Mere Sai 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Vibhuti Is A Boon For Shirdi, Treats Kulkarni

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Mere Sai 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aayi tells Bayaza that she wants Kulkarni to get fine and says she is not that bad. She says he is not a good man and is cursed by people. She says she wants him to be fine because of Rukmini and Keshav, and says she wants him to walk on dharma path. Bayaza says today Rukmini is all alone and prays for her. Rukmini comes out of house and thinks where did Keshav go at this time. Keshav comes running there. Rukmini asks where did you go and says your pitaji was searching you. Keshav says I went to Sai with teacher Madhav. He says Sai asked him to make Kulkarni have Vibhuti. Rukmini gets worried thinking if Kulkarni comes to know this then. Keshav asks her to feed him vibhuti. Rukmini thinks when keshav can risk his life, then she shall take risk. She comes to kitchen and asks Banta to get something and sends him. She adds Vibhuti in the kada pot while Keshav keeps eye on the door. Chivu comes there and sees Rukmini mixing the kada. She asks what keshav is doing here and questions Rukmini. Rukmini says he was praying for Kulkarni. Chivu asks her what she was doing with her finger. Rukmini says she was checking if it is hot. Chivu says you shall not do this and says she will bring kada. She brings kada. Kulkarni says it is smelling something. Rukmini says Banta made it and asks him to drink. Kulkarni drinks it hesitantly. Rukmini sees Vibuti traces and gives pot to Keshav before Chivu could see. Kulkarni sleeps. Rukmini asks Keshav to sleep. Damodar finds his parents and comes to Sai’s place. Sai says now your parents are looking young. Damodar folds his hand and says he was searching God and forgot his parents. He says he will cover up for the lost time and will take care of his parents now. Sai tells him that he don’t need God’s darshan now.

Next morning, Kulkarni wakes up and asks for water. Chivu says now you can speak clearly then why you are signing with your hand. Keshav comes and asks how are you? Kulkarni says now I am fine, cough and pain is gone. Keshav and Rukmini look at each other. Keshav recalls getting Sai’s vibhuti. Chivu says I got worried last night. Kulkarni says my medicine is showing affects and says Anta and Banta shall be rewarded. Keshav laughs. Chivu gets doubtful.

Rukmini comes to temple and tells Mhalsapati ji that she came to pray for Kulkarni. Bayaza comes there. Anta and Banta think to keep an eye on Bayaza so that she don’t tell anything to Rukmini. Rukmini and Bayaza greet each other. Bayaza asks how is Kulkarni? Before Rukmini could say, Banta asks Bayaza to let her pray. Mhalsapati rings bell so that they can talk. Rukmini tells bayaza that Kulkarni is fine because of Sai and asks her to thank Shyama/ Madhav on her behalf. Anta asks Rukmini to come. Bayaza thinks Kulkarni will never know that Sai saved him.
A man Hariya comes to Sai and tells that his ancestors are farmers. He tells that they had mortgaged his farms with Sahukar jamnalal, but later paid his money. He tells that Sahukar is not letting them fetch water from the well and asking for 25 Rs which he can’t pay. Sai asks did you tell this to head of the village. Man says Kulkarni takes rich people’s side. Sai says I will help you if you are right.

An English tutor comes to Kulkarni’s house and says he worked with british for 4 years. Kulkarni tells him that he wants to send Keshav to London for studies. Tutor asks Keshav to stand straight and asks him to say in English, my name is Keshav, I stay in Shirdi. Keshav says my name is Keshav, aged 10 years. Tutor asks them to let Keshav mingle with others and become confident. Kulkarni says if you are saying then I will not stop him. Keshav smiles. Tutor asks him to tell name of England and says she is Queen Victoria. Kulkarni asks Keshav to go out and play, and return home before evening. Tutor says your son will soon learn.

Sai comes to the well and see water. Sahukar tells that I didn’t tell that water is included in the money which Hariya gave me. Sai asks Jamna lal to either give rent to Hariya for keeping his water in the well. Jamnalal says this is not right. Sai asks him to take the water from well. Jamnalal says I can’t do this, can you. Sai asks where to keep your water. Jamnalal says in my house and is leaving. Sai looks at the sky and then in the well. Om Sai plays. Water comes out from well. Hariya folds his hand and is surprised. Jamna lal turns and is shocked. He asks Sai how you are doing this. Sai says you asked me to send it to your house. Water flies in air and is sent to Jamnalal’s house.

Rukmini asks Servant to make Kulkarni have vibhuti mixed in food or water. Kulkarni hears her and asks from where did she get it? Rukmini gets scared. Sai smiles.

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