Mere Sai 8th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Man Who Misbehaves With Him

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Mere Sai 8th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhairav waters mango tree feeling sad that Chamapa did not apologize his mother even after he insisted her so much. He returns home. Kamla asks where had he been. Bhairav says to water a tree. Kamla says there is no need to follow wrong rituals, if Champa had to become pregnant, she would have long ago; she has asked relatives to find a girl for his second marriage. He says he still loves Champa and kicked her out of house as she insulted his mother, he walks away saying he will never remarry while Kamla tries to stop him.

Outside temple, Sai gives flowers to florist and prepares garlands for him. An angry man passes by and Sai blesses him. Man shouts he looks like a beggar and he will not give him money for his drama. He then walks to florist and asks price of flowers, etc. Florist answers and asks what he needs. Man yells his prices are double and he will not buy them. Sai prepares garlands and returns to florist. Florist pays him and thanks. Sai says no need to thank as he paid for his service. Angry man sees that and yells at Sai that he looks like beggar and is using religion to earn money. Florist warns him to dare not speak about Sai and asks him to go from there. Man walks into temple. Pari and her friends watch that and decide to teach him a lesson by hiding his shoes and let him walk barefoot.

Champa’s parent meet Kamla and request her to forgive Champa and reaccept her. Kamla says Champa misbehaved with her and cannot bear children, so it is better she gets Bhairav remarried and move on. Champa’s parents continue to plead in vain. Bhairav walks to Kulkarni’s house, but guards stop him. Anta and Panta yell that Kulkarni has removed him from job. Bhairav tries to forcefully enter. Kulkarni comes out and asks what is he doing here. Bhairav apologizes for his loss in competition and promises he will win next competition if Kulkarni hires him back. Kulkarni says he can find many labors like him and he cannot forget the insult he faced because of Bhairav. He orders his goons to beat Bhairav till he bleeds and throw him out. Guards beat Bhairav. Anta taunts Bhairav that he heard his wife is a thief who exchange fake necklace with real one and tried to fool jeweler. Bhairav walks away injured, limping. Champa waters tree next apologizing for coming late and says she does not know if her husband watered tree or not, but she will water it. Champa’s parents return home hearing people discussing that Champa is infertile, so her husband left her.

Sai stops Pari and friends and asks what are they doing. They say they are punishing angry man for insulting Sai. Sai asks them to see what his problem is. Man cries and prays Khandoba that he does not have money for his treatment, his wife and children’s treatment and cannot even feed his children, Khandoba should help him. Sai gives money to Pari and asks her to drop it in man’s bag. Pari does same. Man continues praying and angrily stands saying if his problems are not solved, he will never come back to temple. He feels his knee pain gone and thinks it is because of resting for sometime. He then sees money in his bag and emotionally thanks Khandoba for help. Sai addresses him that he told god will help him. Man apologizes Sai for misbehavior. Sai shares his moral gyaan with man that he should not change his behavior in any situation, etc.

Precap: Sai asks Baizaa maa if she had a cultured daughter like her and if had faced problems after marriage, what she would have done.

Update Credit to: MA

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