Mere Sai 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Bru Decides to Test Sai

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Mere Sai 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Dilawar how can his teaching be depended on scolding or fear. Dilawar laughs and says no Ustad behaves like you are saying. He says look at Bru, he is strong and will become my competent student, and will be with me always. Bru says yes, Ustad. Sai smiles. Poorna’s brother Saupan comes to her house. Poorna gets happy. Her husband asks why did you come here? Saupan tells that I came to wish my niece on her birthday and brought sweets. Poorna’s husband taunts him and thinks Dilawar was right. Poorna thinks what happened to him. Dilawar asks Bru to serve him food and asks him to clean the floor first. Bru cleans the floor. Dilawar scolds Bru and asks him to bring another leaf plate. Bru brings it. Dilawar says it seems he will make me hungry today. Bru serves him food. Dilawar asks him to give water. Bru checks, but there is no water. Dilawar scolds him. Bru apologizes. Sai asks Bru to take fresh water from his pot. Dilawar nods his head. Bru takes water from Sai’s pot. Dilawar scolds Bru then and asks him if he will keep bad sight on his food. Bru apologizes and sits outside hungry. Sai plays. Dilawar eats food. Sai takes water from the pot and gives to Bru. Bru recalls Sai bringing sugar cane sticks and telling that Jabulani left for his house. He thinks Ustad is always right, I shall enquire if Sai influenced Munnu and Jabulani to leave.

Poorna’s husband comes home. Saupan tells one of the incident and says he had many Puran puri. Poorna’s husband thinks even today he enjoys others food. He asks Poorna why did you spend so much? Poorna says she cooked good food for Manya’s birthday and not Saupan. She asks him to say in low tone. He locks the ration almira and leaves. Saupan gets sad hearing him.

Bru brings water pot and sees Dilawar gone somewhere. He thinks if Sai proved them to go, I shall find out and expose him before Dilawar. He asks Sai, shall I drink water from your pot. Sai says yes. Bru drinks water and says I am alone to bear his tortune. He says may be Ustad’s way of teaching is wrong. He says after Munnu and Jabulani left, it is difficult for me to do work. Sai asks him to tell him if he needs him to do any work. Bru thinks may be he can’t tell me here and asks Sai, shall I come with you.

Saupan thinks jija ji must be thinking I am staying here for food, if I don’t stay then Taayi will feel bad. Poorna is about to serve him puran puri, but Saupan refuses and says my stomach is full, I have to leave now. Poorna asks what happened to him? Saupan cries and apologizes to her, says he shouldn’t have come there. Poorna says kids are happy. Saupan says jija ji is upset. Poorna says he might be upset with me, and asks him not to go anywhere.

Sai comes to Poorna’s house next day. Poorna introduces him to Sai. Sai says he is innocent and good at heart like you. She goes inside and sees just one Puran poli/puri. Saupan goes to kitchen and asks Poorna to give it to Sai. Poorna gives it to Sai. Sai says your wish will be fulfilled. Poorna tells Saupan that he didn’t have puran poli. Saupan says no problem, I will get full box tomorrow. He feels the box heavy and opens it. They find many Puran Poli. Sai turns and looks at them. Poorna and Saupan fold their hands. Bru comes to Sai and asks what happened? Why is she crying? Sai tells him about siblings love. They come back to Dwarka Maai. Dilawar scolds Bru and asks what are you doing with Sai? He asks if he thought to elope. Bru says it is not like that and says I will finish all work. Bru is sweeping the place and reminisces his sister and gets emotional. He asks Dilawar if he can go and meet his Apa. Dilawar gets angry and says I told you something when I made you my student. He says I told you that you have to break all relations and asks him to leave like Munnu and Jabulani. Bru apologizes and says I will forget Aapa and asks for last chance. Dilawar asks him not to let such thing come in his mind again. Sai looks on. Bru thinks I will not go anywhere, I will become Ustad’s assistant when he becomes Qazi.

Poorna’s husband Ishwar gets angry on her for giving money to Saupan and pushes her. she falls down. Ishwar comes to Bheeva. Sai calls him. Ishwar says whose voice it is? Bheeva says Sai’s voice.

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