Mere Sai 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Far Away Baby Falling From Into Fire

Mere Sai 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni asks Anta and Panta when is Ganpat Rao leaving Shirdi. Panta says he is searching artist for rani Damayanti’s character, but did not find yet, he is not leaving Shirdi though. Kulkarni scolds them and says let him see till howmany days Ganpat Rao will stay in Shirdi. On the other side, Ganpat Rao tells Champa’s father that he has heard Champa singing, maa Lakshmi resides in her throat, so he wants to give her Rani Damayanti’s role in his drama. Father gets angry and shouts he has not lost his mind to let his daughter act in drama Ganpat says he will pay huge salary with which he can get Champa married, he will keep Champa as his sister and protect her. Father shouts he may go from here.

Sai cures Gopal. Gopal’s mother emotionally thanks him and apologizes

for not giving him food today as she was helpless. Sai says he can understand. Pant is shocked and asks Sai how could he do this without any medicine. Baizamaa says Sai can do anything, Pant is lucky to evidence Sai’s miracle. Ganpat Rao returns back and fumes in front of Pant that Champa’s father arrogantly rejected his offer, he will offer more money and buy him. Pant reminds that he is already in deep debts and should take Sai’s help. Ganpat Rao scolds that he is already in tension, Pant is suggesting to take beggar’s help. Pant says Sai is not a normal beggar and explains how Sai saved Gopal. Ganpat Rao says he has gone insane. Pant insists him meet Sai once. Ganpat Rao agrees and walks with him.

In some far away village, a cook couple prepare food in tent. Wife Shubda wihle consoling baby slips and drops baby on fire. Baby flies in air. Sai holds baby in shirdi. Sai’s disciple passing by sees Sai’s hand on fire and rushes to him. Jhipri and all others get worried for Sai seeing his burnt hand. Sai says he had to put his hand in fire to save that baby. Ali and his friend also hear and inform Sai’s other disciples. They all rush to Sai and wash his hands with water and apply medicine. Ganpat Rao reaches there with Pant and taunts Pant that Sai cannot cure his hand, how did he cure Gopa, Pant has gone mad.

Shubdha with her husband walks towards her home when she sees panditji and asks him to bless her baby. Pandit blesses baby. Haldi from his pooja thali falls down. Sai’s name is written on hald on ground. Shubda is surprised to see that. Pandit says Sai must have saved her baby. Husband says Sai is in Shirdi and they are in this village, how will Sai save baby. Panditji say distance is for them and not for Sai, Sai can do anything. Shubda insists her husband to take her to Sai. He agrees hesitantly.

Precap: Shubda with her baby and husband goes to meet Sai. Sai greets her with her name.

Update Credit to: MA

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