Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi says to Amba that watching all this drama she doesn’t understand if she should remain silent or do something. Amba says nothing needs to be done. She says it is all for their good. Chaitali and the Parekh family congratulate each other. Chaitali asks Baa to say something, Baa comes to Ishaani and says she is so happy that she doesn’t have words. One daughter is coming and the other is leaving as well. Pratik asks for a photo. Shekhar comes to Ritika and says why is she shocked, she always wanted him to marry a good girl, he is doing that and marrying the girl whom he truly loves. Ritika says I am very happy for you, congrats. Shekhar comes to RV and asks won’t he congratulate him, he was the one who said he must marry Nirupa if he loves him. RV forwards his hand saying congrats. Shekhar takes it and says thanks.
Mr. Mehra asks Shekhar to sit with Ishaani for pooja along with Dewarsh and Krisha. Kanchal gives Ishaani a saree that in Punjabi any of wedding rituals are done in red dress, she must change and do pooja with Shekhar. Ishaani nods and leaves to change. Baa goes behind her. Ishaani was in her room when Baa comes inside. She says to Ishaani, it isn’t she is unhappy because of her decision but she denied her (Baa) and today, she said in front of anyone, that she is ready to marry. Ishaani says there is nothing like that. Baa says she just wants Ishaani not to sacrifice any further for anyone. Ishaani had tears in her eyes, she hugs Baa and says she is doing it all with her will. In this decision, there is her happiness and will both. She asks Baa to go, she would just come there. Kanchal watches Ishaani come downstairs, RV also stares at her this way. Ishaani sits with Shekhar for Pooja. She is asked to give her hand into Shekhar’s.
Ritika feels pain, RV comes to ask if she is alright. Ritika says she is going to room to take rest. Ritika asks him to stay here, she knows where to go and goes upstairs.
Pandit ji asks for a string, RV urges to ask Pandit ji about it, same is done by Ishaani at the moment. Both share looks that everyone notices, a past such moment and excitement flashbacks into both’s minds. Baa smiles that children of their house are just the same, always ready to protect others. Dewarsh and Pratik have learnt, but Ishaani didn’t. RV leaves Ishaani’s side. Pandit ji asks Kanchal to distribute sweet. Ishaani gets up and goes upstairs. RV watches her go there, follows her and holds her arm tight. She tries to get rid of him and says what anyone would think about them. RV asks why she is playing with his emotions. Ishaani says she isn’t doing any drama, he loves her and proposed her. RV says he knows her well, she would leave SHekhar after using him as an opportunist. He says he won’t let her do any harm to Shekhar’s family, else no one would be worse than him. Ishaani says no one is worse than him even, what he is doing with Ritika; she is his wife and he is after me, accept it RV is still mad after Ishaani. RV says he hates her, she isn’t worth his hate. Ishaani says his friend better knows what she is worth of. She says he is shameless that he doesn’t leave coming behind her in any case. She says he doesn’t believe she is starting a new life with Shekhar. RV says he is saying the last time, he won’t let this marriage take place because her intentions aren’t good. Ishaani challenges she will marry Shekhar. RV leaves curtly, Ishaani cries.
Pratik come behind Baa and takes her photo, Amba comes and congratulates Baa for Ishaani’s wedding. Amba says she is praying a lot for Ishaani, she is happy by heart. She wants her to marry with her own hands. Baa asks Pratik to take their photos, such days come once in a millennium.
Ishaani ties the string on Ritika’s arm and asks her to keep wearing it, it will protect her and her child. Ritika sat lost, Ishaani says she knows that she must have a lot of questions in mind. Ritika says she doesn’t understand what is happening. Ishaani says she wants her husband Ranveer moves on in his life with her and her child; and it will happen only when she (Ishaani) moves on. She clarifies saying she never took this decision because of them, she always lived on her own. She first wanted to settle with Chiraag and now Shekhar, she feels bad about using RV but she doesn’t want any of her negative affect on her life as well. She wants herself to stay away from them, so that they live happy also. Her best wishes are always with her, she wishes Ritika to enjoy her life and not to over-think. Ishaani comes out of the room and cries thinking about what she just said to Ritika. She cries thinking about Ranveer’s words and her moment with him. She clutches her necklace, and asks God forgiveness for lying this much. She only wants Ranveer to live happily with Ritika, Ranveer is her weakness and she doesn’t want to fell weak this time. She thinks about talking to Shekhar.
Ishaani runs downstairs, Mr. Mehra was busy in deciding a good date for marriage. Ishaani looks for Shekhar, she comes to Manas who was playing with his baby. She keeps hand on baby’s head, Manas says congrats to her. She sits with him and asks how is he? Manas says he is busy but good. Ishaani says she asked Shekhar to help look for Disha. Manas says she doesn’t want to live with him, they can’t force her.
Mr. Mehra calls Ishaani to him, he asks Pandit ji to suggest a date for Shekhar’s wedding as well. Pandit ji says there are two weddings shown in their house on the same date, the date is so good that Ishaani and Shekhar should also get married on the same date.

PRECAP: RV proposes Ritika saying he wants a grand wedding with her on the same day when Dewarsh and Krisha and Ishaani and Shekhar are marrying. Ishaani’s eyes were filled with tears and she smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yesterday episode someone said if u r Nirupa Roy then I have to become parikshit Sahani but it’s mistake ….not parikshit Sahani but bulraj sahani he was with Nirupa Roy.and p.sahani is b.sahanis son.

  2. waiting for ishveer unite

  3. Whats taking them too long to solv past mystryz..iritating ritika..are nt they thinking to hide ritikas true face n n stay with on she is too bad that she killd hr own dad bcz she knew it that if he is alive then she cant entr rv’r house,room and life so she killd him..

    1. it was just her way to gain sympathy for herself so c can enter into rv’s life……stupid amba helped her by pushing rv to her….

  4. Unknown when did she kill her own father how can a daughter kill her father? He died of heart attack right?

  5. chiraags murderer is also rithka

  6. Ashiana Hassan

    please change the get up of ishhaani….make her a bit mordern!

    1. none will listen to you….. i have already said that many times but i guess that they are trying to show sorrow by her clothes too……anyways, in the next ceremony, she will look gud with her pink sari….u will lyk that i guess…

  7. nithin is quitting the show

  8. Nitin is quitting the show?this news are true? If it is true then it’s very bad .falguni didn’t get good role so she quitted and now same with Nitin also?

  9. why they are showing Ranveer Ishani shikhar dumb?atleast shikhar can find out the truth of Ishani being a smart and successful lawyer?and why Ranveer doesn’t think that if Ishani is out of jail and innocent then who killed Chirag.and who killed Falguni?

  10. feeling irritated

    dear producer.. have you planned to run this show for 10 years?!
    and wow! hats off to you writer for this forever twists and dragging series which i guess it will remain mysteries till the final end of this lousy love drama story of yours!

  11. Atleast RV must be knowing the real father of ritika’s child, if he s really concernd, y dont he find n convince him to marry her? more than ritika its RV’s fault who gave her al promises to protect her, now he is wel trapped in his own net cant able to get his love who s alive rite in front of him, failing in trying to maintain his stand. And if Indian judicial system is so stringent in giving death penalty to one lik Ishaani’s whose involvmen is not strongly proved, Indian population wud be half by now

    1. Ha..ha…correct

  12. Sometimes I feel like stealing the story and scripts from the makers of the serial. If at all they have any. Probably they just make story as the episode nears.

    This is why there are so many loose ends and lost story tracks.
    Instead of a set story they just want TRP and making shitty story and dragging and delaying the real thing that all fans and audience yearn to see.

    Sadistic writers getting pleasure in torturing curious audience.

  13. Yaar bakwas I hate ranveer because he does not put any effect to find out whether ishani is correct or not and at the same time ishani also not finding the truth of falguni maa death. Guys are you know in upcoming episode ishani dance with shikar and ranveer saws this and feel jealous

    1. Agreed u have a point

  14. new spoiler
    Ritika confronts Ranvir for lying to her about Ishani. She gets
    angry on him and scolds him. She says he always breaks his
    promise. She says she will leave him and packs her bag. She
    asks him to respect her at home and even outside in public
    too. Ranvir promises him that he will not meet Ishani and
    Shikhar from today. Ritika asks him to promise that he will
    apologize to Ishani for creating the issue infront of her family.
    Ranvir does not have any option and agrees to her. Ranvir is
    not able to forget Ishani and does not know whether he will
    be able to keep his promise to Ritika.

    1. a total puppet rv!!! go follow your master’s order: great ritika with her large tummy…lol!!
      this ritika is getting increased control over rv now and he also does not have strength to speak for his love…u r ryt rudra, rv himself has created the spider web in which he himself is trapped…. he cant do anything now….shikhar, come on yaar show ur lawyers talent and put some brain in these stupids…..sirf tu hi kuch kar sakta h, inn ke bharose pe kuch rahega to ye log sirf f8 karenge…kabhi kuch nhi pata karenge, idiots……

      1. You are correct just a puppet for that Ritika , see he wants to be some ones servant .
        Ish called him right

  15. I think rithika killed Chirag. friends,do u remember when her marriage broke during sangeeth ceremony her father and rithika was shell shocked.after all rithika was late when she reached house.I saw a pic that rithka met chirag before his death with the same dress she wore during sangeeth.

    1. even i was thinking the same yaar.i think chirag is responsible for rithikas pregnancy

    2. it is true chirag is the father of ritika’s baby… it happened during one of the bachelors n8 they attended–u can check the video…..and yes u r ryt ritika killed chirag by pushing him there in that panvel highway…

  16. I have a thought may be Rishi is father of her child . Those two together pushed Chirag . They wanted RV to get caught for the murder . Ishani spoiled the plan now once Ritika become wife they can play some thing out and get all the property of revenge what ever it is !!!
    Or Ritika and Chirag playing a drama or some thing like that .

  17. Hey ppl I missed many episodes then again resumed please tell me why is everyone hating rithika??

  18. Whats the mystery behind rithika??? Why didn’t ishaani go to RV house ?

  19. yo rv when u realize ishani’s love and sacrifce ………..

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