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Mere Sai 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ujjwal is with Srikanth in the classroom. A kid tells Srikanth that there is a maths competition in Shirdi in few days. I could solve everything but not this sum. I don’t know how this can be done. Srikanth tells him a method with which he can solve it quickly. Ujjwal starts solving it mentally. His answer is correct. The kid thanks Srikanth and goes.

Bheema notices Sai looking towards the sun. What are you looking at Sai? Sai says clouds can cover the sun. An eclipse can cover it as well but no one can hold its light for forever. Bheema and Sai smile.

Ujjwal is practicing at home. He hears someone telling his father something and goes outside. Vallabh’s junior says everyone is very excited for your felicitation ceremony. We are equally excited. We have made all the preps. We have also arranged accommodation for the senior officers. The ceremony will start at 10 tomorrow. Ujjwal smiles. Vallabh tells his junior to make sure things go smoothly. His junior tells him that he has made preps himself. I have also arranged 4 best seats for your family. Vallabh says only 3 of us will be there. His junior asks about Ujjwal but Vallabh says he wont come. Arrange only 3 chairs. I don’t want to be embarrassed because of him again, especially not in my felicitation ceremony! Ujjwal is in tears. He runs outside past Sarojini. She tries to stop him but in vain. She continues following him with concern.

Ujjwal reaches Dwarkamai. He hugs Sai and cries. Sarojini is surprised to witness it. Sai comforts Ujjwal. You should share your pain if it bothers you too much. You will feel better. Ujjwal shares that his father does not want him to be present in the felicitation ceremony. He does not speak to me nicely. I wont go if he doesn’t want me to! I wont talk to him if he does not care about me. Sarojini sits next to her son. Sai asks Ujjwal who said that he does not love you. He wouldn’t have tried so hard to make you a better human being if it wasn’t true. His way of showing love is different / wrong. He is not able to understand that you are smart already. He still wants you to become like him. He becomes disappointed and angry when he realises that it isn’t true. You are not at fault here. He is wrong. He should understand that you are equally smart and talented. You may not be like him but it does not mean that you are worthless. You have your own talents. That is what sets you apart from him. Ujjwal asks him if it is true. Sai nods. When angry, don’t make a mistake which you will regret tomorrow. Kids should witness their parents’ success as it inspires them. Ujjwal rues that his father does not want it. Sai advises him to go to the ceremony positively then. it is a chance to show him how much you love him. Ujjwal and Sarojini look at each other. Ujjwal wonders what if he gets angry. Sai says that will be his mistake. Your Baba is already committing a mistake by being upset with you. Will you repeat his mistake now? Don’t respond to a mistake with another mistake. You should correct the mistake instead. You must go there. Sarojini says even I want Ujjwal to be present there but my husband is against the idea. You don’t know his temper. Sai says we cannot stop doing the right thing by getting afraid. Sarojini says he wont let Ujjwal come there at any cost. He has made his mind! Sai says it might be right in Vallabh’s view point but things only happen as per Ram ji’s wish. Sarojini is hesitant as her husband might not be able to save Ujjwal from his wrath. He wont be able to live in peace. Sai asks him if it is easy now. Things wont change unless we try but we must face a challenge if that can settle things for good. Wont that be the right thing to do? We can postpone some mistakes for sometime but we must face them one day! The sooner we do it, the better. Om Sai plays.

A guy asks his wife (Rupa) to prepare the bhog. Don’t forget to wear a clean and wet saree before going in kitchen. Rupa asks him why he reminds her daily. He says I don’t want you to face Baba’s wrath. He never forgives those who don’t follow rules diligently. Aayi had kept 4 flowers instead of 5 flowers one day. He dint speak to her for months and he even sent her to her home. Hurry up now. She nods and goes inside.

Rupa’s FIL enters and is furious to see his grandson’s (Prateek’s) feet towards the temple. He reprimands Rupa for letting her son commit this sin. She apologizes to him. I did it by mistake. He calls it a sin. We will be in trouble if God gets upset. She reasons that Prateek was not keeping well. I gave him Sai’s udi and let him sleep here. I will be careful in future. He insists that it is a sin. I cannot tolerate any tolerance when it comes to God. Rupa’s husband apologizes to his father. Please forgive her. His father says Rupa wont eat or drink anything for next 10 days. His wife asks him what he is saying but he insists that no one can change his decision. Sai happens to be walking past the house but then looks towards the house. He asks for alms.

Rupa’s family welcomes Sai with folded hands. Sai blesses the family. Rupa’s MIL requests Sai to explain to her husband. He shouldn’t punish Rupa. Rupa’s FIL tells Sai he wont be able to forgive Rupa this time. Sai says I know. God dint mention anywhere that He will get upset. Rupa’s FIL speaks of scriptures. Sai gives another reference which says that God always forgives the first mistake. This is Rupa’s first mistake. She has been here since 12 years. Has she done anything wrong till date? Rupa’s FIL shakes his head. Sai says as per scriptures, you should give her a warning and forgive him. Prateek needs rest. Make him rest in another direction. Turn his feet in a direction where God isn’t. Rupa’s FIL gives in. This will be the first and last time though. Everyone else is relieved. Sai tells Pashupati Nath to make Prateek lie in any direction as per him now. Pashupati Nath ji nods. He shifts Prateek in another direction. The temple shifts as well. Everyone is shocked. Pashupati Nath asks Sai how it could be. Sai says maybe God dint like this direction. Choose another direction. Pashupati Nath shifts his grandson again and the same thing happens yet again. Sai smiles whereas everyone else is stunned. He changes the direction yet again but he appears to be stuck in a vicious circle. Sai asks Pashupati Nath if he cannot find a corner where God isn’t present.

Pashupati Nath falls on his knees. I have learnt my lesson. I made a very big mistake. God is everywhere. How could I be so foolish then? He cannot be in one corner only. I made a very big mistake. Please forgive me, Sai. Sai helps him stand. I am glad that you have understood it. God resides in every being and everything. He only needs love, not rules. He will surely accept your bhog if you will do it with your heart but if you will force someone to pray / offer a Bhog then it wont be accepted ever! You got so lost in your rules that you cannot see that how painful it was for your wife and is now for your DIL. Wife is equivalent to Ma Lakshmi. How will you please a God by make your wife your servant? How are you praying to a God when you shout at kids? They are Ram ji’s avatar only. You always thought that God will get upset but you forgot that we are God’s child. Can our parents remain upset with us ever? God is very happy with you. That’s why you have a family that loves you very much. You disrespected it because of your mindset. Pashupati Nath says it was the last day today. I wont bother anyone for my rules anymore! He turns to his family. Elders often make mistakes. I have hurt you (Rupa) a lot. Please forgive me. He turns to Sai. Will God forgive me now, Sai? Sai says God is merciful. Caress your grandson’s head once. You will receive a great gift from God then. Pashupati Nath nods. He does as told. Prateek opens his eyes. Pashupati Nath hugs him. Om Sai plays. Pashupati Nath looks up and the temple is in the right place now. Sai says happiness and good health came to your home the moment love took over rules. Pashupati Nath thanks Sai for telling him such a big thing so simply. Everyone thanks Sai. He blesses them all sweetly.

Precap: Vallabh asks Ujjwal to leave the house. Sarojini says I wont be able to live without Ujjwal. Vallabh tells her to leave as well. He closes the door on their faces. Sai stops in his tracks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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