Mere Sai 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Solves Shamrao and Ramlal’s Problem

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Mere Sai 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anand asks Sai if he goes who will answer his questions. Everyone laugh. Eknath says he will answer his grandson’s questions as he is free now after his retirement and wants to lead a peaceful life. Sai says peace comes from within and if one achieves it, they can keep oneself calm even in tensed situation. Eknath says he is right. He greets them and leaves. At night, Eknath sees there is no place for his clothes in his cupboard. His bahu/daughter-in-law Usha says since he was away, they kept their clothes and she will take out old clothes and make space for his clothes. He says his clothes are old and he will keep them in trunk. Son Shantaram asks wife to arrange bed for baba. Eknath asks to fix his cot wherever his wife sleep. Shantaram says aayi sleeps in kitchen. Eknath gets angry. Wife enters and says after Shantaram’s marriage, she shifted to kitchen as big bed cannot be fixed here and left a single bed for him in this room, she is habituated to sleep in kitchen now. Eknath asks if they made arrangements already for him and insists that he will sleep outside on cot and his wife will sleep on bed in this room. Usha signals Shantaram and he nods okay.

Sai sees 2 friends Shamrao and Ramlal fighting. Ramlal alleges that he gave his money bag with 10 rs in to Shamrao and Shamrao stole 5 rs from it. Shamrao says he did not check bag at all. Sai hears both of their allegations and counterallegations and asks if he can check bag and holding it asks Ramlal who sealed this bag. Ramlal says yes, he needed money for seeds and took loan from his sasur/father-in-law who sealed this bag. Sai asks if he gave this sealed bag to Shamrao. Spectactor says they all saw Shamrao returned sealed bag. Ramlal alleges that Shamrao stole money without breaking seal. Shamrao says he is wealthy and does not need to steal. Sai says then this bag is not Ramlal’s.

Usha sees his saasumaa/moter-in-law preparing food early morning and asks reason. Sasumaa reminds that her sasur Eknath’s day starts before sunrise and ends after sunset. Usha says she forgot as baba came after a long time. They serve food to Eknath. Eknath asks why only 1 plate is served. Wife says she will have food later with kids. Eknath says waking up early, eating early, and sleeping early is a healthy sign. Wife agrees and asks Usha to bring her plate. Eknath asks Usha to have food early. Usha agrees and says once Shantaram returns, they will have food together. Eknath thinks he is getting his dream life of obedient wife and children and a peaceful retired life.

Sai tells Ramlal that bag is not his and returning it to Shamrao asks Ramlal to file police complaint to search his bag. Ramlal gets tensed and asks Sai to get back his bag. Sai says it is not his bag. Ramlal agrees that he kept only 5 rs in bag and since Shamrao is wealthy, he thought of grabbing 10 rs from him. Sai says he tried to cheat his friend, how will anyone trust him. Spectators also tongue lash Ramlal. Ramlal apologizes Sai and promises not to lie or misuse people’s goodness.

At night, Usha plays with Anand and twisting her foot cries. She then twists Anand’s ears and he cries loudly. Eknath wakes up hearing that and walking in asks Usha to leave Anand’s ears. Anand runs and hugs him. His wife and Shamrao also come out. Eknath asks why are they awake till late night and seeing food plates scolds that they serve food late to Ananand and hence is awake till late night, they are spoiling his and even their health. Next morning, Eknath wakes up early and performs pooja with shank naad/coral shell music. Usha wakes up from sleep and asks Shantaram if there is any pooja at home today. Shantaram reminds it is baba’s daily routine to wake up early and perform pooja. Usha feels angry thinking she has to bear it every day. After sometime, EKnath sees drying tree in his house compound and waters it. He then calls his wife and asks to chat with him as she always complained that he does not have time for her. She smiles. Shantaram asks Usha to get him hot water for bathe. She sees buckets empty. Shantaram says he watered trees and says he will go and get water. Wife accompanies him. Usha asks Anand to have food, and he says later. Eknath asks Anand to always obey elders. Anand agrees and goes in to have food. Usha thinks baba solved her problem and life is not that tough.

Sai’s disciples gather in dwarkamayi for a feast and ask Sai why he has arranged feast today. Sai smiles and sees a poor mother carrying her son walks around searching water.

Precap: Eknath tells his wife that like he is retired fro work, even she should retire; asks Usha to free her saas from all household chores.

Update Credit to: MA

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