Mere Sai 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Farmers

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Mere Sai 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Appa Patil emotionally hugs his son Tatya after Tatya clears Appa and Mhalsapati’s differences and apologizes him for misunderstanding him. Mhalsapati also apologizes Tatya. Someone informs Patil that Kulkarni’s men are getting farmers’ thumb impression on legal documents. Appa and Patil with their team reach the venue and ask Choudhry and Shukla to leave as Shirdi farmers does not want to be associated with them. Choudhry and Shukla laugh. Kulkarni walks in saying he knew Appa will create a problem. He says they have agreed to a document which says they will either do cotton farming on their lands and sell cotton to him at his decided fare or else let him take control over their lands. Farmers cry that they have lost their land. Mhalsapati pleads Kulkarni not to punish farmers for his sins. Sai asks Mhalsapati not to cry as farmers have not applied their fingerprints on documents. Choudhry shows documents with fingerprints. Fingerprints vanish. Sai’s disciples smile. Kulkarni’s team is shocked to see fingerprints missing. Kulkarni alleges that bairagi/wanderer did magic and vanished fingerprints. Shukla shouts they all betrayed him and he will drag them to court. Kulkarni changes his tone and alleges Shukla and Choudhry for misleading Shirdi farmers and even trashes Anta and Panta. He orders Anta and Panta to kick out Shukla and Choudhry from Shirdi and shows his fake concern for Shirdi people. Tatya angrily says he does not have to worry for Shirdi people. Sai reminds him to not get angry and use 4th tool/jokes to ward off his anger. Tatya changes his tone and says Kulkarni sarkar should stop worrying about Shirdi people, else he will be in trouble someday as people easily betray him. Everyone laugh while Kulkarni fumes in anger, but acts and walks away.

Farmers thank Appa, Mhalsapati, and Tatya for saving them. Mhalsapati says he does not need their thanks as he was about to mislead them. He then says Sai saved them all today. Sai gives moral gyaan to farmers that they did not listen to Appa while he repeatedly warned them, they should use their own conscience instead of waiting for Appa and Mhalsapati’s support. He continues that they cannot be selfish for their growth, it will ruin environment and their future generations will be in trouble; real growth is with everyone. Farmers promise Sai to follow his advice. Sai then confronts Appa for not trusting his friend and Mhalsapati for blindly trusting Kulkarni without reading documents. They both apologize Sai and promise to follow his advice.

Anand insists his father to teach him make paper boat. Father busy checking account book says he is busy, but agrees and teaches his making paper boat. Anand gets happy and after sometime asks him to let him ride on his back. Father agrees and makes him ride on his back. Sai enters and says he felt good to see father pursuing his son’s demands and suggests to keep himself calm in the upcoming months. Father stands confused thinking why Sai said this. His wife gives charity to Sai and says Anand eagerly waits for Sai everyday. Anand questions Sai why fruits are so sweet and why tree does not consume its own fruits. Sai says tree knows happiness is in sharing and spreading love. Anand’s grandfather returns home after retirement from govt job. Family gets very happy seeing him and ask why did not he inform them beforehand. He says he would not have seen surprise and happiness on their face. Man introduces his father to Sai. Sai greets grandfather with his name Eknath and praises that he is a great man who sacrificed his life for others and kept himself away from his family. Eknath thanks Sai for realizing his sacrifice. Sai suggests him that one should keep oneself busy to be healthy and he should start preparing garlands in his free time. Eknath thinks he is retired now and wants to spend quality time with his family, why he should work.

Precap: Sai sees 2 men fighting and solves their problem.

Update Credit to: MA

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