Mere Sai 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shanta Convinces Jhipri For Marriage

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Mere Sai 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pavan tells Sai that all 5 friends were wrong, so Sai described their story to him and abdul. Sai says 5 friends were not wrong, Abdul and Pavan are. Shanta mixes sleeping medicine in Sumitra’s food. Jhipriya watches silently. Shanta scolds her to have food silently. Sumitra collapses after taking a bite.

Sai tells Abdul and Pavan that 1st friend took left road and reached new city; second friend took right road and went into jungle, so he spent whole night in jungle and learnt how to live alone in jungle; third person who got lost in jungle met new people who were already lost and learnt a new experience; fourth person reached a house and met its family members, he learnt a new experience with them; fifth person who took right path and reached destiny on time. This story teaches us that nothing is bad in life, they may get new experience with even bad decisions, it teaches them to fight with bad situation, so they have to be courageous and calm.

Jhipri gets worried for Supriya and shakes her to wake up. Shanta asks her to get water and sprinkles it on Sumitra. Sumitra wakes up. Jhipri asks what happened to her, let us go to Sai. Shanta stops her and says her mother is worried about her marriage and collapsed due to tension. She forces Jhipri to agree for marriage. Jhipri resists. Sumitra gives her promise, and Jhipri agrees. Shanta smirks that her plan is working.

Labor boy waits for Shanta at given spot and thinks whether she will come or not. Sai reaches there and says says one must not be too greedy. Boy asks if he is Sai. Says says yes, he must be tired and hungry and offers banana. Boy finishes banana and asks for more. Sai offers him guava and says they get what they deserve. Boy asks what he means. Sai says does not seem to be of Shirdi, where is he from. Shanta reaches and hiding signals boy to not utter anything. Boy asks why he is questioning him so much. Sai says he must have lost his way. Boy yells he knows his way, Sai should not disturb him now. Sai walks away smiling and picking banana skins.

Jhipri informs Keshav and Tatya about her alliance. Tatya says even she will leave Shirdi now. Keshav asks if she is happy with this alliance. Jhipri says even she does not want to leave Shirdi, but her aunt fixed her alliance forcefully. Sumitra reaches there and asks Jhipri to accompany her to Sai. Jhipri leaves. Keshav tells Tatya that as per his experience with Jhipri’s aunt, she does not seem to be a good woman and must be up to something.

Shanta scolds boy if he revealed everything to Sai, Sai is very cunning. Boy says Sai questioned him repeatedly, but he did not reply. Shanta asks him to write one more letter that work is done, get ready for marriage, go to her village and ask anyone about Dondi and give letter only to Dondi. Boy asks about earring ring. Shanta lies that she will give once he finishes her work, and once he leaves, she yells why would she give him anything.

Precap: Sumitra with Jhipri reaches Dwarkamayi to meet Sai and hears Sai suggesting disciples to examine boy thoroughly before fixing their daughter’s alliance.

Update Credit to: MA

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