Mere Sai 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Champa Tries To Suicide?

Mere Sai 9th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Champa’s mother’s friends meet her mother Vasudha and suggest her to ask Champa to apologize her mother-in-law for misbehaving and get back to her in-laws home. They describe whole story happened there. In Dwarkamayi, Baizaa maa brings food for Sai and scolds him for not taking care of himself. Sai asks if she had a well-cultured daughter like her and she was in trouble, what she would have done. Baizaa maa asks he is talking about whom. He says no one. Bhairav sits near mango tree and throws pebbles in water. He reminisces Sai’s words that he should take up a job which he likes and can help him achieve his dreams.

Champa’s mother Vasudha returns home and asks Champa why she did not apologize her mother-in-law/sasubai and scolds her for disobeying sasubai, insists to go

and apologize her. Champa gets adamant that she will not apologize for the mistake she did not do. Father also insists. Mother says she cannot feed her whole life. At night, Champa wakes up reminiscing his mother’s bitter words, writes a note for her parents, and walks out of house thinking to suicide. Sai notices via his superpowers and drops mud pot in Baiza maa’s house. Baiza maa wakes up hearing sound and walks out. She sees a lady walking and thinks who must be walking on road at might. She identifies woman as Champa and asks where is she going at midnight, reminisces Sai’s words and thinks Sai was signaling her about Champa, and asks Champa to walk to her house. Champa gets reluctant, but Baiza maa gets adamant and takes her home.

Bhairav returns home late at night. Kamla asks where was he whole day, she was worried for him, sees his forehead injury and asks what happened to him. He does not reply and goes to sleep.
Kamla says Champa’s parents had come and requested to forgive Champa, but she told them about her decision of Bhairav’s second marriage; even after that, Champa did not return, so she herself is not interested; if he is ready for second marriage now. Bhairav in anger says yes. Next morning, he wakes up seeing Champa’s sari and gets happy thinking she returned home, but then gets sad seeing Kamla folding sari. Kamla says she has found a girl for him from nearby village and has arranged engagement today, he should get ready and reach there soon. Bhairav thinks if aayi took is his yes last night seriously.

Champa parents get worried for her read her suicide note and cry that they should not have scolded her so much, what if she has taken an extreme step. Baizaa maa enters and says Kamla is safe in her house and confronts them why should Champa apologize for the mistake she did not do, her MIL called her theif, etc.. She continues that they should support their daughter instead and stand with her in her decisions. Champa waters mango tree describing her ordeal and losing hope in life. Sai reaches there and shares his moral gyaan. Tree glows after watering.

Precap: Bhairav asks someone if he will get cart for city from here. Sai does his magic, Bhairav’s towel flies and falls on tree. Bhairav climbs tree and sees mangoes.

Update Credit to: MA

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