Mere Sai 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpat Rao’s Failed Attempts To Convince Champa’s Father

Mere Sai 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s disciples surround him hearing he burnt his hands. Mhalsapati applies sandalwood paste to Sai’s hands and says he will not go out of Dwarkamyi, they all will serve him food and water right there and someone will stay here with him always. Jhipri agrees. Sai says she has to go and sell cow dung cakes. Jhipri says she will come after selling cow dung cakes. Abdul says he will stay at night as he goes to work during day. Tatya says he will stay during day. Keshav says he will stay in the evenings.

Ganpat Rao sends Pant to Champa’s house to convince her father to let Champa act in drama. Pant goes and gives cot order to Champa’s father and makes full payment in advance. Father says nobody pays in Shirdi in advance, where he should deliver cots. Pant says at

Ganpat Rao’s drama tent, he will give more order with advance payment and if he allows Champa to act in drama, they will pay him more in advance and take care of Champa as sister. Father angrily throws money and warns him to get out, else he will be trashed brutally. Pant runs away and informs Ganpat Rao and asks him again to take Sai’s help.

Sai’s disciples see his hand burn not healed a bit and get worried. Mhalsapati says maybe he did some mistake like last time when he let his sister in jungle, he could not light temple lamp. Sai says it is not his mistake.

Champa returns home after fetching water from well when Ganpat Rao stops her and lures her to act in drama as main lead, she will get fame and money both and he will protect her like a sister. She says her father will never agree. Father enters and warns Ganpat Rao that not everyone can be bought via money and asks him to get out.

Sai tells his disciples that a special guest is coming to meet him. They all wait eagerly. Shubda reaches with her husband and baby. Sai greets her by name. Husband asks how does Sai know her name. Shubda says maybe Sai is the one who saved their baby. Shubdha walks in and seeing Sai’s burnt hands asks what happened to him. Jhipri says Sai kept his hands in fire and told he had to do it to save baby. Shubda and her husband stand surprised.

Precap: Keshav hears Kulkarni planning to burn Ganpat Rao’s drama tent and informs Sai. Anta and Panta burn tent.

Update Credit to: MA

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