Mere Sai 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Jabulani Get Sugarcane Sticks For Dilawar

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Mere Sai 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratnakar tells Kulkarni that Dilawar is his man. Kulkarni says why did he bring him here and says you would have informed me. And also would have told him to respect Shirdi’s head. Ratnakar says he thinks of himself big than anybody else. Kulkarni asks why shall I keep him here, so that he insults me. Ratnakar says you shall let Dilawar stay here, as you was incompetent to get land for me. He says Dilawar is doing his job well. Bheeva tells Jabulani that Sai can make impossible as possible and tells what he has done for him. A fb is shown, Bheeva tells that Kulkarni asked him to kill Sai when he went there, he found him already murdered, when villagers and Kulkarni came there, Sai freed him from Das custom and asked kulkarni to free him. Jabulani says your condition is like me, but why he will help me as I misbehaved with him. Bheeva says I tried to kill him, but he helped me. Sai drinks water sitting at a woman’s house. She tells him that the house roof is broken.

Jabulani comes to Sai. Sai asks him to bring sticks from the jungle. Jabulani thinks everyone makes him do work, and brings sticks. He then asks Jabulani to help him make roof to old woman’s house. Jabulani says I need your help. Sai says I will help you, but first I need you. Jabulani helps him make roof for the old woman’s house. Jabulani thinks if Sai will help me. He says work is done. Sai asks him to keep grass on the chatai. Jabulani says you don’t want to help me and is wasting my time, you didn’t ask me once why I need your help. Sai says if you want to go then I will not stop you, and asks him to keep baas out. Jabulani says I will keep it. He sees sugarcane sticks and is surprised to see Sai’s miracles. Om Sai plays. He recalls Bheeva’s words and thinks if I was blind not to identify Sai.

Ratnakar says Dilawar Ali is the storm who will help him get rid of Sai. Kulkarni asks him to tell him clearly. Ratnakar says we both tried to make Sai leave, but we had failed badly, but Dilawar Ali showed results. He says Dilawar forced Sai to stay in the corner and asks him to have patience. Kulkarni says this is not the way to behave with me. Ratnakar says it is just matters of few days, then Dilawar Ali will leave. He says if you want me to take Dilawar then tell me, as there are many Rajas like you who wants to get other villages’ authority. Kulkarni says I am forgiving Dilawar, but make him understand not to misbehave with me again. Ratnakar asks him to sit back and enjoy. Kulkarni laughs. Ratnakar gives him sweets.

Sai tells Jabulani to go and says your Ustad is waiting for you. Jabulani thanks him and apologizes to him. Sai says when you brought the sticks, you was angry and your anger tried to stop you from doing this good deed, and says anger is one of the biggest enemy and don’t let us see goodness. He says you came here for Bheeva and you don’t have any trust on him. he says no problem is solved with anger. Dilawar tells Bru that he ruled on Kulkarni as he shouted and got angry on him. Jabulani says I need to learn Shraddha and Saburi. Sai says when you learn to control your anger, then you will achieve everything. Jabulani says I can’t learn anything now from Ustad due to fear. He asks him to give sugar cane to Dilawar and tells that if I go there, then he will not let me go. He says I have learnt so much from him, but I have to walk on my destination. He says I will make the roof well here. Sai blesses him. Jabulani says I can’t forget you Sai.

Poorna’s husband shows his hand to Dilawar that he earns good, but couldn’t get rich. Dilawar says your lines on the palm that your income is nice. Poorna’s husband tells that his wife send money to her mayka and says that until her brother gets capable, they have to help him. Dilawar says that’s why you are not getting rich and asks him not to let her waste money and asks him to control his wife. Poorna’s husband tells that you are saying right, I will not let Poorna help her brother. Dilawar asks Bru to check Jabulani. Sai brings sugar cane and tells Dilawar that Jabulani left after giving him sugarcane. Bru says he has promised to fulfill Ustad’s orders. Sai says he has fulfilled his duties and gave him sugarcane sticks. Dilawar says he ran away. Sai asks him to think what compelled him to leave. Dilawar gets angry on Sai. Villager tells Poorna’s husband that whatever Dilawar told is not right. Poorna’s husband justifies Dilawar’s words. Dilawar says I had not asked them to join me. Sai says they are free to go. Dilawar asks why you are defending them and asks did you help Munnu and Jabulani to go. he says you are in my doubt of suspicion. Sai says may be he didn’t like your behavior, humans need respect. Dilawar says he was not my damad. Bru takes Dilawar’s side. Sai gives example and tells that kids don’t get afraid of each other.

Bru thinks Sai influenced Munnu and Jabulani and thinks to checks him. he asks Sai, shall I come with you. Sai says ok.

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