Mere Sai 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri’s Alliance Is Fixed

Mere Sai 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parvati makes Gauri ready as groom’s family is coming to see her. she asks her not to talk and smile shyly. Gauri jokes with her. Jhipri tells Sai that Keshav is changed. Sai says I know that he is changed and is not our old Keshav, today’s keshav thinks whatever he is doing is right and he forgot to differentiate between right and wrong. He says Keshav has forgotten his roots as he was sent abroad in his childhood. He asks Jhipri to say who is wrong. Groom’s family come to Mhalsapati’s house. Tulsa asks groom’s father to come and then stops him. She says your feet is dirty and washes his feet repeatedly. Groom’s father is surprised. Mhalsapati and Malhari come there. He introduces himself.

Groom’s father introduces himself as Dinanath. Mhalsapati asks him to come inside. Sai says it is your duty to make your friend come on right path and asks them not to leave Keshav. He says if we try then we can clear even the hardest stain. He asks Jhipri and Tatya to decide what they want to choose. Om Sai plays……Gauri brings snacks and gives to everyone. Suresh and Gauri like each other. Dinanath introduces his son. Tulsa goes to bring sweets. Suresh tells that he plays tabla and ride horse. Tulsa sees rat and uses bad words. Dinanath and Suresh hear her. Tulsa brings sweets. Dinanath says they like Gauri. Mhalsapati says alliance is fixed from our side and makes them have sweets. Dinanath, Suresh and other man leave. Parvati thinks alliance shall get fix. They come home and see Tulsa praying to God to get Gauri’s alliance fix and says she will keep fast for 16 Mondays. She keeps water in her mouth and go to Dwarka Maai. She signs Sai. Sai says I am sure that Groom’s family liked our Gauri. He asks her to keep utensils inside.

A man comes to Sai and greets him. He introduces himself as brijen ghosh and tells that people used to taunt him due to his less height. He tells even girls rejected him, and he faced humiliation at work place. He says I can’t bear it and fought with my colleagues, now I can’t work properly. He asks Sai to tell what he shall do and says my patience has given up.

Sai asks him to have shraddha and saburi and asks him to bring three different shapes and sizes of utensils and asks him to add same amount of Salt in it. He asks Tulsa to help him. Dinanath tells that he likes Gauri while he is going back with his son. Sakharam meets Dinanath and tells about Tulsa. Dinanath says Gauri is good though. Sakharam asks him not to get his son marry Gauri and asks him not to tell anyone that he told it.

Sai asks Brijen to mix salt in all the utensils and asks him to drink water and tell about its taste. Brijen tastes small pot water and says it is very salty. Sai asks him to taste the middle pot. Brijen tastes middle size pot and says it is also salty, but can drink. He tastes big pot water and says it is like ordinary water, he couldn’t find salt taste in it. Brijen asks what do you mean. Sai asks him to think.

A woman pushes Tulsa and asks her to go. Suddenly her house grass roof falls down. Tulsa and the woman look on shocked.

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