Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chiraag shouts behind RV and celebrates that he himself have fallen. RV takes the support of a tree to climb up. He creeps to the road after much struggle. He shouts the name of Chiraag who turns to see him struggling to road. Ranveer stands up. Chiraag says he will be killed by my hands, Ranveer says he will not be able to save himself now. They wrestle with each other. Ishaani climbs the way up to the road. She watches Ranveer and Chiraag fighting.
Baa complains to the police that he must write a complaint against Amba Vaghela and Kailash Vaghela. The police ask if they are RV’s parents. Baa says they are taking revenge from her granddaughter, she says they used to be our servants. RV took over her son’s house, all the property and now married her granddaughter.
She cries in front of inspector and says they will kill her granddaughter. They tell others that they keep her as daughter. She says they beat her in closed room. She wants to tell people that they have left humanity in lust of money. She hangs the inspector a handkerchief stained with Ishaani’s blood. She says Ishaani herself is really scared, but she as a grandmother asks him to write an FIR. She poses to be crying. The inspector asks Baa to have a seat, he will write the FIR. On the chair, Baa thinks Amba got her Sharman’s marriage break now she will take revenge from him.
Chiraag and Ranveer goes to the edge on the road, wrestling. Chiraag beats Ranveer hard. Ishaani calls Ranveer’s name and slips herself. Ranveer gets up and beats Chiraag enraged.

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Falguni was worried about where Ishaani and Ranveer have gone, and why their mobiles aren’t responding as well.
Mala tells Amba that police is here. Amba asks what these people have done now. She says it is good anyway that one of them go to jail. Mr. Javeri must have filed a complaint and Ritika will get her justice. She asks them to call Sharman out; the police have come to take him along. She asks them all to dance now. The police come inside and questions where is Ishaani. Amba says she doesn’t know, she was here. Kailaash asks the inspector why are they looking for her. The inspector asks where is Ishaani. Amba asks her family would know. The inspector asks if they are parents in law of Ishaani, arrest them. The inspector says they are accused of domestic violence against Ishaani. Baa comes there, Amba was saying she doesn’t accept Ishaani as daughter in law. Baa says they torture Ishaani, because Ranveer wants to get divorce from her. Baa begins to cry and says Ishaani is badly tortured and scared. Everyone was silent. Baa says Ishaani wants to suicide, she watches this Amba beating her. Amba denies beating her, and says she has only made her son cry. Ishaani herself wants a divorce. Amba asks inspector that this Baa must be beaten badly. Baa says when she wants to beat her, they must think what she can do with Ishaani.
She asks the inspector to ask these people where they have sent Ishaani. The police take Kailash and Amba. Parul tries Ranveer’s number, but it doesn’t respond. Falguni comes there, Baa takes her inside. Falguni scolds that she must have asked her. Falguni asks what if Ishaani denies. Baa says she will tell police Amba has deterred Ishaani to take her life. Baa says she has filed the complaint.
Ranveer watches Chiraag fell down, Chiraag stands up and says he had told him he is the tenth house of his birth chart; he can’t get rid of him. He says he will come to take revenge from him. Ranveer says a dog’s tail never straightens up, he won’t do anything to him. Chiraag will get what is written in fate, he now needs to wait that God do justice to him. He turns to leave. Ishaani was lying faint there, nearby. Ranveer gets into his car and gets in. It didn’t start up, he comes out and looks around.

PRECAP: Ishaani reaches a man and turns him around. It was Chiraag, dead.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. heart healer karan

    what the hell yar this has crossed all the limits of stupidity

    1. 2day i’m quiting dis show…but there i no fault of dis show actually 4 a reason i won’t b able 2 continue dis show…if i could i would have never quit da show…so much of love from me 2 MATSH..maybe dis twist will bring Ishveer more close 2 each other..a few last words 2 MATSH “Shakti,Radhika,Smriti,Ravjeet all of u r vry hardworking…keep it up..nd drink 7up..a sorrowful bye 2 all of u” BYE 🙁

  2. Aarnav Sharma

    show is going to take a 6 months leap. With
    Sharman declining to accept Ritika’s
    pregnancy and child, Ranveer steps in. He
    decides to marry her as she was badly hurt by
    Sharman’s rejection and this leads to Ishani
    and RV’s seperation. How these developments
    shape up, and what will be Ishani and RV
    going to experience and feel after this
    marriage sequence ?

    1. this serial is getting irritated nowdays .pls rejoin rv &ishanni

  3. i think ritika mare gi chiragh ko.

  4. R u sure dat RV and ritika will marry?

  5. Itz juz a fake murder plan by Ritika n Chirag….aftrtat ishani takes al d blame ll go jail…thn RV ll marry Ritika to honour her child…aftr marg Ritika n Chirag’s truth ll b revealed in front f audience…..n thn in front f RV within 3-4 months 🙂 aftr 5-6 months leap once Ishveer gonna reunite…♥♥

  6. So m gonna watch aftr leap bcz itz boring…moving on to Tere Sheher Mein…nyc show…in tat Heeba nawab’s juz awsm ♥♥♥

  7. Watch kaisi yeh yaariaan……’s coming awsm….
    Maths track is becoming stupid……..
    I just want to kill d writer of dis story and ekta kapoor also

    1. u r r8 jagriti i also wtch “KYY” MATSH is doing waste of time…nd i don’t want 2 waste my a long bye 2 MATSH maybe a last bye 4evr…wtevr…

  8. Silly drama going…. totallly illogicaal

  9. six month leep ka idea kis chawal ka hy

  10. Guys u need to watch sadda haq it’s really innovative and a out of box type serial

  11. this serial reached to peak level stupidity…aftr i saw telly updates…i felt i dnt vant to watch dis serial….stupid writter….who ever da grl rejected by deir grooms due to the pre marital pregnancy…..this RV mahan ll go n get marry….vat abt his own wife???this RV charcter gone utter flop….no meaning fr dis title if he get marries to ritika….dan change the title as ”meri aashiqui hum se hi”….it suits….all having two relationships…dis writter likes number 2 i think…

    1. Yes I also agree with u sree

    2. I agree with you sree

  12. dis stupid ritika got pregnancy by one….tried to get marry vit another….n finally going to marry some other…wow…wow…grt….n ulluki tarah…RV….sharman s better dan him….aftr leap who wants….once stupidity happens means….dats it…vat s correctn aftr 6mnths leap???n fr da sake of RV….ishaani ll go to jail…n he s doing social service….for the sake of friendship…a married person ll get marry vit other grl…dis totally radiculous….im nt going to watch this serial

  13. kaisi yeh yaariyaan s litl bit lik a korean serial ”boys before flowers”…bt dis serial s nice…[email protected]

  14. Very boring story line

  15. It is insane and total madness now , just to separate the lovers they are crossing all the limit . Thinking of watching Dream girl now

  16. But why will ranveer leave ishaani n marry ritika
    n why will ishani let this happen

  17. But one thing is good here that chiraag is dead because afterwards ofcourse ishra will meet wothout amy villan as ot happens in all the serials

    1. Itz juz a fake murder plan by Ritika n Chirag 🙂

  18. chirag vl not die it is a pln of ritika & chirag

  19. That Amba deserves it guys. That woman irritates me to hell, can’t she see her sons plight because of her stupidity. I will continue to watch it for the sake Shakti & Radhika . They are doing a wonderful job.may be RV has a master plan. He always says you must keep your enemies near you. May be he has a doubt . He was always like that secretive, so wait and watch.I can’t watch any other serials nothing is interesting most of the time acting is really terrible. Most TV actors only look good meri aashiqui is an exception . It is no 1 rated in UK too. this is my first serial which I really got attached . Villain is alive I think ,it must a plan to break RV mentally . So I dont want to see CVs just want to enjoy the I cooled down let time take its course.

  20. pls guys dn’t make rithika bad carecter

  21. If rv married ritika no one see this serial

    1. Shaaz ….does d sequence gonna go like u r tellin

      1. Yeah…Chirag n Ritika both r negative role 🙂 Chirag won’t die….itz juz a plan…truth ll reveal aftr RV n Ritika’s marg…

  22. I guess they have mistakenly named it, “Meri aashiqui tumse hi…”…It should be,”Kasauti Zindagi ki-Ek baar Phir”….

  23. Another twists….ishaani breaks ranveer heart..c the fan page of meri aashiqui tum se hi in facebook..

  24. This is getting soooo confusing….what will happen to ranveer and ishani????? xx

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