MERE SOHNEYA (a story of KARAN nd RUHI) Part 8

The episode starts with aliya ND Aditi coming to their room.

Aditi: aalu.. how do u know Karan? Ruhi had never made u meet him na? ND vasie y did u went to meet him ?

Aliya: I couldn’t see ruhi in a very bad mood always. She always looks upset.. I just want her back. So thought of making these both unite.

Aditi: but what I think is.. its their matter.. so they need to solve by themselves.. we shldnt involve much. I won’t look good. So better stay away.

Aliya: arey im her frnd.. ND I know what to do.

She goes from there.

Aditi: don’t know y is she reacting this much.

Meanwhile.. Karan nd ruhi are still hugging.

Karan: ruhi.. just say me on thing..

Ruhi: hmm..

Karan: what if we say Abt our relation to ur ishima nd papa.

Ruhi: wow Karan.. I’ve never thought of it. Ishima nd papa will become mad hearing this na.. they will immediately marry us.

Karan: stop overacting.

Ruhi: then what’s that u said? If u say to them.. they will agree.. but there’s a problem.

Karan: what?

Ruhi: papa is against love marriage.. ND u know y. So it takes tym to convince him.. ND now we have other mission.. let’s complete that first.. then we can convince papa.

Karan: hm.. vaise u know.. mom asked Abt u. Will u talk to her?

Ruhi: yeah sure.

Karan calls sudha.

Karan: mom.. how r u?

Sudha: im good beta.. where r u? Did u eat anything?

Karan: no mom..this ruhi isn’t making any food.

Ruhi slaps him. He laughs

Ruhi: no aunty.. he ate with aliya..ND saying that he didn’t eat anything.

Sudha smiles: ohh ruhi beta.. u r with him..!!?? happy that u r there with him.

Ruhi: how r u aunty?? I missed talking to u.

Sudha: even I missed u beta.. but not more than Karan.. he misses u everyday. He won’t come to home at all.. always keeps on playing in the ground.

Ruhi: acha.. Karan.. is the way to behave ?

Karan: oh hello what’s going on? Mom u r complaining to her?

Sudha laughs.

Ruhi: don’t u dare say aunty anything.. aunty u don’t worry. Frm now he’ll be staying here na.. Joining his clg again.. i’ll manage everything.

Sudha: ok.

Karan: acha.. u’ll take care of me?? U don’t even talk to me na. U have a very big mission.

Ruhi: I said I’ll manage.

Sudha: ok ruhi beta.. im having a call from the hospital.. I need to leave bye.

Ruhi: bye aunty.. love you.

Sudha: love u too beta. Bye.

Karan: even im here.

Sudha laughs: I know.. ND I love u too. Bye im getting late.

They end the call.

Ruhi: I love u 3!!!

Karan: I don’t want this type of I love u. I want a physical one.

Ruhi: what? Physical one?

Karan: yeah. Physical one.. don’t u know?

Ruhi: No.

Karan: okay wait I’ll show u.

He kissed her cheek .

Karan: this is physical I love u.

Ruhi smiles: oh really??!!

Karan: haa.. now its ur turn.

Ruhi kissed his cheek: I love you!!!

They hug again.

Ruhi: ok now im getting late.. I’ll leave now.

Karan: wait na . U can leave after n hour

Ruhi: shld I buy k my class..? No way.

Karan: ha.. I’ll go study ND become n IAS officer right.

Ruhi: no yaar.. they will have a doubt.

Karan: Okay.. get out.

Ruhi: I know u r angry.. but..

Karan: okay don’t explain me.. just go

Ruhi: bye.

Karan nods his head. Ruhi leaves.

Karan then closes the door.. nd sleeps.

Aditi: don’t know where’s ruhi.. alu once call her na.

Aliya calls her: no reachable yaar.

Aditi: call Karan then.

Aliya: he isn’t answering the call.

Aditi: God know what happened.. I feel something strange.

Aliya: arey.. I know ruhi is with Karan.. its ok.

Aditi: hope so.

After 3 hrs..


Karan looks at his mobile ND finds 15 missed calls.

Karan: oh God.. 10 missed calls from ruihi ND 5 from Aliya??What happened to them??

Karan rushes to their college.



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  1. Jasminerahul

    kahi sudha phone scene was cute.kahi kiss n I love you was romantic. I hope the precap is nothing serious

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