Mere Sai 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Gifts Chillies To Sai

Mere Sai 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Mhalsapati that there is a time set for everything and says when Tulsa becomes normal then she will tell them everything. Parvati says what we shall do till then. Sai asks them to remember that she is the same Tulsa who used to love them a lot. He says this is testing time for her and there is nobody for her other than you. He says just like you supported me, you can support your sister, let her stay in Shirdi for few days, she has returned to your home after many years. Mhalsapati says ok. Parvati says she gets aggressive and says bad words. Villagers got angry. Sai asks them to tell what happened. Mhalsapati and Parvati tell him everything. Govinda thinks mama was right, I shouldn’t talk to anyone. Rukmini asks why his clothes are stained. Chivu says he went out and must have done masti. Rukmini says no problem, she will wash his clothes. Kulkarni asks what happened? Govinda thinks I will tell him then he won’t let me go out and tells that he slipped and fell down. Mhalsapati tells Sai that he is worried that his children will learn Tulsa’s language while being with her. Sai calls her name. Tulsa comes to him. Sai asks I have one work for you and asks will you do it. She asks what? Sai asks her to clean Dwarka Maai daily and says if she works then he will give her one shell daily. Tulsa reminisces her daughter. Sai says I have a condition and tells that she has to fill her mouth with water and she shall not spit it nor drink it. Mhalsapati says how she will get well. Sai asks him to have saburi.

Tulsa fills water in her mouth. Malhari says Bua is looking like a monkey. Mhalsapati says Sai asked her to do this. Malhari asks her to come fast. She spits water and says she will come fast. She takes water in her mouth again and walks out of house. Villagers gossip about her. She gets angry, but couldn’t speak anything because of the water in her mouth. Children call her monkey. She spits water and tries to beat them with stick, they run away. She again takes water in her mouth and is walking, but she drinks it by mistake. She then realizes and runs back home. Jhipri is sweeping Dwarka Maai, when Sai comes and stops her. Sai says I want you to teach this work to someone else. Jhipri asks how can anyone else clean Dwarka Maai other than me. Sai says everyone agrees to me without any question, but you don’t. He says I asked Tulsa to take care of Dwarka maai so that she gets busy for some days. Tulsa comes there and hides behind Sai. Children follow her and laugh. Jhipri asks them to leave. Sai says they left and asks Tulsa not to worry. Jhipri says I have understood that you helps everywhere and tells that she will teach her everything. Sai asks her to have patience with Tulsa and asks Tulsa not to drink that water in her mouth. Jhipri briefs her about the work. Tulsa sees mud on Sai’s feet and washes it with water. Sai keeps his hand on her head. Jhipri asks did you understand what I told you. Sai asks her to repeat again. He says I will give you a shank daily. Tulsa smiles.

Madhav and Bhama come to Mhalsapati’s house. Bhama tells them that she came to tell them about Gauri’s alliance and tells them about her relatives. Mhalsapati asks her to call them for meet. Madhav says they are going tomorrow. Parvati gets hopeful to fix her alliance. Jhipri asks Tulsa to stop washing the mud utensils and asks her to get water in the pot. Tulsa nods ok. She opens Shank box, cleans it and keeps it back.

Keshav brings Govinda out.. Govinda suspects that he brought him for some work. Keshav says I am your brother and asks who have thrown the mud on you. Govinda says I am searching them and tells that he will teach them a lesson being Kulkarni’s nephew. Keshav offers his support. Sai comes infront of him and asks how is he? Keshav says I am fine because of my father’s blessing. Govinda asks about him. Keshav says he is Maha Purush and Villagers trust him a lot and takes care of him. Govinda asks why? Keshav says whoever doesn’t listen to him, have to face the consequences. Sai says everyone have face the consequences of their karma, and says still I remember that you are very straight forward and good boy. He says I am sure that you will give your good qualities to your brother. Keshav thinks I won’t else my brother will become prey to you. They are about to go. A villager comes to Sai and presents ground nut to Sai. Sai takes it in his bag. Keshav asks Govinda if he saw how people take care of him. He says Sai has first right on Villagers’ thing and happiness and says he shall be rich man of the world. Sai says I am really rich as I have love of everyone. Govinda asks what Sai gives in return? Keshav says blessings and says he gave me a stone. He says I want to give you something and asks him to wait. A man comes to Dwarka Maai and asks when Sai will come. Villager asks him to wait and says Sai went to get bhiksha. Man comes inside Dwarka Maai leaving his muddy feet prints. Tulsa brings water and sees mud. Sai is waiting for Keshav. Govinda looks at Sai from far. Keshav brings green chillies and gives to Sai. Sai takes it and blesses him.

Man scolds Tulsa and asks if her parents haven’t taught her manners. Tulsa spits water on his face. Keshav asks Sai to have mirchi. Sai eats it.

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