says that she wants garima to come soon, and wonders if she changed her mind. Disha puts him at ease by showing her garima’s message saying that she is on her way. Disha says that its her plan and everything would go right. Ranvir says that if her plan goes successful, then ishaani would be saved. disha gets disappointed and then asks him to stop worrying.

Baa announces to them, that they should all start dancing and as the music begins. all comply. disha gets ranvir outside, and gauri gets ishaani to dance too. Ranvir waits impatiently for garima to come, while devarsh tries hard to berak prateik’s fast. Devarsh overhears, prateik’s crush talking to her maternal aunt on the phone, and gets a crooked idea.

In the driveway, ranvir says to disha that if he isnt able to expose chirag, he wont be able to face himself. disha asks why’s he thinking this. He says that harshad gave him the responsibility of ishaani and that he got her with chirag. He says that if he isnt able to save ishaani, he would never forgive himself. Disha asks him not to think like that, as just like ishaani, she too can be her friend. She smiles, while he is tensed, and tries hard to smile. A car beep brings their attention, and they are tensed as they find chirag’s car pull in. ranvir thinks that chirag came before garima, and how would their plan work out now. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Chirag tells ranvir, that he must be feeling very bad, that he got defeated, anbd boasts that he himself always loves challenges and winning them. He says that when ishaani kisses him, he would feel more bad, and that he would definitely get ishaani to kiss him before midnight today, and ranvir may try all that he can to stop him, if he wishes so. ranvir clenches his fists in anger.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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