MERE SOHNEYA (a story of KARAN nd RUHI) Part 2

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the episode starts with a girl looking at the sky… she loves njoying  the breeze near the window.. he face is shown under the moonlight. she looks serious.. nd thats RUHI.

aaliya: arey ruhi.. what r doing there? (she stepped frm her bed nd came near ruhi.) what happened?

ruhi: nothing aaliya. i was just looking..

aaliya: i know what r u thinking about.. if u really feel for him.. why can’t u call him yaar?

ruhi: how can i aaliya? he..

aaliya: yeah i can understand.. but u jst sleep.. don’t think anything.

ruhi: okay… goodnight.

ruhi sleeps. aaliya keeps on thinking.

meanwhile karan looks at his phone.. he dials her number nd clears it again throwing his phone on bed. jst then he gets a call.. he immediately picks it.

karan: hello.. ruhi.. how r u?

aaliya: ah.. hi karan?! it’s me aaliya.

karan: aaliya?

aaliya: yeah.. ruhi is sleeping. i jst called to talk to u abt something.

karan: aaliya. how’s ruhi? she isn’t happy na.

aaliya: i wanted to talk to u abt this.. can we meet tomorrow?

karan: yeah sure.. but where?

aaliya: the place where u guys used to meet?

karan smiles: ok.. i’ll be there at mumbai tomorrow..

aaliya: ok then.. bye. nd dont say this to ruhi okay.

karan: okay.

they end the call.

karan smiles nd lies on the bed nd started narrating his story.

karan: u know RUHI.. i’ve never met a girl like her.. such n adorable, calm, sweet nd chubby girl. when she came into my life, i dont know that she’s gonna be my future.  do u know how we met? well, i think its’s january 30 2016.. i ve been checking my instagram feed.. then i ve found a profile in which my eyes were stuck.. nd that’s RUHI BHALLA.  though it’s a private account.. that profile pic of hers was so beautiful. i waited if she could accept my request… nd that eveng she accepted my follow request. i felt happy nd messaged her… well u know how girls be.. if a boy sends a request they accept.. but dont doesn’t follow us back.. even my msg was reached.. but she didnt allow my msg request. nd the day passed. nd one fine day i think.. its febraury 1 2016… she messaged me, around 11 pm..

ruhi: heyy is ur birthday febraury 28th???

i felt happy seeing her msg.

karan: yeah… my birthday is on feb 28th.. 

ruhi: really?! that’s great.. nd u know my birthday is on feb 27th !!!

karan: i know.. actually i ve seen that nd that made me keep n intrst on u. (wink emoji) 

ruhi: (smiling emoji) ohhoo then u r younger than me? 

karan: actually not… i’m 364 days elder than u. ( they both smile)

ruhi: arey wah.. u r such a big boy…!! by the way where r u from?

karan: well i’m frm pune… but now.. i ve been to mumbai for my graduation in engineering. what about u?

ruhi: hoo cool. nd i’m from delhi… nd as u said i ve also been to mumbai for my graduation.

karan: days passed, we exchanged our numbers nd we came to know abt our lives.. lifestyles.. our family… our friends.. our day to day routine.. our habits nd all. i feel like i had a crush on her… jst a crush. on that’s feb 26th. the nxt days is her birthday… we were chatting casually… nd all od a sudden i proposed her a kiss !!!!

ruhi: what?!! a kiss? r u joking? why should i give u a kiss?

karan: i’m sry ruhi.. i just lost my control nd asked u. i’m sry.

karan: i left frm there… i thought of wishing her first on her birthday…but they was a party at my friends house… that night i was drunk. i msged her.

karan: heyy ruhi!!

ruhi: hi.. what r u doing till now?

karan: actually i was at a party in my frnd’s home till now… jst came to my room.

ruhi: ohh that’s good.

karan: ruhi.. i wanted to wish u first on ur birthday this year… so will u call me at 11:55?

ruhi: acha… i shld call u nd ask u to wish me ? (laughs)

karan: yaar actually i was drunk nd my eyes r lagging so much… so if u call me at that tym i could wish u?!

ruhi: u drink??

karan: yeah.. occasionally!! 

ruhi: so what was the occasion now?

karan: aveer’s party.. jst a weekend party.

ruhi: oh really.. is it n occasion?

karan: (laughs) arey yaar… plz na stop these questions.. wake me up at 11:55.

ruhi: okay fyn.

karan: nd u know what happened? she called me at 11:55.. but i didnt wake up… she tried 3 tyms but i’m a very sleepy guy.. if i sleep.. i’ll not wake up for atleast 5 hrs. nd i wasn’t able to wish her first.


ruhi: u know those guys who were love failures were so pure-hearted. 

karan: so u do have a good opinion on them?

ruhi: maybe… it’s not applicable for everyone… only for some.

karan: ruhi.. i was in a relation with a girl in my past.

ruhi gets shocked.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    karhi met conversation was very sweet.karan asked her for a kiss.naughty.conversation about calling him n reminding him to wish her as he is drunk was funny.sad that still karan didn’t wake up n couldn’t wish her first

    1. Lasya Priya K

      yeah.. that was a kind of funny convo… stay stuned for further updates.. it’s gonna be more intresting.

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