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Chihu Tai thinks Sai gave the wrong bag to Vishnu Das. He might not remember what He had kept in it. Sai looks at her. Flashback shows Baizama and Chihu Tai making Methi ki Sabzi. Chihu Tai is headed outside to throw the garbage outside but Sai stops her. Baizama asks Him why they need to keep it. Sai keeps it in a bag. It might help someone. Sai walks up to Chihu Tai. I know what’s inside which is why I gave it to Vishnu Das. Her eyes widen in shock.

Chakranarayan asks Vishnu Das if this is how Sai will help him. He has fooled you! He has made a mockery of your poverty, your faith! You are His blind devotees! You are responsible for your own doom. Instead of working hard to change your future for good, you believe on a Fakir! People like you disgust me! He leaves with Gautam. Vishnu Das breaks down. Why did Sai give me this? What will I do with it? He cries.

Rukmani is serving dinner to Sarkar when Santa and Banta come there. They start telling him everything in detail but he asks them to come to the point. He sends his wife inside when Santa and Banta start speaking about Sai. Santa and Banta tell Sarkar they have found out how and from where Sai gets money. They tell him everything (in mute). Sarkar looks pleased. Now I know why we dint find anything in Dwarkamai today. Send someone to Chakranarayan immediately. Ask him to meet me first thing in the morning. They leave.

Tatya tells Sai things do not seem to be in their place in Dwarkamai. It appears as if someone was here. Sai says this is Allah’s house. Anyone can come here even if we aren’t here. Keshav tells Sai to be careful. Nanasaheb told me today how few British officials are after you. I got late and couldn’t find a cart back home too. Tatya realises that this is why Nanasaheb was worried. He left immediately after the pravachan. Keshav says this has been kept a secret. Not many people know about this mission and no one knows who is leading it. That’s why he couldn’t stop it till now. We should be careful as British Government is involved. Sai says I only believe in Ram ji. No one can stand in front of Him. Tatya speaks of Chakranarayan. He has been coming here stealthily. I don’t think he is a good guy. Sai tells him not to judge people without knowing him. Keshav says what if his intentions aren’t right. Sai reasons that he might change for good by coming here. God will leave a good imprint on him somehow. Sai asks Raghav to come inside. Why are you standing outside?

Raghav steps forward. Keshav asks him to come. Raghav greets Sai. Sai asks him why he is here at this hour. Raghav says I couldn’t stop myself from meeting you on Guru Purnima. You know how no one likes that I come here. Only Ajji believed in you. I came to see you once everyone fell asleep. Keshav tells Tatya Raghav is a good boy. His condition is deteriorating every passing day. I feel bad for him.

Vishnu Das thinks of Chakranarayan’s words. Why did Sai made a mockery of me? I had a lot of hope. What will I tell my family members after going home? Should I show them this garbage?

Raghav takes Sai’s blessings. Sai blesses him that all his wishes come true. Raghav rues that he does not think it will happen. Sai tells him to have Shraddha and Saburi. Everything will be fine. Raghav says I cannot even live as I want to. I cannot come to meet you openly and hear your pravachan. There hasn’t been a day when I could come to meet you. I haven’t even gone anywhere else to meet someone else.

Vishnu Das thinks that he cannot take this garbage home. My family will be disappointed to see it. It will be better to! He walks up to the well.

Sai says faith can fix everything. If your faith waivers then you will end up with regrets only!

Vishnu Das says I trusted you, Sai and this is what you did in return. I don’t want this garbage! He throws it in the well angrily. His eyes widen in shock as they turn into gold immediately. One stuck is still safe on the edge. He picks it up and cries. What have I done! Forgive me, Sai. I doubted you when you were only trying to help me. You blessed me immensely and I threw away your Prasad. Sai calls out to him. Vishnu Das notices Sai’s reflection in the well. Sai says I gave it for your kids but maybe Ram ji and your fate only wanted this. Learn your lesson from this. It will help you in future. One must have Shraddha and Saburi to grow in life. You have worked really hard but you dint have patience. You were never patient in anything that you did. You cannot succeed in a day. You need to work hard every day with patience. It takes time to learn something. You used to give up whenever you experienced difficulty. You could have succeeded if you had been patient. You stopped trusting yourself and stopped your business the moment you dint succeed. You haven’t lost a lot. You can still succeed if you will work hard and have Shraddha and Saburi. Vishnu Das agrees to work hard. This will take time. What will my family do till then? Sai says sell this gold. It will be enough for your family till then. Go and try again now. Allah Maalik! Vishnu Das says I will work with faith and patience this time. He folds his hands with reverence.

Rahgav asks Sai what He is thinking. It feels as if you were in some other place since some time. Lightning strikes. Raghav wonders how he will go home now. Sai says you catch cold and fever easily. Stay here till the time this subsides. Raghav worries what if his family members find out about it. Sai says things will happen as per Ram ji’s wish only.

Chakranarayan’s mother asks her son what good is this job for. You look so tired and weak. He says it is my responsibility to prove that it is foolishness to fall in people’s traps. His mother asks him if he ever got to meet Sai as he is going to Shirdi daily. Will you do something for me? Tell Him that I think of Him often. Don’t know how long will I live. I wish I could see Him once. Chakranarayan walks away. She tells him to finish his meal but he replies that his stomach and heart is full already.

Sai, Keshav and Tatya have collected all the garlands. Tatya and Keshav take them in a basket. Raghav wakes up with a start. It is morning. Everyone must be up already. I will have to make a story. Sai tells him against it. Lies appear to be easy in the beginning but they create problems eventually. Don’t worry. I will go with you. Raghav asks Sai if they will listen to Him. Sai smiles. They wont but they will then take out their anger on me instead. I can bear your Aayi and Azoba’s anger if you can do this much for me.

Sai brings Raghav home. Raghav folds his hands to bid adieu to Sai when Gangaram opens the door. His mother asks him what he is doing with this Fakir. I told you not to meet Him.

Sarkar tells Chakranarayan and Gautam everything. Chakranarayan asks Sarkar to take his there immediately. Take some of men as well. It must be buried in the land so they need to carry axe. We must keep his matter hidden till the time we unravel everything. Sarkar nods.

Precap: Chakranarayan tells everyone to keep digging. Sai says Mother Earth’s silence does not mean that she does not feel hurt. Chakranarayan asks Him why He is here. Sai says my treasure is also here but you may not be able to see it as your definition of treasure and my definition of treasure are different. Chakranarayan calls Him smart. I hope we will meet again soon! Sai says I will wait for that time.

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