Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer tries to stop a passing by car but it doesn’t. Another car stops by, the man recognized him as injured. He asks him to go to Mumbai, the man helps Ranveer get in the car.
Amba and Kailash pleads, Lakshmi asks the inspector would they ruin their respect by beating their daughter in law. They plead the FIR is fake, they have done nothing. Parul was worried, and watches this all. Amba says they are respectable people and asks the inspector to call their daughter in law Ishaani.
Ishaani lie faint, her phone was also lying nearby. Baa comes saying they were afraid Ishaani would give evidence against them and must have sent Ishaani somewhere. She asks inspector if they will do justice with them. The inspector asks his men to take them to lock up. Parul tries Ranveer’s number.
In the car, Ranveer thinks about calling Ishaani. He asks the driving man for his phone, keeps on calling Ishaani but her phone was unreachable. He thinks she was talking to him just now, in the morning.
Ishaani wakes up, comes to consciousness and stands up immediately.
Ranveer keeps on trying the house number. He thinks about calling Parul, it was busy. Ishaani comes to the road, Ranveer was no more there.
Amba resists as the inspectors take Kailash and Amba in lock up. The inspector beats Kailash, while the female inspector beats Amba.
Mr. Javeri impatiently waits for Ritika. The servant asks him to take water, he denies. Mr. Javeri had pain in his left arm. Ritika comes home, Mr. Javeri calls her and stands up but he gets unstable. Ritika comes to him. He asks where she went, he was worried about her. She can share her problems with him. She holds his hand and says I am sorry, I went out because I was feeling very low. I wanted to stay alone, and think why this happens to me. Firstly Ranveer and then Sharman. It was such an insult. She says he had to be so emabarassed because of her, she couldn’t give him this happiness. Mr. Javeri cries, feeling pain in his chest. He faints behind her. She gets worried and calls Kaka. She shouts at them to call doctor, then asks them to get him up to take him to hospital.
Ishaani comes near the car, calling Ranveer. She looks everywhere.She watches a body lying down, and moves to it crying. When she turns the man, it comes out to be Chiraag. She checks that he wasn’t breathing.
Ritika watches Mr. Javeri in ICU, the doctor says she is shocked, he isn’t responding to anything. She cries, the doctor says she must take care of her. He is his friend, he will take care of him. He tells Ritika to go home and get fresh. She cries, praying God to save her papa.
Ishaani recalls that Ranveer and Chiraag fought badly. She comes to police station behind Ranveer. Ranveer is shocked and asks Ishaani where she was, and what get up she has achieved. Ishaani was quiet, then looks at Ranveer. She says she wants to accept her crime, she killed someone. Ranveer is shocked, and asks her to go home. She holds back his hand, looks at him tear eyed and then the inspector. She goes to him, Ranveer comes behind her. She says she killed Chiraag Mehta. Ranveer tells the inspector she doesn’t know what she is saying. He asks Ishaani to come home right away. She jerks his hand, says to inspector he must write her statement and arrest her. The inspector says they have to see the body first and the crime scene. The inspector brings watch and coat piece with him, and says there was a body found. Ranveer says this watch and cloth piece is his. The inspector says this means he was present there, and tells Ishaani this shows her husband is the culprit. He takes the handcuff and tells RV is under arrest. Ishaani says no. She was thinking about this all, comes to a realization and cries that it can’t happen.

PRECAP: Falguni gives Ranveer the recording where Baa had accept that she did the complaint to get revenge from his parents. She plays it in front of the inspector.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plz update fast

  2. Oh shit!!!!……ishani is going to jail…..
    i just hope rv doesnot marry rithika even after knowing her condition nd use his brains nd do DNA test…..instited of predicting….

    Sharman is so stupid that he doesnt belive rithika even after she cried a lot…..i
    m felling sad fr rithika…she is under so much of pressure…..
    nd baa is so mean that bulshit lady….i just hate her

    Pls dont do ishani and rv spration…i cant watch them seprate…bas 10 episode hi hue h unko sath dekhe and again sepration

    1. I know dude! RV marrying ritika, dats full crap!

  3. Thanks fr update

  4. OMG! I dont like where this serial is heading to. Its gonna be super annoying but interesting!


  6. U R RYT JAGRITI, DIS SHOW I SJUST DRAGGING n guess what rv will marry ritika as is it our ekta mms wish, she just loves getting d leads remarried, n what bout d stupid sharman if he had problem n confusion regarding ritikas pregnancy why dint he do an amniocentesis n match d dna reports, how studid is dis show, i hve left following it, just vote in d poll zone against dis, i dont want dem separated 🙁

  7. Omg!! It must b ritika who killed chirag…she had gone out fr somtime..either chirag is alive or if dead..then its ritika…she is playing negative to get ranvir..plz ranvir do not marry her..

  8. But is chirag really dead?I think it’s one of his tricks to ruin Ranveer and they also fell for it,at least they should be smart a little.

  9. guys just vote against dis in d poll zone, plzzzzzz

  10. Guys watch kyy instead of this…..
    i can bet u all that u all will love kyy
    its awsm….i cant have words for it…

    1. Ya awsm shw…bt m watching on satrdy o lse sundy repeat telecast…bcz itz actual timing 6:30 na…

      1. Is thr repeat telecast on 10pm o wt..?

      2. ya on 10 pm

    2. i too watch kyy, n warrior high is also a gud project. watch how all warriors emerge frm warrior high, n moreovr its d costliest tv programme dat airs.

  11. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se HiIshani and Ranveer’s lovestory was never so easy, always filled with a lot of hatred and difficulties. Noweven if they both want to be together and live happily,the destiny is playing its own game and drifting the two lovers far apart from each other. Ishani will sacrifice for her love, and take blame of Chirag’s murder. She is unknown that her sacrifice is going to get wasted as Ranveer didn’t kill Chirag but it was Ritika. Its not confirmed but Ranveer may think Ishani actually killed Chirag,and he will try to save her by putting the blame on himself but his attempts will fail. Ishani will be jailed, and Ranveer will marry Ritika as he will get trapped in her ‘bechari’ and innocent act of being dumped by Sharman on her wedding occasion.The show will take a short leap, after which Ishani will come out of jail and will face the biggest shock of her life. It is also expected that later in the show it will be revealed that Ritika was the mastermind behind all the problem happening in Ranveer and Ishani’s life, and apparently she realized her mistake of letting go Ranveer to Ishani on her wedding day hence she decided to get him back in her life. It will only be revealed after the leap was it Ritika who was playing evil games and wanted Ranveer&Ishani separated.

    Ritika s d biggest evil f MATSH 🙂

    1. I think that girish,shenela’s brother,was responsible for chirag’s murder..may not be ritika

  12. dis cud hve been revealed without separating dem too. whats d logic in dis show no charm is left, thanks shaaz but it has lost d earlier craze. 🙁

    1. Ya u ryt kenny..script writer made it as bakwas story…anything can bear bt RV n Ritika’s marg unacceptable 🙁 so I won’t watch it anymore 🙁

      1. ya dude just so so annoying i m so pissed off wid d show ryt now. 🙁

  13. It s nt a twist.. just a foolish experiment wid d show..

  14. Seriously some time it is hilarious ! Don’t husband & wife on top of that best friends talk to each other!!!! why must Ishani run alone looking for RV? She should have inform police or taken some one with her.
    If one person complain how can police start beating immediately . Even Amba needs some any way! To watch any Indian serial first must throw my common sense out of my head. I have nothing to say I am stunned . See how much they can twist I will just see how the story goes that is all.

  15. In coming episodes of Meri Aashiqui
    Tumse Hi,the show will under go
    drastic change where everything will
    turn up and down in Ranveer and
    Ishaani’s life.After Ishaani sees Chirag dead she thinks Ranvi has killed him and to save him she decides to take blame on her and leaves proofs to prove she is the murderer.
    Otherside RV goes to complaint on
    Chirag to police where Ishaani reaches and confesses that she killed him,shocked to hear that RV thinks Ishaani killed Chirag,but when the police find proofs indicating RV,Ishaani thinks she has to save RV and acts complete Negative, blaming RV and his family.
    RV further learns of his parents
    arrested on Domestic violence case &
    will be shocked but Ishaani will play
    hard as she tells Amba and his
    husband treated her badly and were
    harassing her making everyone
    shocked,Falguni who reaches there will question Ishaani to reveal the truth
    when She tells that she loved Chirag
    and that is the reason she never
    confessed to RV the three magical
    words ‘I Love You’ and she don’t want to be with RV.
    She further adds that She had a fight with Chirag by which She pushed him accidently which led his death.
    RV will be confused and refuses to believe what Ishaani said but seeing her blaming his parents for no reason RV will be upset.
    We hear after Ishaani landing in Jail
    things will change in their lives with 6 months leaps in the show where Ritika will be staying with Ranveer and RV to save her reputation will marry her,but they remain as good friends.
    Will RV believe Ishaani being behind
    murder of Chirag ? Or Did Ritika Kill
    Chirag ?

  16. Ishani is not superhero , not even trained in martial arts . What crap yaar . Another serial to disappoint

  17. They are killing us !!!!!! Actually Amba ill treated Ishani many times. Remember she pulled her through the steps,all those dramas where RV kept quiet like a mouse . Domestic violence is more hurtful when it is verbal . She insulted her daughter in law at every given opportunity so why must RV get upset? His mother is as evil as Baa. If this fellow really loves Ishani as story says he will understand her.
    Ishani must go ahead actually she deserves a family better than RVs I want her to be respected let them introduce another gentleman .see they can drag the story for years and generations . Take a leap every six months and it will be our first futuristic serial .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. why Rithika called him kaka? what is the relationship Rithika and Javeri? Again another doubt? Wat bakwass? I am feeling very regret to watch this show?

  19. Total Bakwass going day by day why amba and kailash… beatean baa must be beaten or arrested for this fake report FIR …plz make the show on track…plz

  20. Guys i suggest u all to watch kyy….. There script writer r so awsm tht they take d show in vry awsm manner..i had not watch so awsm show ever…twist in evry epi….but tht to sensible…..nd no wakvass…my favroite show ever…..writer has made the show just superb….salute to d writers of kyy

    In this they know just one thing that is sepration nd nthng else….

  21. Don’t drag much .we are big fan of meri ashqui tum si.hope give us the best entertainment

  22. may be ritika killed chirag just to save her self…..

  23. Why this writers dddddrrrrrraaaaaggggiiiinnnnnggggg this serial like this…… Now another new drama started.. Wat the hell…

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