Mere Sai 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update Sai teaches Raghav and Kanoba a lesson

Mere Sai 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav informs Shankar that there is issue in inventory and he has checked many times and this is since long I guess.

Baizamaa seez there is no one in Dwarka Mai and about to leave Sai calls her and says I am here, Baizamaa says why couldn’t I see you, Sai says sometimes it happens you don’t see things close to you. Raghav walks to Sai and greets Sai, Sai says you are early means something is important. Sai asks Raghav what is the issue. Raghav tells him, there is theft in his house daily and he is scared he might lose something big. Sai asks like. Raghav says money, gold. Sai says just money, I thought there might be something more, anyways are you suspicious about anyone. Raghav says yes my son’s friend Sanju. Baizamaa asks Yamuna’s son, he looks like good boy. Raghav says Kanoba my son never lies and he told me about this, and Sanju is poor, so may be its him, Sai says are you sure it’s Sanju. Raghav says I am not happy blaming a kid, but there are thefts happening. Sai asks Raghav to make claims on proof and asks Baizamaa to call Sanju and let him know that he will have lunch with Sai.

Baizamaa leaves, Raghav asks Sai, you will give him food. Sai says I will have lunch with you and Kanoba also, see you at lunch and leaves.

Shankar with Keshav goes to Srinivas and other employees and tell them about inventory not matching stock, Srinivas and others act innocent and says kill us but don’t blame us, we can’t bare this and Keshav why are you blaming us you could have talk to me. Keshav says I didn’t mention any of your names was just informing about the inventory. They say this office is like a temple to us and you called us thief’s. Shankar says no one is blaming you all, Keshav get whole months investory and come to godown.

Shankar checks inventory and stock for whole month. Shankar asks Keshav did he check all records and handa hin the book. Keshav says I checked whichever were here. Shankar says Keshav here all are loyal think twice before you bring a topic. Colleagues blame Keshav as one with lot of pride. Srinivas thinks good I made false entry before hand.

Tejasvi in kitchen coughing says I am tired cooking daily. Prahlad walks in and says I am hungry, Tejasvi asks him to get paav, and she will cook sabji till then.

Sanju walks to Dwarka Mai and asks two men about Sai, they say even we are waiting for Sai, and we are late just give this to Sai and leave.
Sai, Raghav, Baizamaa and Kanoba keeping an eye on Sanju.
Sanju takes fruit basket and keeps it aside.
Kanoba looks at fruits and says I want it, Raghav scolds him. Baizamaa says he must be hungry don’t scold him. Sai says Baizamaa even Sanju is hungry lets see if he crosses the line in hunger. Kanoba asks Raghav can he go with Sanju. Raghav scolds him.

Sanju walks to fruit basket, looks at the apples and drinks water from pot beside. Sai smiles. Baizamaa says we get apples from Kashmir and he is so hungry poor thing, Sanju goes sit back. Baizamaa says I can’t see him more worried please Sai. Sai and others walk to Sanju. Sanju greets Sai and says you called me for lunch right. Sai asks are you hungry, Sanju says yes. Sai says why didn’t you eat the apples. Sanju says without your permission how would I eat and that would be stealing. Sai asks Raghav does he need more proof. Raghav says I am sorry Sai. Raghav apologise to Sanju. Kanoba starts crying. Raghav asks him what’s wrong, Sai asks Kanoba does he have to say something. Raghav says first you embarassed me and now you crying speak up or else will slap you. Sai says Raghav this is not how you behave, as a parent you need to make him feel safe. Kanoba says I lied because I was scared, I was stealing. Raghav about to slap, Sai stops him and says Kanoba has told us the truth don’t punish him for that. Sai asks Kanoba why did he do that, Kanoba says Baba always said no to things so I stole, Sai says this is not good, and to blame others is also wrong. Kanoba apologies to everyone. Sanju hugs Kanoba.
Sai gifts apple to Sanju and Kanoba.

Sai says don’t push your responsibilites stress on to your kids, teach kids importance of hard-work, gratitude and not as a favour, because this leads to problem, let the kids live free and also a poor is not always thief and never blame them without proof because then someone innocent can get trapped.

Pre cap: Savari tells Sai, she misses Prahlad.
Prahlad is bullied in school, he comes home crying, Tejasvi asks what’s wrong. Prahlad says I can’t stay here I want to go back to Shirdi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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