Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Chirag calls and ishaani picks up excitedly, and he starts romanticising and flirting with her. He says that he now knows every small little thing about her. she shyly smiles and says that she doesnt know much about him. He invites her for a date today. She says that she has a fast today, for a nice groom. He talks about the party that he has planned. She agrees to come and asks if there is any special dress code. He says that he doesnt and compliments her beauty. ranvir comes and finds her happily chatting, and then is doubtful whether ishaani would be able to permanently be happy with him. He is doubtful of whats happening, and what to think and believe. he slips on the corridor, and then thinks that since harshad believes he is nice, and maybe his fear of losing ishaani is making him think otheriwse about chirag. he starts questioning himself.

Just then some people come in, and ranvir seats them. Baa and the ladies begin with the fast, and starts discussing about it. falguni comes in talking about her breakfast, but ishaani says that she too has kept fast for Chirag. Hearing mother and daughter chat, baa is irritated and starts taunting her. falguni gives a nice retort back. When disha passes by, baa asks her to do this too. disha is about to say no, when she eyes ranvir and asks if she would get the suitable groom with this, and says that she cant keep it, as she is busy with ishaani’s engagement preparations. Baa and disha tell ranvir that she too would help him with the preparations. Disha is happy, baa doesnt see the true cause, while she thinks that its its good that ranvir would be busy in this, and not get time to find about chirag’s bankruptcy.

Ruchika comes in and disha is upset to know that she too has taken the fast rituals. Baa smiles hearing this and smirks about it. disha is angered, but then takes her friend upstairs. ishaani hesitatingly asks disha for a western dress. Ishaani shyly smiles, while disha agrees to lend her a dress. They both go to disha’s room. prateik is shocked to see ruchika, the love of his life, as he collides into her, on his way to eat something. devarsh comes to taunt ruchika by talking about food. Prateik leaves to get something to drink for ruchika. Devarsh’s father sees her with devarsh and is shocked. devarsh sets him up, by leaving him alone with ruchika, and then sending cheatli to spy on him. chetali misunderstands and storms out of the room, he smiles as his father runs after chetali.

Meanwhile, ranvir comes inside, and is shocked to see ishaani in a western dress. When she asks how she looks, he teases her, while she gets furious at him. She tells him about chirag’s party, and disha’s borrowed dress. she asks him what should she wear now. he says that he was just joking, and that she actually is looking good. She starts saying that she cant wear indian clothes to a party like this. Ranvir asks if her parents gave permission for this. She says that chirag promised that he would take permission from them. Ranvir wonders whats chirag upto, with calling innocent ishaani to the party, without even being engaged. The servant comes in asking ranvir to go to baa. ishaani asks him to go, saying that she wont need anything from him today, as chirag is with her. ranvir is hurt. He leaves.

Baa asks ranvir to go with disha, right now, to get chirag’s measurement and ring size. Disha smiles evilly. ranvir is tensed, seeing that baa is so happy and excited for ishaani’s marriage, the girl that she hates, and her eagerness for the marriage. She instructs disha, after ranvir leaves, to keep an eye on him, as he has a tendency to poke his nose in others’ affairs. disha complies and leaves. baa smiles.

Scene 2:
location: Chirag’s residence
Chirag’s servant opens the door to welcome ishaani inside. She looks around, but doesnt find anyone. chirag comes from the stairs, and compliments her beauty, while she is embarassed. He starts corny flirting with her, while she smiles. He asks her to come along to his room, while she says that she’s fine here. she starts searching around. Chirag asks whats she searching for and tells ishaani that there’s noone in the house, and that its just him and her. ishanni gets nervous and awkwardly faces him. The screen freezes on her shy face.

Precap: Chirag starts taking off his shirt, to reveal his bare torso, whil.e ishaani looks away in embarassment and shyness. Later, Ranvir overhears the servants in chirag’s house, talking about chirag’s playboy nature, as to how he keeps changing giurls like clothes, with the current flavour being ishaani. ranvir is shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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