Mere Sang Toh Chal Zara(Shivika FF) by Archiya (PART 3)

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Anika home
A hand is laid on anika hand, anika looks up an hugs the lady an starts crying bitterly.

Anika : Why ma, why the same things are happening again, I have faced it once but I don’t have the strength to face it again.

Lady: shhh.. calm down now, she pacifies anika, and slowly anika calms down

After a few days
Oberoi mansion
The obros are together in Shivay room

Rudra: bhaiya,, come lets go an search Bhabhi

Shivay: Rudy, she has just disappeared, I don’t know where to search for her. Her phone is also off

Om: Shivay, someone might be knowing. Lets check the company record of employees

Shivay : you think I must not have done that, I have tried everything. Getting just an dead end.I think its time to call Khanna

The next day
Shivay enters a huge big bungalow. an wonders does anika stay here,its so big then why did she have to do a job.

He sees that everything around the bungalow was just scattered, weeds were present in the garden an unwanted creepers were growing around the bungalow, he thought that it must have been a beautiful garden before.It seemed like an haunted house.

He knocks on the door

A well dressed lady open the door

Lady : Yes? Whom do u want

Shivay: I am Shivay singh Oberoi, I came to know that anika stays here.. does she?

Lady : Come in Shivay.. I was kind of waiting for you.An yes anika stays here

Shivay gets surprised listening to this.. waiting for him.. for what.

Shivay : I will ask you this directly, I love your daughter and I want to marry her.

Lady looks at Shivay and smiles.

Same day night
Anika room.. it was completely dark

Lady: till when are you going to keep this darkness in your room and your life

Anika (sadly) : How can you do this Ma, you fixed my alliance with shivay, you know what has happened, I can’t trust anyone

Lady : Anika you have to forget the past and move on, give a chance to him. When I looked at him, I saw sincerity in his eyes.. he really loves you.

Anika : But ma..

Lady: no if an but.. I want you to marry Shivay and start a new life, for my sake.

The next day
The lady an Anika come to OM
The whole Oberoi family comes and welcomes them.

Shivay was in a complete trance looking at anika, he was so mesmerized by her beauty.

Shivay : so beautiful

Rudy: Bhaiya the word is handsome, an ya i am handsome

Om : duffer Shivay is talking about anika and not about you

Rudy makes a puppy face

The roka ceremony(marriage fixing) happens, but Shivay notices that anika is not happy.

Next day
Books start falling from anika hand, and before they touch the ground someone holds them, anika looks up an sees Shivay.He makes the books straight.

Anika : what are you doing here Sir

Shivay : No Sir.. just Shivay.. came to meet my would be wife

Hearing this anika gets scared an she pulls her dupatta more firmly round her

Anika : who told you I work in this orphanage..

Shivay smiles and she understands that ma has done it

Shivay : Anika,do you know this is the place I saw you first.. an you just entered my mind an soul completely. Initially I thought it was just a crush, but then you were not leaving my thoughts even for a minute. Finally I concluded tat I was in love with you.

Anika : you don’t know anything about me an my past

Shivay : I don’t care about you past, I don’t care who you are, I just want you to be part of my life and my family

Anika : its not that easy Shivay.

Shivay comes near her, but she goes back. He understand she is uncomfortable an stops there.

Shivay: ok anika.. if telling your past to me is going to free you of any burden that I will be glad to hear

Precap : Anika reveals her past to Shivay..

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